How to buy products at a cheaper rate from Jumia Black Friday 2020

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Jumia Black Friday 2019: is here again As Jumia keeps delivering on its promises, there will be up to 1,000,000 deals spread across different categories during the Jumia Black Friday 2019 in Nigeria and it will last for 22 days.
Yes, you read that right! That is the total number of deals Jumia is offering in this year’s Black Friday.


It’s that time of the year we all have been waiting for – Jumia’s Black Friday 2019. It’s going to be the biggest sales event of the year and you don’t want to miss out. Every Black Friday brings with it amazing fizz and this year promises a lot more. The event will last up to 22 days including weekends starting from Friday 8th November to Friday 29th November 2019. 
Are you planning on getting the latest smartphones, or you are looking at buying a new laptop for personal or operational needs? How about you get that particular Ultra Slim Smart TV, Microwave, Laptop and Xbox game console you love from top brands like Samsung, Syinix, UKA, Nexus, HP, Microsoft and more at the lowest prices ever. Moving into a new home? You might want to check out a range of home and living appliances that you would find interesting for your new home. And if you’re that fashionista who loves to stay trendy, you might want to get new, stylish and affordable fashion pieces like clothes, shoes and other related fashion accessories to go with.


We want you to have the best deals during this period. We have picked the best deals of the season to enable you to choose the shopping style that suits you. Whether you love to shop daily, weekly or you are just a weekend shopper, it doesn’t matter what your preference is, there is a deal for everyone during this period. Below are some of the activities lined up:


We worked for months to curate and select the best deals that will satisfy you.
Trick #1
To find out our selection you can directly go to this page when Jumia Black Friday kick-off. You will find on this page all the items with the better prices.
Trick #2
You can recognize a black Friday deal thanks to the tag on top of the product*.


Flash Sales offers you the opportunity to shop a selected item across different categories by up to 70% off. It is called flash sales because items are in limited stock. You will get to pick from 40 different items across all categories during the flash sales.
On Fridays, the first flash sales are live at midnight. Then from 10am to 5pm there are new products released every hour.  from Monday to Thursday a new set of products are released at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm. At the weekends you also get to enjoy up to 70% off on all selected items every at 10am. On these stated times and days all you need to do is to get on the Jumia Nigeria app or website to be one of the first persons to order the product of display.


What is interesting about this season Black Friday is that we are offering treasure hunts items per session at up to 99% off. Each treasure hunt has:
  • 1 iPhone 11 @ ₦1000
  • 1 65” Hisense TV @ ₦500
  • 5 packs of Indomie @ ₦300
The treasure hunts are happening on Fridays only and at 2 different timings:
  • First: 12AM midnight
  • Second: 6PM
These offers are exclusive to Jumia App users. So, if you don’t have the app installed on your device, now is the right time for you to go on App Store on iOS or Google Play Store on your mobile devices to download it in order to participate.


Lastly, to be a part of 2019 Black Friday event, you will need the Jumia Mobile app downloaded on your smartphone and if you already have it installed on your mobile phone, you should check out the latest and upgraded version of the app so as not to miss out on any of the mouthwatering deals. Keep tabs on the platform to get daily promotions.
Follow our various social media pages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other online media outlets to get more details on top deals, special giveaways and you can as well subscribe to our newsletters for more from Jumia.
There you have it. Jumia Black Friday 2019comes with its buzz and you are assured of the best deals at the lowest possible prices. Save the date!


Many more people visit Jumia compared to what is recorded in other online shops. The beauty of it is that you can buy virtually everything on Jumia. When I say everything, I mean everything, including a bottle of soft drink.
Many people have come to testify that they could buy items at a far cheaper rate during the Black Friday Festivals. If you are one of the Nigerians that love awoof with passion, you can also visit Jumia to benefit from the Jumia Black Friday Festival.
So, you need to get involved now in participating before it wraps up.
Once you are on the website, you will see many items available for sale. The items listed are made available at a great price cut. For example, you can buy an item that originally costs N5,000 for N2,990. A pencil skirt costing N1,590 can go for N890.

The limitations

Many Nigerians seek to participate in the Black Friday Festival organized by Jumia online shopping Nigeria. As a result, many of the items are already sold out before you can participate in this great price-cut opportunity.
It is almost always tough to get any item to buy unless you get there early. So if you must benefit from the Jumia Black Friday Festival, visit their website on time, and you can stand a chance.
Only fast fingers can benefit from the program. So, do not be tempted to blame anyone if you are not fast enough. The stocks are limited, but the customers are many.  Flash sales may last for just a few seconds. However, you can maximise your chance by following the steps below:
  • Long before the flash sale begins, make sure you are already logged into your Jumia online shopping Nigeria account
  • Next, navigate to the product page and ensure you continue to refresh the page every minute
  • When you see the “Buy Now” button, do not hesitate to click it immediately.

In Conclusion

Jumia is one of the leading online shopping outlets today in Nigeria. It is among the first, and it has made an effort to maintain its place of leadership among other shopping outlets online in Nigeria.
Many more people visit Jumia compared to what is recorded in other online shops. The beauty of it is that you can buy virtually everything on Jumia. When I say everything, I mean everything, including a bottle of soft drink.
In this write-up, we hope you have learned how to buy cheap products and save money at Jumia online shopping Nigeria

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