NairaPromo Review: Is Naira Promo Scam Or Legit


What is NairaPromo All about?

Nairapromo is a website that enables business owners to promotes their products online. Unlike every other paying platforms, Nairapromo pay you to promote advertisers products and services on your facebook timeline daily you can also use nairapromo to Launch your campaign and get viral promotions on social media if you are looking for a way to reach more audience and get more prospective customers for your business.

Nairapromo was created on the 10th of April 2020 and founded by Adedayo Oluwafemi, a young Nigerian man who has taken the bold step and courage to launch this online earning opportunity for everyone interested in (side hustling) and looking for alternative genuine easy ways to work and make money online legitimately. Nairapromo was built with the hope of reviving the hope of the online earning system in Nigeria.

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watch and listen to what the CEO have to say about Nairapromo.

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How does Nairapromo work?

Nairapromo has 5 plans to monetize from, and they include:

  1. Starter

    this plan is basically Affordable for everyone and the very first plan you’d purchase as a beginner and it just 1000 Monthly

    • ₦80 daily earning
    • 5% referral commission on all plans (Optional)
    • 2 Wks (15 Days) profit earning
    • Extra bonus on 5 referrals
    • 100% safe investment
    • Cash out profit at anytime
  2. Basic

    Basically profitable

    2500 Monthly
    • ₦185 daily earning
    • 5% referral commission on all plans (Optional)
    • 2 Wks (15 Days) profit earning​
    • Extra bonus on 5 referrals
    • 100% safe investment
    • Extra bonus on 5 referrals
  3. Standard

    Business oriented

    5000 Monthly
    • ₦370 daily earning
    • 10% referral bonus on all plans (Optional)
    • 2 Wks (15 days) profit earning
    • Extra bonus on 5 referral
    • 100% safe investment
    • Cash out profit at anytime
  4. Premium

    this plan is best for Business Guru, and it is  7500 Monthly

    • ₦540 daily earning
    • 10% referral bonus on all plans (Optional)
    • 2 Wks (15 days) profit earning
    • Extra bonus on 5 referral
    • 100% safe investment
    • Cash out profit at anytime
  5. Pro

    this is the biggest plan on nairapromo and it is Profesional business wise

    10000 Monthly
    • ₦750 daily earning
    • 10% referral bonus on all plans (Optional)
    • 2 Wks (15 days) profit earning
    • Extra bonus on 5 referral
    • 100% safe investment
    • Cash out profit anytime


Is Nairapromo Legit?

Nairapromo is legit and pays members, but talking about reliability we cannot say that now however nairapromo according to them has partnership with Techno, Gotv, Dstv, Konga and UBA.

How to Register on Nairapromo

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to create an account on nairapromo, go to the nairapromo website:


  1. click on ‘Monetize Your Social Timeline‘ then click on create an account
  2. if you have the username of anyone who reffered you, insert it if not use the manual refferal id there “join”
  3.    fill your personal details
  4. Then choose your preferred plan, make sure your referral username is Johnex
  5. Accept the terms and condition the click on SIGN UP
  6. On the next page you will need to input your Bank Details to receive your earnings When due, fill your bank details correctly and save.


Nairapromo Payment Proof

nairapromo nairapromo


Frequently Asked Questions On Nairapromo?

How To Copy Your Nairapromo Referral Link

Login to Nairapromo and Click on “MY ACCOUNT”, then click on “REFERRAL”  and copy your referrals link. You can always share this link to your friends to register under you.  So You will be able to boost your earnings with it.

Absolutely not. You don’t have to refer a single person if you don’t want to. You can set up your account and begin earning right away. However, if you do decide to refer a friend to also enjoy the benefits you enjoy from the nairapromo service, and to help expand their reach, you’ll be paid 5% to 10% commission per referral. This money is added to your account balance, you can withdraw the money to your bank account along with the rest of your earnings.

How To Share  Nairapromo Advert On Facebook Timeline

Login to Your Dashboard click on DAILY CAMPAIGN  You Can See The Advert , Click On It And Scroll Down where You will find : “Click button below to share this campaign and get paid”… Make sure you type #Nairapromo when sharing.thats all, repeat everyday.

If you refer up to 5 people to subscribe, nairapromo will extend your subscription period by 30 days, at no extra cost! Note that you must have an active subscription in order to be rewarded for referrals.

YES! You are free to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at anytime.

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Final Note On Nairapromo

Nairapromo is a cool platform to earn a passive income because the it was built in a unique way to bring more money to pay members, as nairapromo can earn from Business Advertisers, Members Payment fee and any Third party Advertising company in which they earn from, however if you want to start a plan with the nairapromo platform, make sure you start from the very starter plan, don’t be greedy to move straight to a higher plan and earn a one time income, you might be at a lost if you are unable to bring refferals to the platform, whatever you do with this nairapromo platform we advice you to be careful and invest wisely.

thanks for reading, feel free to drop your experience or take on this platform cheers.

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  1. Hello good afternoon I think all what u wrote here is a scam, how those top top company will be dealing with this fraudulent website owned by ADEDAYO OLUWAFEMI.Techno, Gotv, Dstv, Konga and UBA,
    The system were now changing the since last 3 weeks subscriber didn’t have chance to withdraw his or her capital instead of profit.
    Scam website

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