Review: How does Sidegig ng Work, Legit or Scam

sidegig ng

What is is a platform in Nigeria that gives participants equal opportunities to earn by performing simple tasks, you  get paid for carrying out specific activities ranging from commenting on post on social media, liking posts and photos, subscribing to channels etc.

in a Nutshell, is a platform you use to increase your Instagram followers, likes, shares and video watch time, and even your Instagram TV channel subscribers.


Is legit?

Yes is legit based on the system initiated and there is no bad reports from the platform from any customer, and that scores them the 5 star legit rating.


Features of Sidegig ng


  • Advertisers payments
  • Promotions
  • A single platform (Instagram)
  • Swift payment
  • Good compensation plan
  • No initial deposit to get started
  • Clear privacy, FAQ and also terms and conditions

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Does sidegig ng have a refferal program?

No, does not have any refferal program however you can get paid through other activites you do on the sidegig platform.


How to register on

to register on the platform, you first have to go to then navigate and click on the Registration button and fill it with the below details correctly;

  • Email address
  • Your Nickname
  • Your Name
  • Your  password

Once you are done, a confirmation link will be sent to your email address, verify your account through the link and login, you will meet a dashboard just as the one below; review

You will have no earnings, no current balance and of course no completed Gig.


How to use Sidegig ng

the Gigs section displays the available jobs you currently have, and sometimes thenumber of jobs can be 10 jobs, or more/less the system determines that though.

Below are examples of completed jobs on Sidegig. review review review


How to turn on Notification on Sidegig ng for new job alerts

When you are done with your Gigs, you might want to get notified anytime there are new jobs to do  on

you will need to turn on the sidegig notification for new jobs alert:


Here is the link to the telegram group on after joining the group you can get jobs notification anytime anyday. review

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How to redraw your earning on sidegig ng

to redraw your sidegig earnings click on the withdraw now button and you will be directed to make possible withdrawals of your earnings into your Nigerian bank account.

You do not need any third party payment services like Payoneer or Paypal to make your withdrawals.

as simple as ABC. review

With a withdrawal threshold of N5,000-N100,000 you can initiate your withdrawal the moment you reach these limits and be sure to get paid out.

How  to update your profile on sidegig ng

To avoid redrawl issues due to incorrect details, you will need to update your profile and be ready.

Click on your profile and make sure all your information’s are good and well stated in dashboard as seen on the screenshot below: Review Review Review

Make Money on

YOU can make alot of money on sidegig through the below methods:

  • Instagram likes
  • Instagram follow
  • Tagging friends on Instagram
  • Instagram meaningful comments
  • Instagram views
  • Instagram re-post

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Final Note on Sidegig Ng

Sidegig ng is not a get paid to sites, this makes it more reliable as you have nothing to lose, you only get paid to perform a specific task, there is no registration fee to get started hence there is no harm in trying, if you are willing to create an account with the sidegig platform, then you can go ahead and start making money online with



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