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How to Start A Computer Training Centre In Nigeria (2023)

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Computer has become very important nowadays because it is very much accurate, fast and can accomplish many tasks easily. Otherwise to complete those tasks manually much more time is required. It can do a lot of calculations in just few seconds. Moreover it can store huge amount of data in it.

Technically in daily life computer is used to convert raw facts and data into meaningful information and knowledge, Computer with an internet connection is really important for businesses hence every field are adopting the use of computer technology and non computer literate are always out there looking for Computer Training Centres to learn more about the use of computation in all areas of life.

So, Putting up your own Computer Training Centre is not a bad idea, infact it’s one of a many profitable business, you can have Jambites students as your clients in your Computer Training Centre, or Business personnels, Parents, Teachers, or anybody can learn computing.

However in this article, we will be looking at How to start your own Computer training centre, but before we move into the main topic, let me mention some of the Importance and fields that are adopting Computerization.


Why is Computer Important

Computers have created a very effective information system to help streamline the management of an organization. This makes it a much needed tool for every business, banking, government, entertainment, daily life, industry, education, and administration. It can be said of all large organizations, whether the department government or private, use a computer for a variety of their daily business and it is the fastest growing industries in the world today. Each organization usually has one or more large computer systems and a number of microcomputer. The system is a great computer for data processing tasks, while many small microcomputer to use as word processing. Computers have become part of our lives is essential.

1. Uses of the computer in hospitals

Uses of the computer in the hospital provide many benefits for doctors and patients. Hospitals can create a database of a patient with their treatment records, medical records. Doctors are using a computer to diagnose the diseases of patients faster. They are taking the help of various medical applications of computer and hardware devices. The use of computer and its application in hospitals are such as to do the research on diseases, blood test, and urine test, brain testing, and body scanning, etc.

2. Uses of the computer in the banking sector

Banks are using computers daily to faster and accurate customer demands. Banks are using a computer to deposit customer money in their account. In this case, the cashier enters the account number of customers in their banking application, they first confirm the account number and customer details and then enter the deposited amount in their banking application by the use of the keyboard.

This process is faster and accurate. Banks are also providing ATMs to withdraw and cash deposit ATMs for their customers. Whenever we deposit, withdraw money we get messages on our mobile number. We can see and print our transaction records without visiting banks. The whole process of banking is done by a computer.

The innovative uses of computer in banking are that customer can operate their bank account by doing internet banking. Banks are providing the customer with accessing, transferring money, monthly bills, or shopping bills by the use of computers and mobile.

Also by the use computer customer can get knowledge about various bank loan schemes such as a business loan, home loan, and car loan. The customer can also check on the bank websites about loan eligibility and if they are eligible they can apply for the bank loan.

Such uses of banking in our daily life are stored, calculated, and managed by computers with speed and accuracy. The use of the computer in banking not only saving our productive time but also reducing the infrastructure cost of banks.

3. Uses of the computer in government offices

The government works or official works take more time to complete in the past. There was lots of staff required in the past to manage citizen’s works. But today citizens, consumers are getting a solution with high speed and accuracy. Because of the use of computers in official works. There are so many applications that speed the process and quality of official works. Such as Microsoft Office package, email, video conferencing tools are few applications that speed the work of government offices with accuracy.

4. Uses of the computer in the home

The computer uses at home depends on the user. There are so many people using the computer at home. Some people are using a computer to take online classes. Some people using the computer to do online business. Some people are using the computer to listen to songs and to watch movies etc.

Else the use of the computer in the home provides great advantages. Such you can access banking and business services from home. You can communicate with people around the world through the use of the computer.

You can use a computer at home for learning new skills and hobbies. You can use a computer to calculate and manage monthly expenses by using MS excel. You can create gift cards, birthday messages by using Microsoft word. You can edit, restore, and manipulate family photographs by the use of Adobe Photoshop. Else you can use the computer with the internet to do online shopping and you can start an online business too.

The use of a computer at home daily life is saving our time. The computer also saves money in our daily home life. Such as if you have a computer at home, you don’t need to buy a DVD player to watch movies and to listen to songs. You don’t need to go cyber café to collect and print notes. All kinds of small works that we do each day cost us money. But using computer application at home save our money, time and also provide entertainment and various ways to pass time.

5. Uses of the computer in marketing

The use of a computer with the internet is creating new ways to do the product and services marketing online. Digital marketing services, products, websites, and businesses are growing. Businesses can use a computer to type marketing content, to publish content marketing articles on websites and social media. They can sell and market their products on portals or such as Amazon. Businesses can use PPC to get a quick ROI for their marketing budget.

Companies can chat, email, outsource, apply, and can do various works that included in Internet Marketing such as website designing, Search engine optimization, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. all by the use of a computer to market their product and services in best possible ways.

How to Start Computer Training Centre

below are some of the requirements needed to start a computer training centre in Nigeria:


1. Location

Location is of utmost importance in this line of business, sufficed to say it is easy to find. It could be located near educational or major government institutions, near a district with office buildings, inside university campuses is also a very good idea.

Computer business centre run successfully in any urban city or suburban town, as far as Nigeria is concerned Abuja and Lagos are the main urban cities of this nation. Others like Kano, Ibadan and Port Harcourt are just in reality really big towns when it comes to computer affairs. So if you live in a modest town there is always the need for these services among the populace, it is scarce in Nigeria except perhaps Lagos mainland where it is saturated there, you have to have an edge to beat off the intense competition, but anywhere else you will be making easy money.

Location is also key in determining shop rent prices, usually for a shop the size of a garage it starts from N50,000 – N150,000 Naira ($149 – $476) annually in some places and even more in Abuja city, but don’t be put off by that.

Although you should take heed, business centres don’t run well inside a market, because as a rule schools and offices are never built in a market. Preferably, it should be located outside the main market area, in a plaza or complex, and right smack in the middle of town.

2. Buy Equipments

To run a computer training center, there is not much money you need to invest in other than computers. Since computers are the most critical equipment to buy, it is wise to procure the latest and updated computers. Apart from computers, you will need an internet connection, chairs, tables, computer desks, relevant software needed to run selected courses, etc.

Here is a complete list of all the services carried out by a computer training centre below;

  1. Photocopying
  2. Scanning
  3. Typing
  4. Printing
  5. Spiral binding
  6. Laminating (optional)
  7. Online registration (optional)
  8. Disc burning (optional)
  9. Digital passports (optional)

These are all the essential services that are expected from a computer training centre. Some of the items listed above are optional means you can start the business without really offering that particular service or you could, maybe at a later date. Also ‘online registration’ is not a cyber café, this requires you to check exam results for people, fill online application forms, etc, and note that taking passports doesn’t mean you are now a photographer, this one implies taking passports and cutting them only, you cannot mix this job with photography.


3. Set up Your Business Website

Even if you do not plan on doing much online advertising for your Computer Training Centre, you should still at least have an Internet presence to help establish legitimacy and for search presence — especially since your business is a computer-based business. On the website, give a full account of your expertise, qualifications and curriculum. Mention any applicable certifications you have.


4. Register Your Business

Registering your computer training center is a must if you want to run a hassle-free business. Every state and country offers different company structures for company registration. Talk to an attorney and choose the best-suited business structure as per your scale of the training center.

In addition, check with competent authority the need for licenses and permits to run a training institute at the chosen location.Also read How to Register Your Business/Company Name with CAC


5. Hire Staffs

To run a computer training centre, there will be a requirement of broadly two kinds of staff. One is the teaching staff and the other is the non-teaching staff. Based on the courses offered, hire expert teachers in that field. Initially, you can hire on a class basis and when students start coming in large numbers, think of having permanent teachers.


6. Branding

Select a business name and logo that correctly manifests your computer training centre. Your business logo should be professional, you can hire good graphic designers to do the job for you While the name should be relatable and catchy so that students can easily relate to courses and certification programs you are offering. you can also read 7 Tips on How to Choose a Good Business Name


7. Marketing

this is the area were you will e focusing on how to reach out to your respective students, you could use social platforms such as facebook adverts, linkedin, or even Whatsapp, channel all information about your business there, post what you offer with clear and neat photos, be practical with your Ads.

Another way to Market your Computer Training Centre is through Banners and fliers, you can create a big banner and place in a clear location for broad view, make sure your mobile number and social links are all available on the banners.


Top 5 Computer Training Centres in Nigeria

Here is a list of top computer training Centres in Nigeria and why they make the list.

  1. GNT Nigeria

This seems to be the most popular computer training institute in Nigeria. Coupled with their quality and well-trained staff and instructors They offer a wide range of training in information technology. Computer hardware engineering, IT project management, cybersecurity, computer networking, cyber safe, ethical hacking training, cybersecurity first responder, information system security professional (CISSP), introduction to cybersecurity, Microsoft certified server administrator, cybersecurity essentials, CCNP, C plus programming associate, cloud technologies, web development, GNT online training, android application development, Java, AutoCAD etcetera are programmes GNT offers.

  1. Aptech Computer Education

Aptech is another prominent Information training institute in Nigeria. Given the fact they have produced more than twenty thousand graduates before now, they are also known for their excellence.

The best news is that you need not be physically present in their training center to study or take their examination as all this can be done online.

They have their study center situated in nearly all the major cities in Nigeria including Abuja, Kano, Owerri, Uyo, Enugu, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Lagos and Asaba.

  1. New Horizons Nigeria

New Horizon was created in 1982 In the United States of America and has been producing quality trainees in different fields. The Nigerian branch was created in 2005 and has since then, produced quality graduates in various areas. They offer the best solution for information technology.

Microsoft office (word, excel & PowerPoint), social media basics, introduction to computer, Microsoft advance excel, computer engineering(A+), Cisco networking(CCNA), Cisco networking(CCNP), Ethical hacking, web design etcetera are what new horizon offers.


Currently in Nigeria, Mamtech is one of the most organized IT training institutes we have. They have one the best training facilities, their laboratory and classes are fully air-conditioned, they have high-speed internet access during training sessions, highly professional support, they also follow up with monitoring after a period of the program.

Information management, web design, e-commerce, graphic design, freelancing web designer program, web hosting and domain name business, etcetera are what mamtech offers.

  1. SGL Technologies

SGL Technologies is an information technology institution based in Lagos. They are notable for their quality and up to date training in the IT world.


What they offer include Microsoft (word, PowerPoint, and excel), cybersec, CompTIA Linux, CompTIA network, computer hacking forensic investigator, web development, networking, digital marketing, etc.



Starting your own Computer Training Centre in Nigeria isn’t a bad choice after all, once you have identify what you need to start this business, the next thing is to Start with the basics, look for a suitable location, branding and the materials, with a minimum of 200-500k you can set up your Computer training Centre with ease.


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