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Whatsapp TV: Best Guide on How To Make Money on your Whatsapp Status

whatsapp tv

What is Whatsapp TV?

WhatsApp TV originally known as WhatsApp Television is a branded account that seeks to entertain, inform, educate, etc people on WhatsApp Through the status feature.

with the help of GBWhatsApp (WhatsApp MOD), an Android app that can be used to communicate with your contacts but adding new functions that can’t be found in the official app.

the extra features added on GB Whatsapp, brought about the Whatsapp TV drama which is currently viral and lots of people are making money from it.


How to get your Whatsapp TV Started

below are the steps to getting a whatsapp tv ready for monetization

Choose a Niche, Brand Name & Logo


Choose a niche based on your passion, and what people love to see, watch or listen to.

And make sure whatever niche you choose is related to your brand name, i,e if you are choosing a sport niche make sure your brand name has something in response to the nich, like tysports, jksoccer spot, etc.

Make sure you define your brand properly, think of any Catchy name that highlights the purpose of the Whatsapp TV perfectly.

Your brand name should not be too long, should be as short as possible, while you are looking for short unique names try as much as possible not to infringe any copyright or brand.

some popular and viral niche for whatsapp TV include:

  • twerking videos/xxx pics
  • entertainment
  • tech
  • sports
  • betting tips
  • make money online etc.

NOTE: its not adviseable to use your main whatsapp account for your whatsapp TV, you can create a whatsapp business with GB Whatsapp and make it your Channel so as to avoid Banning, Contact conflicts or any harrasement.

So Finally Your brand logo and colours should be as unique as your brand name, since you are targeting humans ofcourse, you will need to select a specific colour and design, not a shinny or blurry designs, simple with your niche symbolized on it, what that means is, if you are into comedy you can use a mic as a symbol or love sign for relationship and dating.. if your in general niche you could use a Television set or something. just make sure you get a good design for your brand.


Build your Audience

Now you create a what profile and a unique brand for your Whatsapp TV, the next stage is to get people to save your contact so that they can see your status updates.

this might sound hard but it’s even the easiest thing to do, but first i’ll advice you to customize and personalize your invite link through GB Whatsapp, all you have to do is to Go to the chat screen of the GB WhatsApp. Find in the top corner of the screen “settings” button and create a welcome message.

whatsapp tv

or better still you can use this link  https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=234XXXXXXXXXX&text=Hello,+I+want+to+be+a+part+of+your+whatsapptv

The customized link sends: Hello, I want to be a part of your whatapp tv.

the link Includes your Whatsapp TV’s phone number beginning with 234 and the text – “Hello, I want…” The text is normal, as it’s not a big deal to create. Just that you will have to substitute any space with the ’+’ sign.

Customized links is important because it gives a Call To Action (CTO)

Advertising your Whatsapp TV Link

Whatsapp tv


Now when done customizing your Whatsapp Phone number, You need to start creating awareness through the following means:

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  1. Advertise your whatsapp tv link to your contacts on your other account or main account, let them know your account is now a TV account or inform them about your business account if different.
  2. Advertise your Whatsapp link on other social platforms like facebook group, facebbok pages, comments sections, your timelink, to your fb friends as well as twitter, instagram, telegram etc.
  3. partner with other TV contacts and do a advert2advert  exchange, they advertise your link to their friends you do the same to theirs, just like backlinks in blogging
  4. ask your friends on whatsapp to post it on their status too so their friends can see it and add up if interested
  5. Search for groups asking people for status view exchange, drop your contact there too and give a brief of what your whatsapp tv is all about, you can also take numbers from the comment section too.
  6. If your a blogger you can post on your blog, ask your blogger friends to post it also.


Post regularly

Now that you have been able to build your audience the next thing to do is to start Posting Engaging content, videos or photos related to your niche.

Make sure you post regularly to buy your audience attention, be a reason for someone to be only looking for something entertaining, aspiring or motivating, as you do that remember to also include your whatsapp tv number in your photos, by watermarking your numbers or adding your TV brand or logo, in videos you could edit the videos and include your whatsapp tv number and brand name in them

some tools for editing photos include:

  1. Snapseed. Available on iOS and Android | Free. …
  2. VSCO. Available on iOS and Android | Free. …
  3. Prisma Photo Editor. Available on iOS and Android | Free. …
  4. Adobe Photoshop Express. …
  5. Foodie. …
  6. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. …
  7. Photo Collage. …
  8. Adobe Photoshop Fix.
  9. Photogrid

for videos, you could try:

  • Blender. …
  • Lightworks. …
  • VSDC Video Editor. …
  • VideoPad. …
  • ShotCut.
  • VSDC Free Video Editor -(Free Video Editor for Beginners [No watermark] )
  • OpenShot – Open Source Free (Video Editor for Beginners.)
  • Lightworks – Free Video Editor for Professionals.
  • Shotcut – (Open source Free Video Editor.)
  • Viva


these apps will help you edit the photos and videos you will be posting, so as to be able to include your phone numbers and brand name/logo.

it helps with brand aware, since people will be sharing some of your videos and photos to their friends and friend’s friends it means you might be getting more Audience on your whatsapp tv, sound great huh? well let’s go into how you can make money with your whatsapp tv


How to Make Money with your Whatsapp TV brand

we have discussed how you can create a whatsapp tv which includes the optimization and customization of your tv branding.

Now it’s time to talk about how you can use your whatsapp tv to make money through your status.


Sell Affiliate Links and Products

One of the best ways to make money with your whatsapp TV, is by advertising Affiliate links likes Amazons, Ebay etc. when people come across products they like, they’d make more reviews and enquiries by clicking your link and if it solves their problem, it’d get purchased and that’s a commision for you.

that aside you could also be making a hell lot of money with your whatsapp tv through Refferal programs and platforms, all you need to do is first make sure the platform is legit and pays, gett all the infos needed, create an account, copy your refferal link and post it on your status, explain to your audience what the program is all about and the commision they pay you per refferal.

when you get paid by those programs you’d screenshot your payment evidence and invite more people through your status.

some related programs like that include Piggyvest review: How to Save and Make Money on Piggyvest, piggyvest actually pay #1,000 per refferal, imagine having 2,000 contact links and 300 contacts register under you, that’s exactly 300,000 cash.. common buddy!



another awesome way to make money through your whatsapp tv is advertising other people’s products, business owners and brands like you might want to reach out to people and you could bill them a little token status views.

so you’ll need to be advertising your advert space on your status often, you could even screenshot your largest viewers, 400-1000 views and post it on your status let people see and be prompted to advertise with you, you will be making alot of money from it soon.

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SINCE you have got a good numbers of status viewers you can offer an online class, teaching people how to do this, this is a great way of advertising your area of expertise while getting your brand grow.

if you are a blogger, you can teach people how to make money through blogging, give a discount and a call to action, create whatsapp group and invite those willing to learn.

you will be having alot of ready to learn peeps exploding your inbox soonest, just imagine offering such offer for 500 and 500 people are ready to learn? that’s smartness.

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As you can see you can make a lot of money on your whatsapp tv, all you need is the right niche, a good number of audience and boom the trick is in your services.

be consistent in your posting, and post few links to avoid your profile to get banned by GB whatsapp, you can be posting 3 links per day to be on a safer side.

i hope you have learnt alot from this article, now it’s your turn to pass the good work.

thanks for reading, CHEERS!


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