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Gram Free Review: Is Gram free Legit Or Scam (2023)

gram free

What is Gram Free?

Gram Free is a ‘get paid to’ website that rewards users with ‘grams’. On a ‘get paid to’, or GPT website, users are given an in-game currency in exchange for doing simple tasks. On Gram Free, you can earn Grams for doing the following things: Inviting new users to the website site. Entering a daily lottery.

Note: Gram free is not owned by telegram media. Note that this is a false information!!!

Is Gram Free Legit?

Based on our deep research on the platform, Gram free is not owned by the Telegram Company as claimed, and Making money on the Gram free website cannot be reliable, however you can still earn without investing a dime, there is nothing to loose you only need to spend some of your time in the platform engaging in available earning activities on this platform and you start making money on the Gram free platform.

some testimonies gotten from members were that gram free didn’t sent payment to them after reaching the threshold of 500grams as claimed however we were still able to get alert testimonies, there’s probably a requirement that members needs to achieve for withdrawer.

we also observed that gram free does not pay all their members, they pay the most influencers so they can keep trusting the platform to bring more members.

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On Gram Free, you can earn Grams for doing the following things:

  • Inviting new users to the website site.
  • Entering a daily lottery.
  • Signing smart contracts.
  • Depositing money.
  • Watching videos.

Like most GPT websites, Gram Free generates money from selling you Grams and from ad revenue and currently 1 gram is worth 3$.

How to Create an Account with Gram Free

from my research, gram free still pays some pals, and if you would want to try your luck since it’s not really taking any investment from you rather than your time, then you could use the below steps to register.

  1. the first type is to navigate to the platform by click here
  2. Then click on sign up, you will be to continue with either your Facebook or Gmail account
  3. choose anyone and your account is set.

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How to Make Money On Gram Free

there are several ways to make earn a gram on the gram free platform, however one of the most easiest way is through referrals, when you refer family and friends to the gram free platform and they register with your referral link you will be rewarded with 5 grams.

How do you get your gram free referral link?

You can get your gram free referral link by going to your menu and click on referrals, you will find your gram free referral link there, as simple as ABC.

gram free

Another way to earn grams on the Gram Free is to play a role, from your dashboard click on Free, at the right below you will find Time to roll  click on it and you will earn 1 gram, After a few minutes, you can roll again to earn another gram, with this method you can earn a bonus of 0.1 grams to 1000 grams.

gram free

roll on gram free

Another interesting way to earn on Gram free is through the lottery. The lottery costs 1 gram. If you get a lottery then you can get several thousand grams. But there are very few chances when you can win this lottery.

gram free review

Gram Free Fourth Way After you complete each level you get a bonus of 5 grams.

level on gram free

You can also  earn bonuses by watching and creating Gram Free Fifth Way video. You get a bonus of 5 grams for creating a video, and a 0.1 gram bonus for watching a video for 60 seconds.

watch video on gram free

And Finally, you can also earn bonuses through the Smart Contracts, click on Smart Contracts from your menu and Sign up to display the Ads, you will earn 3 grams.
EARNING TIPS: You’d be earning more gram bonuses if you are very active, you can earn up to 10 grams when you refer more people into the platform and when you leave your account online even without doing anything


Smart Contracts

Gram Free Smart Contracts are available for you to sign daily. If you choose to take a contract, you are given a timer that counts down. At the end of the timer, you must sign again. Each contract must be signed a certain number of times for you to receive payment.

GramFree has two types of Smart Contracts, including:

  1. Standard Contract (worth 0.05 grams)
  2. Risky Contract (worth 1.0 grams)

Standard contracts are only worth 0.05 grams, while risky contracts are worth 1.0 grams. They are called ‘risky’ as you will lose 2 grams if you do not ‘sign’ the contract whenever the timer goes off.

I know that’s confusing, so you can see a Smart Contract below.

One of the contracts on GramFree.
One of the contracts on GramFree.
This probably seems pretty bizarre, but smart contracts are an important part of GramFree.World. They don’t operate the same way normal cryptocurrency contracts do, but instead, they exist for one of two purposes:

  1. To make you feel invested in the GramFree.World project.
  2. To slowly gift you grams as a way to earn your love.

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How to redraw your Grams

gram free accepts several payment method however you can redraw your grams to your Bitcoin wallet, your Payooner account, PayPal and Through Mastercard as these are the least payment method available.


Final Note On Gram free

Disclaimer: this article is an honest review about gram free and it’s not to mislead people rather than giving a broad insight about the above platform
Gram free 
this platform can be time consuming and waste of time, your withdrawals are based on referral efforts and influence as well as consistency.
they have a lot of bad reviews on the internet already.



  1. My account has a red tagged saying suspicious activity
    My account had been under review
    Please Ineed to know why??
    Please look into that account well I had been so dedicated on this platform I give up my sleep just to sign the smart contracts before bed
    I dont know if its because I do sign in through my referal link

  2. I have reached 500gram and did withdraw on the 18th of July, 2023 using my E- wallet.but up till this moment, I have not been paid.. I read the FAQ of gramfree on withdrawal where they said once anyone withdraw, they will get their payment within two weeks. Mine is morw than two weeks.. What can be the problem.because I am getting worried

  3. Ever since I started gramfree I have never received rolls and contracts, besides I try to sign contracts and roll nothing happen. What could be the problem please help

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