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trading business: best 10 things to consider before starting a trading business


Before Venturing into a trading business you have to consider some important keys before investing into it.
That’s why I decided to write on this topic.
Now let’s go straight to the point.
1. Choose the right trading business
Before going into a trading business make sure you focus on one particular product, For example: you can decide to start selling Laptops, such as HP,Lenovo, Dell etc.
Sometimes, the difference between success and failure can be just choosing the right business for you.
This helps you to focus on latest brands and avoids confusion in business.
2. You need enough Money
A lot of failed trading businesses  got out of the game because at one point in time they didn’t have enough money to buy most of the items needed for their business.
entrepreneurs manage to raise capital early in the game, but funds is just not enough. A Solid business model that generates consistent cash flows is important. Besides, you need people to implement your systems.
3. Find a Good Location
Location can play a major role in Business startups, how easy it is to attract funding, and how much you enjoy the journey and actually profit.
When planning to start a trading business make you choose a LACKY location, what i mean is, Choose a Location that lacks your specific goods and services which you would be rendering.
You cannot be Selling Bag of pure water for instance close to a sachet water factory, the competitive might be too high.
4. Focus on people and their needs
Business is all about people’s Needs.  Focus on people, understand their needs, compensate them adequately, and invest more to gain more profit.
5. Find a good mentor
Having a good mentor is like parental guidance. You want someone to hold you accountable for your actions, and provide guidance through your journey.
But choose your mentor wisely. It should ideally be someone who has a strong track record of success in business, believes in your idea, and is willing to give you honest feedback without worrying about protecting your feelings.
6. Learn to manage debt better or stay out of it
Some entrepreneurs use debt to start a business, this can be very dangerous especially if you are a first time entrepreneur. A start-up is inherently very risky, especially if the business model is untested.
7. Maintain a strong work-life balance
I see a lot of entrepreneurs spend 12 to 13 hours a day in their business. And they’ve been doing it for over 10 years. This eventually causes them to burn out and become unproductive. The moment you start working lesser hours, you find ways to streamline your operations and get things done faster.
8. Be flexible
Once you have your business plan and idea firmly set, it can be hard to accept the need to make changes. While this is understandable after putting immense time and effort into developing one idea, it’s important to be open to changes. Throughout the entire process – from conceptualizing your business plan to carrying it out – your brainchild is vulnerable to countless factors that could result in big or small changes to your plan or idea. As challenging as this may be, being flexible can mean the difference between success and failure in the world of entrepreneurship.
9. Start Saving Early
Don’t be a big spender, Learn  saving early, you can use your savings to invest in your business. Savings give you options.
10. Self-discipline
This may be one of the most important qualities for an aspiring entrepreneur to have. You are at the heart of your business idea, meaning that you will be the one to hold yourself accountable. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to stick to your business plan, make and respect your budget, dedicate time to developing your business, and meet the goals you’ve set for yourself. If you find yourself lacking in self-discipline, this might be something to work on before you pursue your entrepreneurial dream. You have to be ready to put the time and effort in before you begin your venture.

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