NewsPayForum Review: All you need to know about Newspay Forum

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What is NewsPay Forum?

NewspayForum formerly known as Newspay is a Profound Earning signature platform. Newspayforum was founded by  HIPPO BUSINESS CENTER ENTERPRISE, a company that produces books, journals and other materials. They created their online platform for people to get paid while they read news daily,on Newspay Forum you get paid to read & comment on news, make posts, share posts and  refer friends.

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Is Newspay forum Legit?

Newspay forum pays hence making them legit but not reliable, you should understand that in Nigeria nothing good lasts especially when it is too good to be true. nonetheless Newspayforum pays.

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How does NewspayForum work?

There are ten major ways to make money on the NewsPayForum Income Program. They include:

1. NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing: NewsPayForum awards you some money for reading and commenting on their posts, posting news on their website, replying comments and referring your friends to join the program.

Every NewsPayForum member is expected to log in to his account, read news, comment and share posts on the website to get paid.

2. NewsPayForum Viral Sponsor Share Earnings: NewsPayForum Viral Share is another way to make money on NewsPayForum. Every registered member on NewsPayForum will be assigned a post to share every day, this automatically earns them ₦100 or ₦150 daily (depending on their plan).

NewspayForum Login

If they are Premium members, they will earn N100 for the post, but if they are on the GOLD Plan, they’ll earn ₦150.

3. NewsPayForum Affiliate Program: This is the biggest way of making money on NewsPayForum. When you refer your friends to join NewsPayForum, you earn over 70% earnings, so, you can earn up to ₦1,050 to ₦2,000 for referring one person.

The more people you refer, the more money you make. So, if you are able to refer to 20 persons every week, you are sure of cash-out over ₦50,000 on payout day.

4. Daily Login: You earn ₦50 every day you login to NewsPayForum.

5. Registration Bonus: As a new member, you are entitled to receive ₦50 when you successfully register your NewsPayForum account.

6. Testimony: NewsPayForum gives you ₦7 for testifying about their platform.

7. Commenting On Posts: You earn ₦5 or ₦7 when you comment on NewsPayForum posts.

8. Completion of Profile: You earn ₦2 when you complete your profile, upload your profile picture along with other details.

9. Making Posts: NewsPayForum pays you ₦30 when you make posts on their website.

10. Promotional Video: You earn over ₦20 when you make a Promotional Video about NewsPayForum on YouTube or Facebook.

Asides this, there are other services you can enjoy as a NewsPayForum member. Firstly, you can buy airtime, recharge cards and data from your dashboard. You can make Cable payment subscription for your StarTimes, GoTV and DSTV decoders.

Moreover, you can send SMS and BulkSMS to your relatives, friends, families and loved ones from your dashboard using your NewsPayForym activity earnings.

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Difference Between The PREMIUM PLAN and the GOLD PLAN

The difference between the PREMIUM PLAN and the GOLD PLAN is not a major one. However, people on the GOLD PLAN earn higher and more than people on the PREMIUM PLAN.

The PREMIUM plan requires a one-time subscription payment of ₦1,500, which means that you don’t need to pay again unless you want to upgrade your account to the GOLD PLAN. When you are on the PREMIUM PLAN, you will earn ₦4 for a comment, ₦100 for participating in VIRAL SHARE (sharing Viral Posts) and also earn ₦1,050 from anyone who you directly refer or invite to NewsPayForum.

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On the other hand, the GOLD PLAN is simply made for those who are not comfortable with the money they make from the PREMIUM PLAN and have a desire to earn more. THE GOLD PLAN requires a payment of ₦3,000 which must be renewed or repaid every six months. The GOLD PLAN allows you to earn more than people on the PREMIUM PLAN.

For instance, if you are on the GOLD PLAN, you will earn ₦7 for making a comment, you earn ₦150 for participating in the VIRAL SHARE (sharing Viral Posts on Facebook) and also earn a whopping and mouthwatering ₦2,000 when your referral who is on the PREMIUM PLAN upgrades to the GOLD PLAN. Great isn’t it?

In other words, the GOLD PLAN has a lot of potentials, it makes you make more money on NewsPayForum than those who are on the PREMIUM PLAN. To join the GOLD PLAN membership, first, you need to upgrade your account to the PREMIUM PLAN. After that, upgrade your account to the GOLD PLAN. Mind you, that you will need to renew the GOLD PLAN ₦3,000 after a period of six months.

Does NewsPayForum Pay Without Referral?

This is one question on the lips of everyone, well, the answer is that you don’t need to have referrals before you get paid. A lot of online platforms and income programs in Nigeria will prompt you to have referrals before you can get paid.

This is not the case with NewsPayForum. You are sure of getting paid whether you have referrals or not. There are ten ways of making money on Newspayforum, certainly, you will get paid and be able to withdraw your earnings from your bank account.

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How To Make Money On NewsPayForum

Here are the ways you can make money after joining NewspayForum.

  1. You get paid for reading & commenting on the posts on the website. You also get a share of their revenue when you post news on their website.
  2. This system allows you to earn money for sharing posts on the platform. When you participate in the Viral Share, you earn N100 daily as a Premium Member and N150 as a GOLD member.
  3. You earn N50 each day you log in to your Newspayforum account.
  4. When you register on NewsPayForum and upgrade your account, you will get a bonus of N50.
  5. They pay you N7 each time you testify about their platform. All the people who post a screenshot of their earnings are paid for testifying about NewsPayForum.
  6. Another way of making money on NewsPayForum is to edit and complete your profile. You earn N2 after uploading your profile picture and add more details to your profile
  7. Also, when you make a promotional video to advertise NewsPayForum on Facebook or YouTube, you will earn N20.
  8. You also make N30 for making posts on the website. There are several posts on the website, if you make a single post on the site, you will earn N30 and if you make over 15 posts a day, you’ll earn N450.
  9. You also earn up to N4 for N7 for commenting on the website’s posts.
  10. The biggest way anyone can make money on NewsPayForum is to refer persons. The NewsPayForum Affiliate Program pays you over 70% commission for referring people to join the platform. As an affiliate, if someone joins with your link, you make up to N1,050. The NewsPayForum members and affiliates on the GOLD PLAN make up to N2,050/per referral. So, you can see that the NewsPayForum affiliate is a rewarding one.

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Does NewsPayForum Pay Without Referral?

This is one question on the lips of everyone, well, the answer is that you don’t need to have referrals before you get paid. A lot of online platforms and income programs in Nigeria will prompt you to have referrals before you can get paid.

This is not the case with NewsPayForum. You are sure of getting paid whether you have referrals or not. There are ten ways of making money on Newspayforum, certainly, you will get paid and be able to withdraw your earnings from your bank account.

newspayforum register

As a matter of fact, in their last three payouts, NewsPayForum paid people without referrals more than the people who had referrals.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting referrals. However, what you need to know is that you have to make at least ₦4,000 to get paid. You will not get paid if you have not made up to N4,000 in your account.

How To Register On NewsPayForum

 NewsPayForum review

Are you interested in joining Newspayforum?  to register on NewsPayForum. Click Here To Register, you’ll be directed to a registration page where you will enter your email address, phone number and password.


After doing this, you need to upgrade your account. A free account will not earn you a dime, but upgrading your account to the PREMIUM PLAN or GOLD PLAN will make you money on NewsPayForum.

Contact the ePIN distributor on WhatsApp to get your NewsPayForum ePIN. The ePIN is sold for ₦1,500, once you use the ePIN given to you by the distributor, your account upgrades to PREMIUM instantly.

As a Premium member, you can choose to upgrade to the GOLD PLAN. You can only register on the PREMIUM PLAN first before upgrading to the GOLD PLAN. The Gold PLAN is for those who want to earn more on NewsPayForum.

NewsPayForum Payment Proof

NewsPayForum is legit and reliable since they launched in January 2020, they have kept up to their good name of paying their members. Below is a payment proof from one of NewsPayForum members.

NewsPayForum Income Program

Where To Get NewsPayForum ePIN

The Newspayforum ePIN is the fastest way to activate and upgrade your account after registration. The NewsPayForum ePIN is sold for N1,500, after using this ePIN, your account will be upgraded to the Premium Plan.

There are lots of vendors and distributors that sell the NewsPayForum ePINs, however, I will recommend you to get the ePIN from Zara on WhatsApp.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings

You can withdraw your earnings only when you have reached the N4,000 threshold. If you have up to four referrals or you have made up to 4,000 Activity Earnings without referrals, you will get paid.

Simply go to your dashboard and go to settings to edit your profile, save your bank name, account name and number and your money will be paid directly to your bank account on the payout day.

Customer Support

The NewsPayForum customer care is a reliable one that is available 24/7 all through the days of the week. The support team provides you with all support and info that you need about the NewsPayForum income program.

You can contact them on email at [email protected] or on WhatsApp on +2347067901308.


Final Note On Newspay Forum

Newspay forum can be a side hustle if you work smartly with them, currently Newspay forum has over 60,209 registered members and 59,149 posts.

Newspay forum has added more features to their version 2 platform which includes the newspayforum raffle draw which we made mention earlier, on newspayforum raffle draw page Administrators select the very 3 best Top Performing NewsPayForum Affiliate Members for the Month to reward them. Newspay forum will select you and reward you with Cash gifts, generator sets, washing machine, electric iron, plasma TV sets, Micro Wave oven. You’d be called on Phone of the item you won and your item would be shipped to any address of your location. NewsPayForum may also decide to reward you in Cash gifts and send payments to your Bank Accounts.

NOTE: You must be a GOLD Member with NewsPayForum AND must participate in NewsPayForum VIRAL SHARE daily. read more here


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