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Viral Trend Review: Make Money Online Socializing On Viral Trend

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What is Viraltrend?

ViralTrend is a platform where advertisers can create ads or social media tasks like Likes, Video views, Follows, on all the social media platforms.

Advertisers pay for the tasks they have created and  registered promoters carry out tasks and get paid 90% of what the advertisers pay per task.

Is Viral trend Legit?

there is no bad report from viral trend yet, this makes them legit and trustworthy, the CEO who is Prince Legacy Omogie created the platform with love to Remove financial freedom from the society.

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How to make money from Viraltrend?

To make money from viraltrend you have to register as publisher and complete task.

For each task completed you get paid around 90% of what the task cost, 90% is a huge commission rate.

How Viral Trend works

You earn for following social media pages and profiles:


  • You earn for liking picture either on Facebook, IG or Twitter.
  • You earn for commenting either facebook, IG or Twitter.
  • You earn for viewing pages on IG.
  • You earn for subscribing to an advertiser’s YouTube channel.
  • You earn for viewing an advertiser’s post on IG.
  • You earn for retweeting on twitter.


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  • You can register for either the basic plan(N500) or premium plan(N2500)  Tbe only difference between the two plan is the referral money.(continue reading)
  • For the Basic plan,, you get paid 30% wbich is N150 for every person you refer
  • For premium plan, you get paid N2500 for everyone you refer.
  • But if you dont have N2500 now and you wish to start with the basic plan which is N500  no problem you can upgrade later when you have the money. Isnt that wonderful?? Now follow the steps below to register
2)After clicking that link, kindly register by filling the form with your details, choose PROMOTE AND EARN while registering.
3)You will be asked to verify your emails. Just login to the email yoj registered with and click the link send to you by Viraltrend.
4)After this you will be asked to choose a plan(whether basic or premium). Just choose one you can afford. Then pay with your atm card.
NOTE: You must link only your active social media accounts with Viral trend after registration. Non active or dormant accounts are not accepted on the platform and when used can lead to banning of your account on viral trend platform.

Negative point to consider before using Viraltrend

Consider the following points before you go into Viraltrend though, if you have any problem with the points then I will advise you follow your instinct and stay away.

Instinct they say is meant to be messages from our soul, so follow yours.


  • The website is using a computer that hosts other websites
  • This website has not had any feedback on WebOfTrust (WOT).
  • No valid SSL certificate was found
  • This website is 1 Years, 16 Days days old (as at the time of this post)
  • This website’s setup involves 4 countries

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Viraltrend payment proofs

We earlier said that viraltrend pay their users consistently but we are also aware of the fact that anyone could doubt this verdict without seeing an actual proof of the payments that they offered to their users and in this view, here are the payment proof of viral trend


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The above screenshots are the payment proofs to viral trend users

Viraltrend contact details

I had an issue with viraltrend when I tried to use their service, I only saw a USA phone number embedded in a whatsapp button, I chatted them and got their other numbers so I will display it below and also I mailed them and it bounced back saying the email is not correct.

Click & Chat Our Admin below@
Stan: Customer Care: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+2348035085290
JAYDGREAT: Adverts & other serious inquiries: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+2348161571184
JOE: Payments Issues: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+2349057635597
ISRAEL: Customer Care: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+2348148804840
Esther: Vendors inquiries: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+2347031895012

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Final Note on Viraltrend review

Viraltrend is a very reliable way to make money online in Nigeria performing simple and easy tasks just as many other platforms hence you can use make money from the comfort zone with viraltrend.

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