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10 Agriculture Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket your Agric Business

Agriculture Marketing Strategies

The agriculture sector is one of the oldest industries in history. With man’s insatiable need for food hence the agricultural businesses would always keep generating high revenues.

you can sell anything and on any scale,
be it as a retailer, wholesaler or distributor. It shouldn’t sound like
there are items you cannot sell. The decision becomes necessary because
there are other factors to consider while choosing what agriculture
produce to buy/sell.
All you need is to create a successful marketing plan for your farm and agric business that will expand your customer base and increase your profits.

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1. Online Market Place

With the proliferation of online market places, selling agricultural products online just got a lot easier. Many online market places in Africa and even Asia, are tailored for farmers. Some examples are KisanmarketFarmersonlinemarketRhomarket, and a couple of others. Listing your farm products on these platforms is another way to get more exposure, and subsequently sales.

The first thing to do if you want to sell your agricultural products on an online market place is to read their terms & conditions. These would usually contain their charges and general rules and regulations. You wouldn’t want to get kicked off the online market place because you violated their terms whether knowingly or unknowingly.

2. Social Media

The success of FacebookTwitterInstagram, and many other social networks has helped many small business owners reach millions of more customers without leaving their computer screens. Social media marketing is growing stronger everyday, and has the potential to either explode your sales, or destroy it. you can also read ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SELL STUFFS ON FACEBOOK GROUPS IN 2023 and 6 ways to promote your small business on Facebook

Many have failed to realise that they could take advantage of a social network like Facebook to sell their agricultural products. With millions of people using these social networking sites in your own country, you could play out a good social media marketing strategy with the help of a social media marketer to create strong awareness for some of your farm products.

Not all agricultural products can sell via social media, but poultry products like frozen Chicken & Eggs, fishery products like Catfish & Tilapia, and a couple of other quick consumable agro products could be promoted via a social network like Facebook.

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Simply create a Facebook page for your farm products, use a great looking banner, and a good page profile photo. You could curate creative video around your agricultural products, so as to make them more appealing to people. Since videos are really big now on Facebook, you can take advantage of the trend to build a brand around your agro products.

3. Do Organic Farming

Consumers today show much interest in organic products and are willing to pay more for foods that are grown naturally and organically. By adopting organic farming, not only can you set your business apart from local farmers but you can also be eligible for government training and grants offered to certified organic farmers.

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4. Attend Agriculture Events

Farming-related seminars, food festivals, agriculture trade shows, conferences and the likes of agriculture events provide rookie farmers and small farming businesses with excellent opportunities to expose their products to a bigger environment.

The are many consumers who like to know about the products they intend to buy and talk one-on-one with their suppliers or farmers before making a purchase decision. You can utilise this opportunity to market your products to bigger audiences and drum up business and sales.

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5. Leverage Big Data

Big data farming allows farmers to make their business more profitable and sustainable. By utilising online agriculture database insights, you can reveal patterns, trends and practices associated with farming and agriculture that can help your business be more effective and successful. However, to drive maximum database sales, it is important to look for a reliable source of agriculture information.

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6. Join Farmers’ Association.

By collaborating with a cooperative, you can drive your business larger customers such as schools, institutional facilities and government authorities. When you work together with other small agriculture business and farmers, you are able to meet large orders and demands while exposing your business to more sales and success.

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7. Store now, Sell later

Another way you can approach Agriculture Marketing Strategies
is to buy a particular produce during its peak season when the price is
cheap, store the produce, and sell months later during its off season.

Some of the items you can store like this are palm oil, melon seeds (egusi), ogbono, Guinea Corn, dried pepper, etc.

You will need to know when the produce you are interested in is in
season. When in season, such produce would be significantly cheaper. So
you buy it when it is cheaper and sell when the price increases.

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8. Online Selling

Another Agriculture Marketing Strategy is the use of the internet. With online selling, your products are exposed to a large body of potential customers.

Using internet technology requires you to have an e-commerce platform to showcase your products. You can sign up on Shopify to get a free e-commerce account.

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9. Medium/Large scale

Another marketing hack is to buy produce from one state of the country and sell in another.

Here’s an example: you can buy tubers of yam from
Benue state where they have yams in abundance, and sell in Sokoto state
where yams are usually scarce. On your way back, you can buy whatever
Sokoto state has in abundance and sell in Benue state.

Agriculture Marketing Strategies
Yams ready for sale. Image source: dailytrust.com.ng

You can even buy from one African country and sell in another. I know people who would buy dried fish from Mali and sell in Nigeria. This model has the most ROI but it also carries the most risk because one road accident could wipe off your entire capital, especially if you have no insurance.

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Personal Web Store

Just like the Online Selling, Personal Web Store gives you the wide space to promote your website by narrowing the reach to only those that absolutely need your products & services, and deliver an exceptional customer service.

An online store is ideal for any internet entrepreneur that has some items to sell. Their popularity has greatly risen to the extent that a lot of people around the world prefer to sit in their home and use online shopping sites to make their product research, rather than going out into the market.

Taking advantage of online shopping to grow your farm product sales is a way to sell more of your agro products quickly. You must have appealing product images, promote your website by narrowing the reach to only those that absolutely need your products & services, and deliver an exceptional customer service.

It’s important that all through the process of trying to sell your farm products online, the value of online shopping through your web store must exceed the offline means people offer, else you’d have a problem closing any sales at all.

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With an effective marketing strategy, new, small farmers can reach out to more customers and grow their business into a success with increased sales. It is recommended to first work with strategies that are most convenient to implement immediately and then move on adapt other marketing practices to your business. This way, you will be able to drive more profits and get your business into large-volume markets efficiently.

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