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Canva Affiliate Review: Best ways to Money with Canva Affiliate Program 2023

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What is Canva App?

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tools that allows graphic designers, Artist, Bloggers to create beautiful social media graphics,awesome images, presentations, infographics, visual contents etc, You can actually create professional designs with canva.

Canva Headquarters is located at Sydney, Australia and was Founded by Melanie Perkins in 2012.


What is Canva Affiliate?

Canva Affiliate provides varsity of options for the Advertising and promotion of their links.

so when you join Canva affiliate, you promote their links on social platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, emailing, sms etc Canva pays you for each refferal and you get paid within 30 days of the first click on your link.


Is Canva Affiliate Legit?

Canva affiliate is legitimate, This platforms through the help of graphic designers have touched a thousand lifes, businesses and nature, with all the incredible features. Hence Have been a good source of passive income.

canva affiliate

Is Canva Free?

Well, Canva has a free version with some limitations, however to unlock more features you will need to upgrade to the paid version of.

Canva has three pricing plans, Canva Enterprise plan costs about $30 per team member per month while Canva Pro cost about $9.95 per team member per month while the annual plan is around $119.

i will recommend the Canva paid version because the features you will get is mind blowing,you can  it for both web and print media design and even graphics.


How can I download Canva App?

Canva app is available for Andriod, iPhoneiPad, and computers, so you don’t have to worry about device or stuffs like that.

follow the below steps to download Canva for free

For Andriod users:

  • Navigate to playstore or click here
  • click on install
  • open canva app and enjoy the free features.

to download Canva App on for IOS users, follow the steps below:

  • first click here to install the app
  • after install open the app
  • enjoy free features of canva


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Pros and Cons Of Canva App

Well from my list i have more Pros than Cons


  1. Organization – You already know that Canva is a mobile user-friendly. It doesn’t take a sweat to find and navigate through it as it is very easy use from the customer. It’s definitely a strength because similar products will be more complex and require you to have a better understanding of design techniques.
  2. Variety – Canva has Variety of templates to use, as well as useful objects to create templates that are great for whatever you need.
  3. Options – Canva enables you to use some certain options access what you are looking to do. For example, it is not only a great site to create ads or advertisements for. It is also useful for other things such as photo editing.
  4. Templates: we love the variety of templates, we usually tweak them to fit our needs, but we love having the template to start from.
  5. Collaboration: having all your team’s assets in one place to work from is amazing
  6. Canva is User-friendly: not only do they have unlimited templates to create your designs, but the interface is also extremely user-friendly… anyone can use it!
  7. Nice images free and for purchase.
  8. Canva App is Easy to use and also makes you look you look like a Pro.



  1. Adding videos is kind of difficult and hard for beginners to learn at first.
  2. It would be nice if I could manage a user account under my account, so I could log in one time, but switch over to access client’s accounts if needed.
  3.  Newbies usually have difficulties in Switching between a personal account and a business account.
  4. Most basic symbols and graphics are only provided at cost, which seems like an unnecessary additional expense.

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How to Make Money With Canva Affiliate

Canva allows users to apply for their affiliate program however canva has a very strict criteria before you can be accepted into the program.

The Canva affiliate program is managed by Impact radius network. so you will need an account on Impact radius to be able to signup.

Steps to become a canva affiliate

  1. go to the canva affiliate page by clicking here
  2. fill in your required details
  3. your account will be approved shortly
  4. start reffering and sharing your affiliate link


How can I advertise/promote my Canva Pro

  1. share to your friends on social platforms like pinterest, instagram etc, give a good details about the benefits of joining canva affiliate program
  2. if you are a blogger, you can advertise it through your ads slot, either via Text ads, Banners or Sponsore a post, you can aslo guest post to other blogs with high authority, commenting, etc.
  3. if you have a list of email subscribers, you can share with them, give a heading, carefully explain canva affiliate.
  4. you can advertise through your youtube channel, by creating a short video toturials
  5. through webinars and serminals, teach people how they can earn more through canva, explain the win-win aspect.



Canva App is a great app to make money, first you can make sales through the editing and creation of beautiful photos with canva power tools, secondly you can sell your canva photos through stock photos platforms i.e Shutterstock etc and finally you can also make money with Canva affiliate Program, isn’t that awesome?

Well if you are a graphic designer, or you know someone who is into graphic editing, you could be ready to make a lot of money with canva affiliate.

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