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Flowextra Review: Is Flowextra Legit or Scam (2023)

Flowextra review: How does Flowextra worksWhat is Flowextra


Disclaimer: This is an Honest review, We are not paid to promote nor defame the reputation of this platform, rather it written to give the basic analysis and investment measures for beginners.

Flowextra Income is an online platform for affiliate marketing. with Flowextra you can start earning by completing some activities on the site. such as:
  • reading news
  • commenting on articles
  • sharing sponsored post
  • daily login etc

Flowextra Ways of Earning

1, When you get registered and become a fully financial member on the flowextra website with the one time registration fee ₦2,500

2, you get paid 52% affiliate commission which means you get instant payment of ₦1,300 for each person you registered on the website.

NOTE: Referring is optional. (And it’s as well one of the ways to boost your Earnings)

3, You get an instant registration bonus of 1,000 FAE points immediately your account is activated.

4, You get instant Airtime of your desired network provider for posting your credit alert testimony (with a good caption) on the flow extra website

5, You get paid 10 FAE points by clicking each of any news you see on the flowextra website.

6, You get paid 10 FAE points by commenting on any articles on the flow extra website (commenting short words such as okay, alright, good, yes, ok, thank you, really, etc is not allowed, your comments on any article must at least be 5 words and above to interact properly with the article)

7, You get paid 200 FAE points by logging in each day, alongside with your sharing of sponsored post rewards which you’re to be sharing every day on your Facebook Timeline.

8, You’re qualified to place withdrawal without having any referral once you hit the minimum threshold of 10,000 FAE points.

Once you place a withdrawal request on this platform, you’ll surely get credited within the period of 1 to 2 hour, any day and anytime.

Earning on Flow extra Income Platform is very simple and easy as ABC. Just so you know, the Flow extra income system is so simplified that you won’t even be stressed while earning.
1. Welcome Bonus:
Immediately after registration, you’ll get a welcome bonus N500 which can be fully withdrawn later on.
2. Daily Login:
Once you login on Flow extra income, you will immediately get N50 added to your Flowextra dashboard or account.
3. Clicking On News:
For every and any news you click on Flow extra Platform, N5 would be added to your dashboard.
4. Commenting On News:
When you comment on a news, you would earn N5 added to your Flowextra Income dashboard.
5. Sharing Sponsored Post:
There’s always a daily post on Flowextra Income Platform website and when you share it, you would instantly get N50 added to your FlowExtra Income Dashboard.
6. Referring:
Optionally, whenever you refer someone to the site (that’s to register someone under you), instantly N1,000 would be added to your Flowextra Income account instantly.
7. Free Airtime:
You get free N200 airtime once you post your testimony on the official Flowextra income Facebook group.
8. Flowextra Promo:
Yeah, so true!. Flowextra gives out N5,000 for free to anyone, when you earn N50,000 in 7 days and also they give out N15,000 to anyone who earns N100,000 within 7 days.

Is Flowextra Legit?

flowextra business name cert


Although the flowextra has a CAC Business name certificate however Based on the little research done, there has been no bad review or scam report about the flowextra but that does not guarantee their reliabilities, platforms like flowextra have come and gone, systems like this end up crashing after some period of time.

I will always advice investors to be careful of their capitals in platforms like this, once there is no physical product, it is regarded as ponzi scheme.

flowextra testimonies

nonetheless, we have seen members flaunt their alerts on social medias like Facebook, telegram and Whatsapp, and the platform are still less than 100k members hence they need more members and that’s why there is a higher Referral bonus.


What does FAE MEAN

F.A.E means Flow extra Activities Earnings. FAE on your Flow extra Income Dashboard increases when your activities are being done (clicking and commenting on news, sharing of posts) on the site. This is normally earned by Flow extra income non-referrals.
Sharing Flow extra income sponsored post is very easy. Now the first thing you’ll do is to:
1. Login to your Flow extra income account.
2. Go to the current Flow extra income sponsored post.
3. Download or Save the Image you see and copy the text below.
4. Post the Flow extra sponsored post only on your Facebook account and make sure your posts privacy is set to public.

How to register on Flowextra

to get registered on flow extra you need to buy a coupon code, which is a one-time registration fee of N2,000 (this is for your coupon code) to be paid only to a Flowextra coupon code vendor only.

After you must have messaged the coupon code vendor and have made payment for your Flowextra income registration, you’ll be asked for a payment proof (to confirm its you that made the payment).
– Also you’ll be asked for some details that would be used to register you on Flowextra income platform.
– Then, you’ll be registered under few minutes.
On the 10th day of every month you can withdraw all your FAE from your Flow extra income dashboard. That is when all Non-Referral earners would be paid.

Final Word on Flow extra review

this is just a short honest review about the Flow extra platform and based on my research, this platform won’t be lasting long, upon my check on the domain age (www.flowextra.com) the domain was purchased on 2023-03-21 and would be expiring a month from now as at the time of this post (2023-03-21) any platform that has a long-term plan would always create a longer age span for their platforms, i.e 2yrs and above However this might not be a factor as the renewal can be done anytime they choose to but a reminder that platforms like this don’t last, it’s more like a game and the early birds win the game, so whenever you are planning of joining platforms like flow extra always consider the launch date.




    • They are scam,all their post on social media is and edited copy of bank alart.when it is time to withdraw, they will not pay and when you call them,they will tell you they only paid from highest to lowest,expecting you to continue clicking till another month to give another excuse that they pay from highest. Don’t waste your time here,they are theifs and cheap scammers.

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