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Getpaidto Review: Is Getpaidto Legit or Scam (2023)


What Is Getpaidto All About?

Getpaidto is a reward site that pays you to complete certain tasks on your computer or mobile device.Getpaidto was Founded by Alan John Bristow and Karim Malcolm Wilkins.

A Brief GetPaidTo History…

The GetPaidTo website first appeared online back in 2000, but during the early part of 2015 it received a major overhaul and became the fresh-looking ‘get paid to’ website that you see today.


While it’s fairly easy and relatively cheap these days to create an appealing website appearance, the team at GetPaidTo have clearly taken the time to create a more welcoming experience than some of the other websites within the often dated ‘get paid to’ industry.

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getpaidto review

How does it Work

Getpaidto has 8 unique ways for you to earn money online

you might be already familiar with some of these tasks if you are a regular user of ‘get paid to’ websites.

These are broken down into 4 main categories:

getpaidto review

  • Watching videos.
  • Playing games.
  • Taking surveys
  • Getting cashback and vouchers for shopping online.
  1. You Earn GPT Points by getting paid for things you are already doing online, be it watching videos, completing surveys or trying products. We work with all the top market research and product testing companies to bring you the very best paid tasks which are refreshed daily so there’s always new ways to earn.
  2. When you tell a friend about GetPaidTo and they start earning points you will get rewarded with 15% commission on their points earnings. Referred members can also earn money by referring more people to GetPaidTo. The referral fees are NEVER taken from the earnings of either the referrer or the referee.

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The amount of points that you can earn varies between each category.

For watching videos, you earn points for watching a variety of videos from start to finish. Earnings for this are generally low, but there are usually plenty of videos to watch.

When playing games, you will earn a set amount of points for starting and finishing a game, plus a set rate per minute that you are playing. There are plenty of games to choose from so the earning potential is good.

With surveys, you get paid a set amount of points for each survey that you successfully complete.

As with all survey opportunities, it’s important that your answers are consistent throughout. Later in this review I will explain how to ensure that your answers are as accurate as possible.

In addition to these more general opportunities, GetPaidTo also offers the following earning options:

 Tasks – Earn for completing online tasks such as opening retail accounts and applying for credit cards. Rewards here are generally high.

Offer Walls – A selection of some of the highest paying opportunities from selected GetPaidTo associates.

Daily Prize Draws – Earn up to $2/£2 every day by entering daily prize draws. Entrance to the draws is earned by completing daily surveys or playing games.

GetPaidTo also has a lucrative referral program that will earn you commission payments for inviting others to give it a try.


This can be done by sending your friends an email through GetPaidTo, recommending it via social media, or by using pre-created banners if you have a website or blog.

GetPaidTo will pay you 15% commission of the earnings generated by people that you refer.

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How Do You Earn Cashback Or Vouchers Through GetPaidTo?

Saving money through online purchases is probably one of the strongest aspects of GetPaidTo.

With a total of 29 cashback categories to choose from, there are plenty of ways for you to reduce what you would ordinarily spend on everyday purchases.

they also offers members the chance to increase their saving potential with something called ‘Cashback Boosts’.

With Cashback Boosts, you can use points that you have earned to make online purchases through GetPaidTo. In doing so, you receive a much higher rate of cashback, and this can often result in a purchase costing you nothing.

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How Does GetPaidTo Pay You?

As already mentioned, GetPaidTo rewards you by using a points-based system that can be cashed out to Paypal, your bank account or exchanged for gift cards.

The exchange rate is 500 GetPaidTo points is equal to $1 or £1 depending on your location.

Who can use GetPaidTo?

GetPaidTo is open to anyone over the age of 16, anywhere in the world.

However, depending on where you live there’s a chance that you might have a reduced number of earning opportunities.

If that is the case, the GetPaidTo referral program is likely to be your most lucrative option.

What are others saying about GetPaidTo?

There are many positive comments online about GetPaidTo, but one of my most trusted sources of gauging genuine customer opinion is TrustPilot.

At the time of writing this review, GetPaidTo has been reviewed 260 times on TrustPilot and has been rated ‘Excellent’ by over 85% of its users.

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Is Getpaidto Legit?

Yes Getpaidto is a legit platform that already has a lot of good reviews on the internet how you are restricted to certain activities such as creating more than one account, if caught your account would be permanently banned.

How to Register an Account on Getpaidto

  1. first go getpaidto.com and click on JOIN FREE TODAY
  2. Fill all the fields with your correct details
  3. then do the robot text and click on Complete registration
  4. when done with registration you will need to verify your account with your email address when done BOOM your account has been created and you can now start earning.

How To Increase Your Earning Potential At GetPaidTo

As with all ‘get paid to’ websites, I recommend that you make a copy of the answers that you give for your initial profile surveys.

The answers you give here are often recorded and used to determine if your answers are accurate in future surveys.

If they are not, it can often lead to a survey being stopped half way through, costing you time and money.

At GetPaidTo these are called ‘survey profiles’, and I encourage you to record your answers if you will be focusing on surveys as a way to earn some extra cash.

Another way to increase your earning potential is to install the GetPaidTo cash alert extension on your web browser.

This will alert you to any earning opportunities available when you are not using the GetPaidTo website, thus allowing you to quickly take advantage.



GetPaidTo.com have multiple ways that you can use to receive your earnings. It includes the popular ones that are PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and cryptocurrencies. Also, they can send your earnings to a Skrill or bank account. Each payment method has a different minimum cashout limit.

If you want to get your earnings in your PayPal or bank account, the minimum cashout limit is $5. For the other options, you need at least $1. The time it will take to receive your earnings depends on the method, but you can expect to receive them in a few business days.




Legit site: The fact that there are many positive reviews and people have got paid from the GetPaidTo.com is enough to rank it as a legit site.

Fast payments: It takes up to 48 hours to see your earnings from the tasks on your dashboard. Then, you can request a cashout and expect to get it in a few business days. The process starts when someone from the site reviews your request.

Low minimum cashout limit: The minimum cashout limit is $1 or $5, depending on your cashout method. Most GPT sites set big limits that can be over $20-$25 for the same tasks.

Available worldwide: You can join from any country in the world if you are over 16 years old.

Multiple ways to get paid: There are five ways to request your earnings and are included all the popular ones. It is one step ahead of many other competitive sites.


Many bans: Most complaints are from members who got banned. When the cashout limit is very low, and they send the payments in such a short time, it’s logical to have strict rules to avoid duplicated registrations and scammers.

Low-income potential: I have already mentioned that it is not an option for a full-time income. Simple, the offers and the tasks inside are not unlimited. You will not find tons of surveys each day. However, if you complete the available ones, you will earn some extra money. Lastly, there are some very low earning tasks, like playing games. They are ok if you have fun playing them, but they will not help your money-making goals.

Final Note

GetPaidTo is not a get rich quick scheme not going to make you rich, but it will allow you to earn some extra cash by doing things that you most likely already do when you are sat in front of your computer.



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