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How to start a Hairstyling Business in Nigeria (Barbing Salon)

Hairstyling business startups


Hairdressers help people to look and feel their best. They may be asked to curl, wave, perm, bleach, tint or dye a customer’s hair, or merely to cut

There are some businesses that will always remain profitable as long as they’re well managed: Hairstyling is one of them.

In a country like ours where most men visit the salon at least twice a week to either cut or shave their hair, you need not be told that Hairstylers  are successful entrepreneurs.

However, a lot of people are not aware of this. They tend to assume that the business is not profitable enough because it is not the loud kind of business.

Be that as it may, it is important to note that Hairstyling business can be very lucrative, especially when it is properly managed. And interestingly, it cost very little to keep the business running and that is why training is very important.

Training: It goes without saying that training is a must. If you’ve only just realised that you have the skills to style people’s hair, now would be a good time to work on it. You can either apply for a job at a small, independent salon for training, or you could enrol in hair styling courses to build a more credible and reliable training background. There are many established hair salons that have training institutions where once trained, you will also have an employment opportunity.


Hairstyling business startups


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5 important things to put into consideration before starting an hairstyling business in Nigeria.

1. Get a shop in a good location

Unarguably, location can be said to be everything when it comes to businesses like this because your barbing salon needs to be in a place where it can easily be accessed.

Your shop should be located on a busy road or a place where people can easily notice, because the more strategic the location, the more customers you’re able to pull in daily.

Preferably, residential areas should be considered as people tend to visit the saloon before or after work and especially during the weekends.

2. Furnish your shop

Furnishing a barbing salon is not really much of a big deal. It is quite simple and cost-effective.

All that is required is a good and comfortable revolving chair where your customers will sit on while their hair is being cut.

In addition, you will need other chairs where your waiting customers can seat. And a table cabinet for barbing equipment like clippers, scissors, towels e.t.c

A good local carpenter can help you fix the table cabinet and chair at an affordable price. Don’t forget that you will need a good standard mirror as well.

3. Buy original clippers

For a start, you will need at least two clippers. But you can decide to go for more if you wish to start a bit above average.

As advised, it better to go for the original ones as they will last you longer and serve you better. They can be a bit expensive no doubt but bear in mind that they are cost-effective.

4. Get a sterilizer

Although a lot of people visit the salon with their personal clippers these days, it still doesn’t change the fact that people will be more inclined to patronize your salon if they are assured that your clippers are well treated and sterilized.

This is why you need to get a good electronic sterilizer that will be used to treat your clippers and that of your customers after use to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

5. Get a standby generator

You do not need a big one except if you can afford it. A small generator of N10,00 to N12,000 is OK for the job. Generator is so important in the business of barbing that without it, you may not be able to do the business.

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The cost of starting the barbing salon  business in Nigeria actually depends on things like shop rent and how you intend to start up.
In terms of shot rent/location… The prices varies based on the location or area of the shop which will determine it exposure. The more exposed a shop or location is the more it’s likely to cost.

You can’t get a shop in Ibadan at a particular price and expect to get a shop in Lagos for the same price. The one at Lagos is likely to cost more.

In terms of Start up , Do you want to start your salon business in a big way or in a small way? Whatever you answer is, the cost of starting the business won’t be the same.

However to startup a medium size barbershop business in Nigeria should cost around #350,000 which could include a shop rent for a year.

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(Below are some of the necessary equipments and their uses needed in a barbing salon)

  • Clipper

(A machine used to shave, shape, trim or cut hairs into different styles).

You must have tried different clippers during your training to enable you know the very best to go for. example; Phillips etc.

  • Mirror (a glass use to see one’s self)

The mirrors should be of very decent size and of high quality. The mirrors are to be  positioned well for customers to be able to have a clear view of the side and back of the head. This positioning enables customers suggest possible adjustment /make suggestions on the outcome of their preferred hair style.

  • Sterilizers

Your salon shouldn’t be a place where diseases such as dandruff, barber itch, ringworm etc are passed from one customer to another. To make sure it’s not, you do need to get sterilizers and make your barbing instruments (clippers, blades etc) and environment germs free.

  • Chairs / benches (used for sitting)

Its no news you’ll need chairs for your customers to sit while you work on them. You should also get a few benches or chairs (which ever you desire) for other customers who will need something to sit on while awaiting your service.

  • Carpet/tiles

You’ll need to get carpets or tiles depending on your financial capability to cover the floor of your barbing salon shop. You might or may be lucky enough to meet tiles in good condition there sometimes, having been left by the former occupant(s) of the shop or by the owners.

  • Signboard/banner

Before you actually start a Hairstyling Business, make sure you get a good signboard or banner. Because it’s a means of advert.

It helps individuals (passers by) know that there is an Hairstyling salon around the area.

Your signboard should contain information or details on how customers can locate and contact you.

It should entail the following details at the very least

Business name (boldly written)
Shop or location address (The address should include the street name of your barbershop and the shop number)

Contact number /Tel number (It should be your primary phone number aka hotline)

Motto (Can be a sentence or phrase with meaning in relation to salon business)


* You can also ask for a photo of someone having a haircut / someone with a decent haircut to be included.

Facial Powders

We all know the basic home use of powders.

But in a barbershop, powders can play a little more important roles in shaping. clippers are used for shaping, no doubt. But powders can be used to trace or draw the style needed by the customer before applying the use of a clipper to avoid mistakes.


  • You can engage in a pedicure and manicure services for interested customers.
  • Sell recommend hair treatment creams, clippers, brush, dyes etc.
  • Apply hair dyes for interested customers.


It’s easy to get started

very profitable.

It reduces unemployment.

It can serve as an alternative source of income.

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Cost of some hairstying tools in Nigeria

Relax – Hair Conditioner – Solo

Gogo’s Spray Bottle – 300ml

A&S – African Cutting Comb

Relax – Hair Conditioner

Professional Barber Cape

Gogo’s Hair Spray Bottle – 500mls

Long Shaving Brush with Powder Slot

Spandex Dome Cap For Making Braided Wig & Full Lace Wig

Crochet Latch Hook Pin

T-Pins for Pinning Wigs on Foam Head-10 Pcs Set

Mannequin Head Clamp

Professional Barbers Duster Brush

Human Hair Brush

Barber Cape Cloth Cover

Salon Hair Care Brush Set

Swiss Lace Closure Net – Medium Brown – Half Yard

Professional Wig Clamp

Swiss Lace Closure Net – Dark Brown – Half Yard

Nova – Extra Hold Hair Spray

Lace Wig Swiss Toupee Net – Light Brown- Half Yard

Salon Hair Care Brush Set

Mannequin Head Clamp

Hair Duster Brush

Barber’s Neck Strip

Magic Leverag Hair Styling Roller Curler

Wig Mannequin Head Clamp Holder

Spandex Dome Wig Cap – Black

Fibre Barbing Cawpe

Stay On – Satin Bonnet – Pink

Multi-functional C & J Type Weaving Needle for Wig-10pcs

Stay On – Satin Anti-breakage – Purple

Stay On – Satin Bonnet – Black

Naija Naturals Mannequin and Wig Stand Holder For Wig Making

Spray Bottle – 500ml

Neck Tissue Paper

Neck Tissue Paper

these are just some of the major equipment and their current prices needed to start a hairstyling business in Nigeria.

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Common Challenges of a hairstyling business

1. Unskilled and unprofessional barbers – Inability to hire and retain skilled and professional barbers

The only person that can take very good care of your business is you. Getting someone else that’s ready to treat your business is getting more difficult in the 21st century. This is because most employees care more about their bonuses, salaries or wages.

2. Long-term business growth

The barbershop business takes time to fully take off and that signifies the need for patience. You can’t possibly start getting around 40 – 50 customers daily as you’re just starting out. This is because some people are the laggard type In the consumer adoption process. And this type individuals (laggards) tend to depend on reviews before trying a new product or service.

3. Lack of finance to start up.

You can always contact your family members  for start up capital or the bank for loans to get the business up and running; but in most cases, it’s not always easy to gather the needed capital. And this is due to the fact that all fingers are not equal.

4. inability to satisfy customers.

No one is above mistakes. And no matter what you do or how good you are, not all customers will leave your shop 100% satisfied with your service.

5. Competition

Every business has a competition and the barbershop business  appears to also be a competitive one. However, that doesn’t you can’t make 6 figures monthly, just make sure you are very good at what you do and make use of various strategies to promote your business.

6. Expenses (monthly or weekly)

These are money you need to pay perhaps for tax or to sharpen your clippers and the likes. Other include money spent on oil, powders, fuel, dry cleaning, transportation fare, spray, clipper maintenance, generator servicing, salaries and wages etc.



dont forget that you don’t have to be a professional barber to own a hairstying business/barbing salon. In fact, most of the well-to-do hairstylers and barbing salons are owned and managed by those who know nothing about the art.

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