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How to make money online in 2023

Few days ago I was discussing with a friend about various legit ways on how to make money online and the risks in them.

Many at times, we end up being scammed, but in this article I’m leveraging on Legit ways to make online in 2023.

Table of Content

1# Social Media Marketing
2# Selling courses & ebooks
3# YouTube
4# Digital Arts
5# Online Tutorials.

1: Social Media Marketing

there are alot of social media marketers who makes money by advertising on their channels, groups, and pages on the various social media platforms
 There are countless opportunities for you to share sponsored posts that promote the products and services of other businesses. This is a  direct way of earning money from social media.

If you aren’t being patronized, then create your own goods and services and advertise, an example of such is Publishing Your skills, Writing Sponsored Articles, Etc.

2: Selling Courses and Ebooks

Alot of  businesses are willing to pay a fortune to generate leads, but you can do it for free by simply giving away your book, Depend on what you are writing about you can target a particular niche and Field. 

A baker friend  of mine made her first thousand dollars by selling courses on how to bake chocolate donuts in a one off purchase course, she had a large turnouts and boom, it happened.

3# YouTube
I have created a full guild on how to make money on YouTube, you can read HERE
all you need is some creative videos, which can either be funny, informative, educative or CRAZY, if you can start from here, start building your Audience by sharing on social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, to your loves one, family and friends, and tell them to share to their friend’s friends, I BET you, if your videos Catchy, your audience will be begging you for more uploads, and ofcourse your Money Making Scheme Begins at this point, you can apply with Google Adsense for YouTube and start making money, you can also make Money by advertising a brand or product, through sponsored videos etc.

4:Digital Arts
According to Sellfly.com, There’s a common stereotype that making good money as an artist is nearly impossible.
Anyway that’s just a joke.

Imagine you created a nice logo, and a popular brand finds it and hires you for their official brand’s logo? That’s alot of money buddy!

Yes you can create Banners for websites, Digital companies, businesses that have their online shops, your efforts is in your advertisement provided you are good at what you do, you can sell your works on Instagram, and twitter using the #harsh tag of alot of celebrities, and important industries and brands.

Your job might been seen and once you get hired by any of these 5 star companies your pay can’t be compared to a salary man.

5# Online Tutorials

another lucrative Way of making money is Online tutorials which is synonymous to the Courses and Ebooks which can only be differiated through the Packaging.

You can start Making Money from Online Tutorials through videos, WhatsApp groups, blogs and other platform, Teaching more of your acquired skills and talent, How Tos, making it more practical, Step by Step, you can do this by asking for a little donation from large number of audience, by the time you get the total number of people who paid for your tutorial you’ll discover the importance in Making money from Online Tutorials.

Some other ways of Making money online can be from Ponzi Schemes, Betting and Gambling sites,Online Surveys, and some few others but it’s based on AT YOUR OWN RISK!!


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