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List of business ideas to venture into during this Xmas Season

This Christmas season can be a busy time for businesses in a wide array of industries. But it can also be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to explore new ventures or opportunities. You can build an entire business around this particular holiday to earn some extra income or display new talents toward the end of the year.

Christmas Business Ideas

If you’re interested in starting a business that revolves around the Christmas season, here are some ideas to consider.

Gift Shop

Basically any retail store is going to be busy during the holidays. But if you only want to operate during this time of year, find a pop-up space or set up an online store and sell popular gift items.

Shopping Service

You could also start a service based business where you help people find the gifts that are perfect for everyone on their list, acting as a mix between a personal shopper and errand service.


Gift Wrapping Service

Lots of gift buyers don’t want to go through the trouble of wrapping their gifts, so you can offer a service that handles it for them. If you own a retail store, this is a great opportunity to earn some extra income over the holidays as well.

Giftwrap Sales

For artists and designers, create some holiday themed designs to have printed on wrapping paper and sell them throughout the season.

Gift Delivery Service

You can also offer to pick up items and deliver them to their recipients. Or if you sell products already, offer to deliver them for an extra fee. This can be especially popular for gift basket services or food centered gifts.

Gift Personalization Service

If you can engrave, embroider or otherwise personalize a variety of items, offer to add initials or short messages on people’s gifts. This can help them to seem a bit more special over the holidays.
Holiday Card Sales
Another perfect opportunity for artists and designers, create holiday art and messages and have them printed on cards that people can buy from you.

Holiday Card Photography

For photographers, this season is a popular time for people to commission family photos for their own holiday cards.


Decorating Service

Some homeowners may like the look of a fully decorated house, but don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves. So offer to take care of it for them for a small fee.

Handmade Decor Sales

If you enjoy making handmade products, you could create a line of decor items and sell them online or in local retail shops over the holiday season.

Christmas Lights Service

Many homeowners or businesses could also use a bit of help hanging their outdoor lights. This can be a perfect way for landscapers or other outdoor businesses that work mainly during the summer to make some extra cash in the winter months.

Specialty Light Display

Or you could channel your light hanging skills into your own light display that people can visit throughout the season. Accept donations from visitors or see if you can find some local sponsors to fund your venture.


Party Planning Service

Since lots of families and businesses host large gatherings over the holidays, offer your skills as an event planner specializing in holiday parties.

Christmas Party Venue

If you have a space that’s not in use through the holidays, you could also make it available to rent for various holiday gatherings and events.

Catering Service

For those who enjoy cooking and baking, you could start a specialized catering service that is perfect for all of those holiday parties.
Bartending Service
Many of those parties may also have bar beverages on hand. So you can offer your services as a contract bartender through the holidays so the people hosting parties can actually enjoy them rather than having to serve drinks the whole time.


Christmas Themed Attraction

Families and small groups are always looking for fun activities to attend over the holidays. If you have a physical location that people could visit, install some unique decor or provide some kind of entertainment that people would pay to see. Bonus if you can hire a Santa for kids to take photos with.

Christmas Themed Show

Similarly, you could rent a theater or performing space and put on a classic Christmas show or concert where you perform popular Christmas songs.

Christmas Cookie Sales

Bakers, this season is perfect for making tons of festive cookies and selling them online, in local bakeries, or even in your own pop-up space.
Hot Cocoa Sales
Or you could set up a stand to sell hot cocoa. This would be perfect for a food truck or other mobile business — just travel to various holiday-themed outdoor events where people could use some extra warmth.
Santa for Rent
For festive solopreneurs, offer your services as a freelance Santa Claus for malls, special events and holiday gatherings throughout the season.

Santa Costume Sales

If you don’t fit the profile of a typical Santa, you could simply purchase or make Santa suits and hats and offer them for sale or rent through the holidays.

Reindeer for Rent

If you have a farm or stable, you could also invest in some reindeer that you care for through the year and then bring to special events throughout the holidays.

Sleigh Ride Service

Or if you already have horses, you could purchase a sleigh or carriage and bring it to special events where people may want to enjoy an old fashioned Christmas.
Ice Sculpture Artist
If you prefer a creative type business, channel your artistic skills into ice sculpture. You can sell your creations to people or businesses hosting special events throughout the season.

Holiday Party Band

Or for the musically inclined, you could offer your services as a musician or band where you play classic holiday tunes at parties or special events.

Christmas Tree Farm

For those with a lot of land, you could plant a variety of evergreen trees and invite families to visit and cut down their own Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Delivery Service

If you don’t have the land to work with, you can still help families get their own Christmas trees by offering a delivery service. You can either set up a lot with pre-cut trees or add this onto the list of offerings at your Christmas tree farm for some extra income.

Wreath Sales

You can also make beautiful holiday wreaths out of tree branches and other materials. Decorate them and sell them directly to customers or to local nurseries or tree farms.

House and Pet Sitting Service

Since people travel so often during the holidays, it’s the perfect time to offer your services as a house and/or pet sitter. You can do this throughout the year too, or just focus on holiday travelers.
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