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Oriflame Review: All you need to Know About Oriflame and Their Products (2023)

oriflame review

What is Oriflame?

According to Wikipedia, Oriflame Holding AG is a Multi-level marketing company that sells primarily beauty and personal care products. The company has approximately 6,000 employees, 1,000 products in the range and a turnover of over 1.3 billion Euro. Oriflame operates in more than 60 countries, where its beauty products are marketed by over 3 million Oriflame Brand Partners.

The Oriflame Company are operating within the Direct selling industry and was founded 1967 in Sweden by the brothers Jonas af Jochnick, Robert af Jochnick and Bengt

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Is Oriflame Legit?

Oriflame is a global giant and a trusted name in the field of lifestyle and beauty, Oriflame is rated one of the top 10 MLM companies in 2023 and their products have gone viral..Hence the question should rather be How Reliable is Oriflame and that has also been a great result so far.

How to Join Oriflame

to register for the consultant position on Oriflame, Click here

  1. then Click on the ‘sign up’ button. (Use your phone number as Personal ID and leave out the postal code, it will be auto-generated once you select your ‘State’
  2. Fill in the registration form as in the image (sponsor number is 32)
  3. Click ‘sign up at the bottom of the page.
  4. You will receive a verification email to the email address that you registered(if you need further assistance you can click here to message me on Whatsapp or call +2348163948163
  5. Verify your account by CLICKING on the verification link in the email inbox you entered above above
  6. Pay the registration fee and your first order by the options below:
  • Card payment or cash (for registration fee only) in the service center
  • mobile transfer
  • instant transfer
  • Online payment

Benefits of Joining Oriflame

Here are some of the benefits you get when you join Oriflame:

  1.  As Oriflame Consultants you get a 20% discount on the entire range of high quality beauty products.
  2.  You can order products online to be delivered to your home! You can either pay online through Credit/Debit Card or opt for COD (Cash on Delivery).
  3. You get gifts by doing certain business points (BP). As a new Consultant you get gifts as part of the Welcome Program.
  4. And as an existing consultant you get gifts when you share the Oriflame opportunity with others and recruit others in your team.  You have an opportunity to avail Sales Action Promotions/Discount Offers. Monthly Bonuses every month: When you complete 100 BP in a month, you will get monthly bonuses for your and your team’s performance from 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, 15%, 18% to 21%.
  5.  You decide when and how much you want to work. The only investment needed to build your own business with Oriflame is : some 10-20 catalogues for circulation among your friends, neighbors, relatives and your time and passion to achieve something great in life.
  6.  Being an Oriflame Consultant is a lot of fun. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy beauty events and exciting activities.
  7. You can build your career in Oriflame as a Manager, Director, Gold Director, Sr. Gold Director, Sapphire Director,Diamond Director etc. by recruiting other in Oriflame.
  8.  You can travel around the world with Oriflame if you choose the Oriflame career path and become Manager or Director with Oriflame.
  9. Unlimited and life time income: You can build your income unlimited and life time depends upon your passion and efforts.

How to Earn On Oriflame

there are basically two ways to earn on Oriflame platform, which includes:

  • 1. Invite others to join – earn up to
    21% on your personal sales and the sales of the Consultants in your group. Develop Directors yourself and you will advance to a higher Director title and earn even more money.
  • 2. Show the catalogue and take orders – earn an immediate profit of 20% by selling Oriflame products in Nigeria.

How do you earn from Group sales?

  1. You earn by inviting others to join and become Consultants. This is called sponsoring. Then Success Plan then pays according to two sets of values: Business Volume (BV) and business points (BP).
  2. Oriflame always gives a total of 21% in Performance discounts to each group. How much of the 21% that each Consultant earns depends upon the structure of the group.
  3. The basic principle id that a Consultant who invites and coaches more Consultants will earn more than other Consultants.
  4. Business Volume (BV) eaquals sales at Consultant Price less VAT and may change over time due to price adjustments.
  5. Each product carries a certain amount of Business Points (BP). BPs remain fixed over time to ensure that the effort required to earn Performance Discounts remains the same despite inflation.
  6. Monitor the activities of your personal sales group upon login on the website.

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How Do You Sell Your Oriflame Product?

  1.  Recommend It To Friends and FamilySelling Oriflame is not difficult,  It as simple as recommending a friend to watch a movie. What is required is for you to possess a currency of trust. Once people trust you, you can easily offer them products that you know are great and once they use them, they will fall in love with the product and henceforth you will become the man to call when it’s needed.Oriflame has made it easy for you to sell. They do this by providing a catalogue. Armed with the catalogue you can easily convince potential customers about your product.
  2.  Offer a DemonstrationThe magic about selling Oriflame is for you to show your friends how?
    You can do this by making up a friend, family member or relative. When people see the difference it makes -it becomes easy for you to sell your Oriflame product.
  3.  Organize Get TogethersSettings that allow for relaxation among friends is a great place to sell your products. Get-togethers and parties are awesome places to get started. Because the venues are relaxed, you can easily fall into conversation about the beauty products they use? This is an opportunity to tell them why they should consider yours. A demonstration of the capability of your product should seal the deal.
  4.  Seduce ThemImagine wearing a fragrance that not only wows people you meet but prompt them to ask you what type of fragrance you are using.Wearing an Oriflame perfume is a channel to getting new buyers. The flowery fragrance is powerfully seductive. It creates an aura of warmth around the wearer.Add this to your selling arsenal and you will smile home to the bank.Simply show the catalogue, share your positive experience with the products and ask for their orders. People really appreciate it, since it’s an easy, personal and convenient way to shop. As a Consultant, you earn a percentage of every order.

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Final word on Oriflame

Oriflame is a leading beauty company that markets its product through direct selling. Oriflame is present in more than 60 countries and has its origin in Sweden with corporate offices in Switzerland.

The company was founded in 1967 in Sweden by two brothers: Jonas Af Jochnick and Robert Af Jochnick.

Oriflame is a perfect way to increase your earnings and gain financial independence. What it takes is for you to train your team to become the best they can. The benefit of doing this is because you earn a certain percentage of ever joins your group.

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