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10 ways To Be A Successful Reseller

Are you a Reseller? And you are looking for guidelines on how to become a successful reseller, then you are in the right place.
Reselling is a good business as it has less work to do rather than referring or reselling a product and gaining your own commission.
There is no body that wont be interested in making legal investments, especially if it’s something as simple as buying a pair of hyped shoes and posting them for sale via social media or eBay. It’s worth a try even if your experience isn’t as successful as other’s, which explains why so many people give it a shot.
However, if you are really serious about becoming a reseller, a real successful reseller – there’s a bunch of things you really need to know. I’m no longer qualified to speak on this topic – word to Beanie Sigel – because I couldn’t keep up with today’s resellers even if I tried. It’s a new day!

10 Tips On How To Be A Successful Reseller

1. Know your numbers.
It’s important to keep a clean excel sheet on what you sold, when you sold it, how much it cost, and how much profit you make off the pair; that way you can look back and see how well you did on a monthly or yearly basis and see which products did well for you.
2. Silence is golden.
The less they know, the better.
3. Consistency.
Being able to make sales and cash flow on a consistent basis are important to a small business; find products that you can sell on a daily basis (read: not just “heat”) will allow you to build up clientele and build relationships
4.Stay relevant on social media.
Going along with consistency; upload at peak hours, post everyday if you can, keep your posts in the feed; keep the IG/twitter clean, interact with your followers, and add a little personality to the profile while you are at it!
5. Be knowledgeable on the current prices.
The Internet has so many price guides now, aside from eBay, a lot of selling sites and apps keep tabs on what’s being sold at what prices, making you a more informed seller.
6. Fulfill orders.
Sometimes things happen out of your control and you cannot fulfill an order, I believe that you should try your best to source them from another seller or a friend just to fulfill the order, finish the order even it means taking a minor loss at times.
7. Print labels online.
We are in 2016, the hand written label days are over, welcome the clean black and white print labels and easy tracking scans.
8. Buy supply in bulk.
Boxes and tape are two of the most important tools in an online resell business. If you can find a deal to stock up on both, go for it. Personally I keep 14x10x6, 16x10x6 and 18x12x6 boxes on deck at all times.
9. Promo goodies.
Stickers and other promotional items have minimal cost in the long run, and c’mon, everyone loves free stuff, especially cool items that they can use to rep your brand.
10. Communication.
Weed out the bad ones, keep your unread email count low, keep the good regulars happy, check in on them from time to time; it all comes down to communication.

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