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Steps to find a profitable Niche

An Online Business is a Real Business Which means you need to give it the respect it deserves.

There’s no mystery in it. Just like real businesses, you need to identify a need or a gap in the market and provide a solution to make money. Let me repeat that again as it’s so often overlooked or ignored… If you want to make money on the internet you have to focus on coming up with a legitimate online business idea.

too many people think that somehow the internet differs from real life and there’s easy money to be made, there really isn’t. Especially not in the long term. If you want to make real, life changing, money online you have to focus on building an online business that provides real value to people. The good news? It’s not as hard as you may think which you’ll discover below in a second… It Requires Hard Work An online business has the potential to work on auto-pilot, but that only happens after you invest hours of hard work into creating a self-sustaining system. So if you come across a supposed online business idea that allegedly requires “no work” or is “fast and easy” or sounds too good to be true, run a mile.

All the real online business models that actually work and will make you money require time, effort and a (often small) amount of capital from yourself. You Won’t Become a Millionaire Overnight “But Jawad, I just heard from Guru XYZ how he went from being a broke farmer with zero computer knowledge to becoming a seven-figure internet marketer in a matter of hours” You’ll find exceptional success stories in every business But online business plans based on flukes and exceptions rarely succeed. So only bother reading this post if you’re in this for the long-run.

You Don’t Need to Know Everything to Make Money Nobody knows everything, even the wildly successful marketers that you want to emulate. All you need to know about your topic is more than the people you’re teaching. If you’re even just one step ahead of them you already know more than them..and that’s enough to teach them. It’s simply about understanding your target market. If you’re relatively new to the subject or intermediate level you wouldn’t try to market to experts but to newbies only. And all you need to know to get started and progressing is the next step. Figure out what you have to do next then learn it and put it into action then learn the next stage after you’re done. You cannot learn everything at once BEFORE you start because it’s impossible. You’ll never know everything anyway. Not even the experts know everything. So let’s move on to the 41 best online business ideas and ways to make money…

Long-Term and Legitimate Online Earning Methods With that mandatory disclaimer out of the way, let’s jump right into the business end of this post. 1. Make a Living as a Freelancer If you have a skill that can add value to other people’s businesses, you can become a freelancer right now. Freelancing is simply trading your time for money. It’s not a passive income source (unless you have people working for you).
But it’s the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to making money online. Which is why more than 35% of the total U.S workforce is freelance (a number that’s expected to reach 50% by 2023) Source: Upwork If you haven’t made a penny on the web yet, freelancing is the best place to start. But don’t underestimate its earning potential. According to a survey by Contently, the majority of the full-time freelancers made at least $30,000 in 2016. That’s not a big deal, I know But when you look close, you’ll find that these results are slightly skewed since there’s no income breakdown according to skills. As a freelancer for several years myself, I can tell you that your income mainly depends on your skillset and your brand image.

For example, the monthly income of a freelance graphic designer or a programmer or a high-quality copywriter is usually 4-5x higher than a freelancer offering translation or data entry services. But above all, it’s the independence of working on your own terms that drives most freelancers to this business model. Studies show that 50% aren’t prepared to give up the freelance lifestyle for any amount of money. freelancing freelance writing

Source: ResumeWritingLab Like everything else, it takes time to build a profitable freelancing business. But the effort is well worth it.

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