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ABS Golden Tron Review: How does it Work (2023)


What is ABS Golden Tron?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and Friends Impact is not in anyway affiliated with this platform.

Golden Tron is the Second Edition of AB’s Golden Matrix  that has been launched under the tron blockchain, Golden Tron is a fully automated Smart Contract! and it is a Forced Global Matrix with ONE LINK only registration! with a one time registration of 300 Trons you can become a member of this unique platform(plus gas fees).

A Smart Contract is a Computer Program, or transaction protocol, designed to automatically execute, control, or document legally significant events and actions, in accordance with the terms of a Contract or Agreement.



1. Automatic Level Up: Golden Tron will automatically upgrade you from level to level. All you have to do is register and refer your friends and family.

2. Automatic update of matrix to matrix: Golden Tron will automatically update you from matrix to matrix.

3. Automatic re-entry back to Matrix 1 from Matrix 4: Golden Tron will automatically re-enter you back into Golden tron as soon as you complete your first level in Matrix 4. All you have to do is, register and invite your friends and family.

4. No withdrawal process! All payments are made from wallet to wallet: Golden Tron will automatically pay you directly to your wallet, minus the renewal fee. Every transaction is transferred from wallet to wallet without the need to withdraw funds!

5. Contracts never expire !: Golden Tron’s Contracts never expire! This allows you to focus on hiring and never spend Trons to renew your Contract again.

6. Golden Tron is an immutable and fraud-free Smart Contract on the Tron Blockchain. No one can modify, or manipulate the proven open source code on the Tron Blockchain.

7. Golden Tron is a proven Smart Contract that has been audited and tested.

8. Payment Flow: Golden Tron will pay you multiple payments of 300 Trx. EVERY TRANSACTION IS FULLY AUTOMATED AND FROM WALLET TO WALLET !

9. Upgrade Payments: The Golden Tron Smart Contract will automatically deduct your upgrade payments to the respective upstream lines (Uplines) to receive these payments.

10. Withdrawals are not required in the Golden Tron Crowd Funding Program. The Smart Contract will automatically calculate the amount of upgrade payments made by your account to upgrade you throughout the Program.

click here to download the official PDF


  • Fully automated 1×2 binary matrix
  • One-time payment of 300TRX
  • Did you know? With your onetime payment you can make up to 48000TRX over & over again- to infinity
  • ONLY 4 matrices & 2 levels each
  •  ONLY 510 partners needed to cycle out on matrix 4
  • This time no one will get stuck since we will all be using ONE GLOBAL LINK. In a sense we are placed orderly by the smart contract according to the coding Left to Right, Bottom Up.

ABS Golden Tron



Supported wallets:

  • Tron link
  • Token Pocket

How to register

From ANDROID Or IOS – To register on ABS Golden Tron:

Register To abs golden matrix With  Tron link or Token pocket  (Download From Google Play Store Or App Store)

Step 1:
Go to your app store and Download the supported wallet to your phone.

You can buy 320 Trx + Gas fees.


Once your wallet is funded scroll to your wallet and click DAPPS (Android phones) or Browser (iPhones)


Next copy and paste this link

click here to join official telegram group

at the top where it says enter website URL:

*Click into the box, then paste the above link & then click done*
It will then take you to the abs golden matrix website. Just click on the GREEN button and it will take you to page where you will then click the Green button on register, it will allow you to pay into the program (If it’s in a different language than you require, just click on English or your other choice of language at the top)


Once you have paid, it will then automatically make you a member and if you click the back arrow button you should see your member number in your back office and the referral link that you can share with others!

First — Your Wallet

If you are using a Regular Computer / Laptop for your Internet, then you can only join abs golden Tron using the Tron link extension.



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