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bidvertiser reviews: how to make money with bidvertiser and bidvertiser affiliate program

What is Bidvertiser?

bidvertiser reviews, bidvertiser affiliate program

Bidvertiser is a PPC advertising network which has been on since 2003. Additionally, It is one of the reputed and old advertising network companies.focused on banners, pop under and slider advertising for both desktop and mobile. The ads that they publish are comparable to the ads that AdSense publishes in terms of how they work and generate revenue for publishers.

BidVertiser is one of the oldest advertising networks available on the Internet, and the first thing that comes into a publisher’s mind when talking about monetization of a website is AdSense.

So, is BidVertiser an alternative that is similar to AdSense?

Well, BidVertiser is an AdSense alternative & among its leading competitors, but not quite similar as it is a non-contextual advertising network that displays random ads on a website.

How does Bidvertiser work?

It’s working is similar to all the other ad networks, as BidVertiser acts as a middleman between the publishers & the advertisers.

Unlike the other ad networks that charge a fixed fee/rate for displaying ads, the name “BidVertiser” itself suggests that the advertisers have to place a bid, & then the ads of the highest bidder will be chosen to be displayed on your website.

After you place the ads on your website, BidVertiser will then pay you a commission only when a user will click (CPC) or view the ads for a specific duration (CPM) or does a conversion like a signup/a sale (CPA), etc.

They generate a lot of revenue from their clients/advertisers and share a little amount with the publishers. But, ad networks provide a hassle-free experience & are quite popular among the publishers.

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Is Bidvertiser Legit & Safe?

Are you impatient like me or are in some kind of hurry?

If yes, then let me reveal to you the truth without elaborating that BidVertiser is a legit ad network but with a mixed reputation over the years.

If you have all the time in the world, find out why it’s legit by reading further.

Started in the year 2008 by the company Bpath Ltd, BidVertiser.com has been providing online advertising services.

And this company themselves were established in the year 1997 in the country of Israel. After nearly a decade, they created BidVertiser fo the online world and expanded their business & influence.

Now, they are still managing BidVertiser.com with its headquarters in Israel and a support center in the United Kingdom. Also, the main data center is located in the United States. From various sources and investors, their valuation of the company is said to be nearly $10 million.

They claim to have paid out millions of dollars to their customers and have reputed brands as their clients/advertisers such as Kromtech, Trend Micro, MangoAds, and Mobidea, among others.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t have any idea about these brands, but after researching they do are well known in their respective businesses.

All over the years, BidVertiser has tried to improve its services, and they have been somewhat successful. As their site gets a monthly average visitors of around (100K-300K) and an overall estimated 80K worldwide customers including both publishers & advertisers.

So, you shouldn’t worry much about them as BidVertiser is a legitimate & safe ad network, but the question of joining remains.

You can also find more information about BidVertiser on LinkedIn and Crunchbase.

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bidvertiser reviews, bidvertiser affiliate program

How can you join Bidvertiser?

In this section, you’ll learn about the requirements that are needed to be eligible to signup & apply for BidVertiser & get approved as a publisher.

Earlier, it was really easy to join BidVertiser & get approved. As they didn’t even have any particular requirements & also gave automatic approval. But, nowadays they have updated their terms of joining BidVertiser as a publisher, yet it’s a lot easier to get their approval than AdSense.

You’ll have to comply with the following basic conditions to be able to signup & apply for BidVertiser, AdSense, or any other ad network.

  • First of all, you have to be the owner of a self-hosted website with a custom domain.
  • You must have a secure website with an active SSL Certificate, or simply your URL should include (https://).
  • You will NOT be directly eligible to join BidVertiser, if you have a website/blog on any of the free platforms like (WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr, etc) with a free domain name that includes (wordpress.com, blogspot.com, etc).
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to participate & apply for BidVertiser.

Before they updated their policy, even the free blogging platform users could apply & get instant approval. Now, if you are amongst them, these requirements must get satisfied to become eligible for applying. These are really tough conditions for newly created sites & even the older ones.

Also, another option is available for WordPress.com users as they can buy a paid hosting plan from WordPress or like all the other free hosted users can migrate their existing site to a self-hosted one through a web host.

Those who still don’t have a website can easily create one on BlueHost who gives the best services at reasonable rates with a free SSL Certificate.

Both WordPress & BlueHost are so customer-oriented that they will even give you a full refund if requested within 30 days of purchase.

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The Requirements for their Approval Process

As discussed above, a few years ago, BidVertiser had the easiest approval process of all the ad networks. The publisher had to only sign up & verify the website that too self-hosted or not didn’t matter. BidVertiser then instantly & automatically approved the application.

Now they will manually check & analyze your account whether it complies with their publisher’s terms/ guidelines like AdSense does. They may either approve or reject your application. But, if you correctly follow the guidelines, restrictions, & tips given below, then most likely your account will get approved & accepted in their system.

  • You have to submit a fully completed website or under development/ unorganized site will directly get rejected.
  • You can apply from anywhere in the world, as they don’t have any restrictions based on nationality.
  • You need quality content for your site & a decent volume of traffic is required. (It was vice-versa before)
  • You can submit a website whose content is based on any language spoken in the world.
  • Your website must NOT contain any inappropriate adult content or should not have links to any site that promotes such material.
  • You should NOT promote or have links to sites with unlawful/illegal material, violent material, & violates other’s intellectual property rights.
  • It should also NOT promote or have links of discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Finally, your website must NOT have any fraudulent source of traffic & after getting an approved account you should NOT trick your visitors or yourself click on the ads. Those who are found to indulge in any such activities will get their accounts terminated & banned permanently.

Also, unlike AdSense policy, BidVertiser does NOT allow you to reapply several times if your application was rejected. Before, applying check your website and make sure it satisfies all the conditions provided above.

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How to sign up?

So, after your website is eligible to apply & it meets all their approval process requirements. You’ll have to signup for BidVertiser as a publisher.

Well, the signup process is very simple & quick. You’ll have to first visit the BidVertiser homepageand then fill in the signup form by providing all the required information as instructed here.

How to verify your website ownership on Bidvertiser?

Now, you have successfully completed the signup process and got a BidVertiser account. But, in order to get ad codes, you’ll need to verify your website ownership & account. For that, you can follow these domain verification steps and quickly finish the process.

After your website ownership is verified, BidVertiser will check your website whether it complies with their terms & conditions. Generally, the approval process is completed within 24 hours, and an email is sent to you stating that your website is either approved or rejected along with the reason if it’s declined.

You’ll also need to do a phone verification to fully verify & activate your BidVertiser account.

bidvertiser reviews, bidvertiser affiliate program

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How do the Bidvertiser Advertisements look like?

Do you judge things based on how it looks?


Do you believe in “don’t judge a book by its cover”?

Let’s find out which one will hold good for BidVertiser. This is also a helpful section that’ll give you an insight into whether BidVertiser is for you or not.

You are already aware that BidVertiser is NOT a contextual ad network, as they display irrelevant or random ads.

And that becomes a negative aspect of using an ad network because your blog or website turns into more or less like an unorganized billboard.

They have got different ad types for both desktop and mobile traffic, which are in the form of banners, sliders, pop-unders, & many more.

Don’t switch to Google if you don’t have much knowledge about ad types or ad formats. As below, you’ll be learning in detail about every ad type offered by BidVertiser.

  • Native or Display Ads (Available for both Desktop & Mobile):

This is the most popular & commonly used ad type. They come in the form of banners having different sizes & formats comprising of texts, images, flash, video, and audio.

Ever seen AdSense ads? They are nothing but display ads.

Mostly BidVertiser offers non-contextual display ads with a mixture of texts & images of following standard banner names.

  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)
  • Large Rectangle (336×280)
  • Full Banner (468×60)
  • Leader Board (728×90)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
  • Skyscraper (120×600)

For example:

Do these ads make any sense to you?

Forget others, will you click on any of them?

I recommend ONLY display ads, but that too should be contextual & of good quality.

  • Pop-Under Ads (Available for both Desktop & Mobile):

This is also a common ad type but is not available on AdSense. Neither the best websites nor popular blogs use them, as most users find it highly annoying, including me.

It is true to its name as a new tab/ window appears when a user takes an action like clicking on a link or closing the webpage.

You may have experienced such ads while trying to download something from the Internet. As soon as you click the download link, new tabs appear & one contains the ad.

Don’t confuse pop-under ads with pop-up ads because whenever you do any action, the ads appear directly on top of the content you view rather than on a new window and thus are known as pop-up ads.

Pop-Under & Pop Up Ads are NOT recommended for quality sites because it’s non-contextual & you don’t have any control over the ads. It may also contain some malware inside it despite the precautions taken by the ad network.

But why were these ad types created then?

Well, it’s useful for those who don’t have much-written content and have multiple links, images, videos, etc on their sites.

And SEO doesn’t matter to them, and they get traffic from multiple sources. Generally, Pop-unders are preferred choice for sites having adult content, pirated material, etc.

  • Push Notification Ads (Available for both Desktop & Mobile):

Have you visited a site & did your device ask https://www.xyz.com wants to send you notifications.


If you click on Agree, then you’ll activate Push Ads on your device. But, you’ll not see any ads instantly.

Beware, after some weeks, you’ll start to receive notifications on your device when you use the Internet. Now probably you may have forgotten on which site you agreed to receive notifications.

Your device will start to receive several notifications that’ll contain ads and may annoy you if they are of low quality. Also, high-quality sites of media companies use it to give notifications of their latest posts, but it doesn’t involve any ads.

Does AdSense provide such ads?

Never, but BidVertiser does & their ads are usually of low quality & not related to your needs.

  • Slider Ads (Available for Desktop)/Catfish Ads (Available for Mobile):

Slider Ads have many nicknames, Not only they are known as floating ads, but also as Catfish Ads when used on mobile devices.

They are banner ads that slide or float mostly at the bottom of the page. You’ll directly see these ads when you visit a site, and they are visible even if you scroll up or down a page.

Usually, it will annoy you & make you click the closing button as it might cover the content.

Not recommended nor used by AdSense.

  • XML Feeds (Available for both Desktop & Mobile):

XML is a data delivery language that stands for Extensible Markup Language. It simply displays the information/ad of the advertiser on search result pages snippet rather than the pages of your site.

BidVertiser has stated you’ll need very high traffic on your site to display XML feeds. If your site meets the requirement, then contact their support to enable it on your site.

It is also available on Google Ads for advertisers only.

BidVertiser states that low-quality sites get poor quality ads.

So, which sort of ads will the highest quality sites get?

Will their prestigious clients Kromtech, Trend Micro, MangoAds, and Mobidea bid to display their ads?

To be honest, their ads will also not be much appealing to make any visitor click it.

Also, as the bidding process is not transparent, and the publishers nor the advertisers are shown the actual process. It creates a sense of doubt.

The fact is that there aren’t any top quality sites or famous bloggers/publishers in its ad network, otherwise, it would have been shown in their testimonials.

Actually, they don’t have any page of testimonials, not even of their existing publishers.

How much can you earn from Bidvertiser?

bidvertiser reviews, bidvertiser affiliate program

Do you think that BidVertiser could give you or anyone else a decent amount of earnings?

Let’s see if it CAN or CANNOT.

So, how many visitors (NOT views) does your site gets every month?

And where do your visitors live?

Because to get a meaningful income, you’ll need a high-quality website with high traffic. And for that, you require at least 30K monthly visitors or 1000 daily visitors on your site.

That’s not all the geographical location of your visitors also matters. If your site gets major traffic from lesser-known countries, then you’ll not see any decent earnings.

As the CPC or PPC rate of all the ad networks differs in each country & continent. Usually, visitors from the North American & European regions are more valuable & get the highest CPC rate.

But, now how many visitors will click the ads?

Let’s assume from 1000 daily visitors if 1/100 of them click the ads, and your pay per click rate can be anywhere between ($0.01-$0.50) or can be even less/more. So, BidVertiser may give you around $3 to $150 per month.

Plus, BidVertiser uses CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impression) & CPA (Cost Per Action) methods.

Don’t get much excited as the actual number of visitors who’ll click “BidVertiser Ads” are very low, or probably negligible for some sites. It will not matter if a site is of high-quality, or not, the CTR will be very low. More likely, someone will click the ads mistakenly.

Do you know that BidVertiser gives your website a quality score?

With a segment of 10 levels, they’ll rate your website & give you a score from 0 to 9, saying 9 represents the highest & 0 the lowest. Based on this score, your rate of commission & exact earnings will be determined. So, the advertisers bid & pay according to this scale.

Does this kind of inequality happen on any other ad networks?

Not at all, if your website is good enough for them, they’ll approve it or reject if it’s not, and will give everyone an equal rate of commission.

Payment Methods

The current payment methods for publishers on BidVertiser are as follows:

  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Bank Wire

Earlier, they also gave the payout options of Payza, Western Union & Bitcoin, but they are currently NOT available.

BidVertiser offers payments only in USD (United States Dollars). So, Cheque payments are issued only to the users of the USA and Canada. The users of other nations can opt for PayPal or Bank transfer.

You’ll have to choose one payment option where BidVertiser will issue automatic payments monthly with a minimum requirement of $10 as a balance for PayPal, $100 for Cheque & $500 for Bank transfer.

If your account doesn’t meet the minimum payout balance requirement, then the earnings will get rolled over for the next month until it becomes eligible for a payout.

Google AdSense Vs Bidvertiser: The short comparison

bidvertiser reviews, bidvertiser affiliate program

In a few words, I would describe AdSense as a heavyweight champion & BidVertiser as a middleweight player.

Both are miles apart from each other & BidVertiser is no match for it.

Now, the winner is clearly in your sight.

AdSense is a brand of Google & that speaks for itself. Whereas BidVertiser is owned by a company known as Bpath, Ltd.

Actually, I had to “Google” Bpath, Ltd to find out more information about it.

That explains everything.

The annual revenue of the parent company of Google (Alphabet, Inc) is around ($100 billion to $150 billion) like a Skyscraper & on the other hand, the total valuation of Bpath, Ltd stands around $10 million like a 3 story building.

From individuals, families, professional bloggers, YouTubers, & other influential organizations all use & love AdSense. Its network size is growing every day & has millions of active users. The tale of BidVertiser isn’t much worthy to tell as they have around 80K customers, including many inactive users.

Coming to the eligibility requirements, AdSense is a tough nut to crack, but now even BidVertiser has started to become stricter & is not easy to get approved.

Yet, if you get approved for AdSense, & have a high volume of traffic, you could certainly become rich. But, with BidVertiser you’ll have to run a side business to make decent earnings. As the pay per click (PPC) rate of AdSense is more than that of BidVertiser.

And the quality of ads served by AdSense is unmatched. It displays ads based on the user’s search history. So, it is bound to get more clicks & impressions than BidVertiser.

There is only one aspect where BidVertiser is beyond AdSense. It is none other than the customer support where you’ll get a reply within 24 hours of the request initiated. AdSense due to its vast network is behind here.

Bidvertiser Review for Advertisers (Summary)

Want to advertise & promote your business on the Internet?Want to try out BidVertiser?

Before that, be ready with at least $100 in your bank account because they have set this amount as the minimum deposit required.

The process after that is very easy & not changed or updated, unlike that for the publishers.

You’ll first need to create your account by following these signup steps. It will only take a few minutes & you’ll instantly get your account.

Also, anyone from anywhere can join because they accept worldwide advertisers.

After getting a BidVertiser advertiser account, you’ll still need to activate your account by paying them 100 USD or more (PayPal available), and then go create the ad that you want to display.

The advertisement will be reviewed by BidVertiser, and they’ll either approve it or reject it, and inform you at your registered email.And you’ll need to satisfy these conditions to get past their approval process. But, I’ll only suggest you be relaxed, as it’s highly unlikely they’ll want to refund your money.

After getting your account approved, you can choose any of these ad types, namely Display Ads or Native Ads, Direct Ads, Pop-Under Ads, & Push Ads for your ad.

(Other ad types are explained above)Next, you’ll have to choose the category of your ad, country/countries or locations that you wish to target, and lastly, the bid amount for a per click of the ad.

But, do you really want your ads to be displayed by BidVertiser?

They’ll display it anywhere on any type of content (non-contextual), that’s not all their reviews on SiteJabber (1.3/5 Ratings from 11 users only) is not much to look at. After all, they have accused BidVertiser of giving bot traffic and not refunding their money, etc.

Obviously, I do NOT recommend you to join BidVertiser as an advertiser if you are eligible for Google Ads (AdWords) & Facebook Ads, or any other top ad network. But if you wish, you can still use BidVertiser on your own risk & waste your money.

Note:- BidVertiser has recently started accepting ads which are based on adult content, but have segregated it from its mainstream or regular network (No Adult content). For the mainstream network, advertisers can directly apply, whereas Adult content requires you to contact their customer support for more information.Fact: Because their regular network is declining & NOT giving them good revenue, they have started accepting Adult content.

Bidvertiser overview

  • Ratings: 1.3/5 on SiteJabber
  • Established: 2008
  • Company: Bpath, Ltd (Israel)
  • Available in: Worldwide Countries
  • No. of Employees: 11-50
  • Address: 2 Yozma St, Sha-ar-Ha-ir Bldg, Tirat Carmel, Israel
  • Network Size: 80K Worldwide publishers & advertisers
  • Support: 4/5

For Publishers

  • Personal Rating: 2/5
  • Monthly Income Potential: (0-$150)
  • Approval Process: Easy/Medium
  • Traffic Requirement: High Quality
  • Ad Types: (Display Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Slider Ads, Push Ads & XML Feeds)
  • Revenue/Commission types: CPC, CPM & CPA
  • Payout Methods: PayPal, Check & Bank Transfer
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $10 via PayPal

For Advertisers

  • Personal Rating: 2.5/5
  • Approval Process: Very Easy
  • Ad Types: (Display Ads, Direct Ads, Pop-Under Ads, Slider Ads, Push Ads & XML Feeds)
  • Minimum Deposit Required: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal Available
  • Content Types: Regular & Adult based Content


  • Easy approval process than AdSense.
  • They offer several ad types.
  • Multiple ways of earning revenue provided through CPC, CPM & CPA.
  • It is available worldwide in 196 countries without much barrier of language for both advertisers & publishers.
  • They also have a referral program where users earn to provide customers.
  • Low minimum payout balance requirement of $10 as cash via PayPal available for publishers.


  • It is NOT a reliable alternative to AdSense.
  • They display ads that aren’t related to the content of the website.
  • Poor user ratings on SiteJabber.
  • No uniform rate for the commission provided for per click/per impression to the publishers.
  • No mobile application is available.
  • A publisher once rejected, can’t reapply.
  • Mostly low-quality ads are available.
  • Lower earning potential than other alternatives of AdSense.
  • The bidding process is not transparent & doesn’t look much honest.
  • High minimum deposit requirement of $100 for advertisers.


  • Among the oldest ad networks currently available.
  • They complete the approval process, review of ads, and even its customer support staff replies within 24 hours. Sounds very convenient, but it’s either due to abundant staff or less number of customers. As its popularity isn’t much, then more likely the latter may hold true.


It has been a decade since BidVertiser is running, but you don’t even see them walking.

Because BidVertiser ads are practically nowhere visible on any top quality site. Not even here, whose BidVertiser review is ranked on the first page of the search results.

So, want to use BidVertiser after reading this post?

Go ahead at your own risk as you’ll not be able to even buy a bunch of bananas from your BidVertiser income.

It must be absolutely clear by now that I do NOT recommend BidVertiser for both publishers & advertisers.

Earlier, I did recommend using BidVertiser but certainly not at the moment because they are currently heading nowhere & are about to fall off a cliff.

You can try other alternatives to AdSense like Media.net or WordAds (for WordPress users only). Both of them aren’t the best ad networks, but still are a viable alternative of AdSense & lot better than BidVertiser.

For Advertisers, who don’t have a high budget nor are eligible for Google Ads & Facebook Ads can also promote their content on PTC sites & GPT sites. (You’ll have to contact them for further information)

Finally, I conclude this post with a piece of advice that you must always consider your users as your first priority.

You should wisely select the ads & their placement on your website. But, if you choose to compromise the user-experience for minting money, you’ll regret it as the website performance starts to decline.

And you can give BidVertiser a try if you wish, who knows it may suit your site. If it doesn’t work & pay well, then the doors of other ad networks are always wide open.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post & got all your doubts cleared.

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