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Elancie Review 2023: Is Elancie legit or scam


What is Elancie?

Elancie or Lancie is a connector of advertisers to their potential customers by paying their members to share those adverts from the platform to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram timelines.

with elancie, advertisers can pay to be connected while customers come on board to actually get paid to take this offers.


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WHO ARE ADVERTISERS: Are members who registered on the platform with the aim of advertising or promoting their goods or products links on the platform. This type of members probably do not have access to earn on the platform. They are only allowed to place adverts on the platform.

WHO ARE EARNERS: These are members that registered on the platform with the aiming of sharing advertisers contents on their social media handles in order to earn. Lancie pay their members based on their membership package.

ELANCIE has 3 membership plans for their EARNERS members.


Subscription Fee: $27
Daily Earnings: $2.78
Plan Validity: 30Days
Withdrawal charges: $15

Subscription Fee: $47
Daily Earnings: $4.28
Plan Validity: 30Days
Withdrawal charges: $5

Subscription Fee: $87
Daily Earnings: $7.2
Plan Validity: 30Days
Withdrawal charges: $3

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Is Elancie Legit?

As at the time of this post there have been zero bad review of the elancie platform, and based on customers feedback, the platform pays 100% earnings at the right time however this doesn’t qualifies the future safety of the platform.

How to make money on Elancie

you can earn a lot of money on Elancie by simply doing the following task daily:

  • Sharing the daily Sponsored post to either your Facebook profile, Twitter handle or Whatsapp status.
  • Recruiting: through referring new Prospect to register with your referral link.
  • by telling your referrals to also refer.


• start by visiting the elancie website, by clicking here

• fill in your Registration details and click on the Next Button.

• You’ll be required to verify your email, verify it to continue.

• Select your membership type

• Complete your profile setup and choose a payment method.

• Choose a plan and make payment with either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

For further assistance and follow-up, you can message me on WhatsApp by CLICKING HERE

Note: Payment is via Cryptocurrencies i.e BTC, ETH, LTC.


Elancie Is a safe platform for freelancer, with Elancie, you can earn a passive income sharing daily sponsored post, watching youtube videos and daily login activities could make you earn a living, making the referring aspect Optional.

Elancie.com domain name was registered on August 2023 and the domain plan was for 3year which means the domain will be expiring 2023 although this can be terminated at anytime shows that the platform has a long term interest.

However some of the downsides were the anonymous Founder(there is no information about the founder none the platform address) no one can be held responsible if the platform should crash.



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