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Feelapy Income Program Review: Is Feelapy Legit or Scam 2023


What is Feelapy?

Feelapy came from the word “FEEL HAPPY” Feelapy is a content sharing and membership platform that pays members for reading news, daily activities on the platforms such as sharing of sponsored post and all the features of a Get Paid To websites.

How does Feelapy Work?

You earn on Feelapy through the following methods:

  1. You earn of ₦200 for every sponsored post you share on Feelapy.
  2. Daily login bonus is ₦50
  3. You’ll earn 80% commission of anybody who registers through you.
  4. As a premium member on Feelapy, you earn and get paid a 50% commission as soon as you referred another user who registers a premium membership account
  5. This same commission amount gets paid to you again on the same referrals as soon as they renew their membership accounts by month endings and also if they purchase any product from our shop within their period of membership on the platform.
  6. Feelapy Sums up your commission and sends payment to you every Fridays of every week
  7. You become a Publisher and get connected with other great publishers and Audience on Feelapy.

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Is Feelapy Legit?

Feelapy is still a new platform and there is no scam report about the feelapy platform however system like this tend to be nice even though they have bad intensions just like the Nigerian Polities (Politricks Lol)


How to Join Feelapy Income Program ?

  1. go to FEELAPY.COM and click on register
  2. after creating an account you will need to pay a fee of N1000
  3. send payments to any of the coupon codes vouchers
  4. activate account and start reffering and earning.

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How to share your Feelapy Sponsored Post

Sharing Sponsored Post is very necessary to be able to earn more, so to share your sponsored post on feelapy income program click on the menu button by the left right side, once the list is displays, click on sponsor post. Now the list of sponsored post will be listed . You then choose the post day you want to share.

Let the page load. Now, let talk about how to share it to your Facebook timeline.

  • Copy and paste the text starting from #hashtag till the end of the post,
  • Navigate to your Facebook, Share a post,
  • Paste the text you copied in the text area.
  • Save, upload the image (attached the image with the text you copied) on your Facebook.
  • NOTE: Make sure the post audience is in PUBLIC.

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Final Note On Feelapy

Well, Feelapy is not a bad platform to earn a passive income, if you are a writer you can also use feelapy as a medium to pass your writing skills and you’d be connected, however whatever you do on the platform or any income program at all, be careful and invest safely.





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