But why would anyone pay you to read your emails?

You can get paid to read emails without any investment. So, how to earn money by reading emails.

If you don’t know about this system, you may wonder how or why they do this and how can I make money by reading emails.

Companies require their product or service to reach more and more people because they need to increase sales and get more profit. Hence, they try all the marketing campaigns and ad promotions.

Email marketing is the proven method to send more traffic to their website and boost conversion rates. So, big companies use their own email marketing and also hire the third party “get paid to send emails sites” for reaching more consumers.

When you sing up one of these get paid to sites, you will receive branded messages. So, if you read emails, you can make money for reading branded messages.

Therefore, advertisers want app users to read email ads. So, they pay these websites for each video ad they watch, email advertisements they see, and apps they try.

Once you read those email ads, you will get paid cash through Paypal or gift cards. This is another way to earn extra money online.

It’s really simple tasks anyone can do. You don’t need to spend money. Just Read Emails and Earn Rewards.

Anyone works on these websites without any skills.

You can make money in your free time and with your phone.

You will get points to read emails, and then you are able to redeem those points to Paypal cash or gift cards.

when it comes to paying you for reading your emails, it’s not actually any old email. You won’t be paid for reading your personal emails. You’ll be getting emails from these reward sites that contain links to some of their advertisers – could be online stores, universities, etc.

For every new visitor they send to these advertisers, they get some commission. And that is how they can afford to pay you to read these emails.

They (the advertisers) pay the PTR (paid to read) site to send you the email, and the PTR site pays you for reading it.

Now that we understand how it works, it’s pretty clear that it isn’t a scam.

In fact, this is a more legitimate process than many other ways to get paid on the internet!

It is advertising in its purest form.

There is no obligation to purchase anything – just read the emails, click the links, and get the money.

What about scams?

It would be misleading to tell you that there was no such thing as scams in this industry.

The industry itself is no scam, but as within most industries, especially online, there are people who want to take advantage of it.

For every legit PTR site, there are two illegitimate ones.

It can be really hard to tell one from the other, but I can say for sure that all of the sites on this list are legitimate.

How much can you make

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

That’s where the dream comes crashing down for most people who think or hope they can get rich reading emails.

The reality is that most paid emails pay you a few cents per email. Usually it’s right around 5 cents per email.

But the earning doesn’t end there!

You can actually make anywhere from $1 up to $50 or more from each email if you take the required action after clicking the link in the email.

Remember, these emails are basically ads. So the GPT site also get paid from the advertisers for every action – new sign up, purchase, etc – that you take. And to entice you to take those actions, they share some of that money with you.

For example, you may get a paid email about Walmart. So you earn 5 cents for clicking the link and visiting Walmart.com. But the email also tells you that you can earn 5 cents for every dollar you spend at Walmart.com.

So, while clicking the email itself earns you pennies, the subsequent action you take can earn you some serious cash. And that’s how most people who join rewards sites make their money.

10 Sites that pay you to read emails

You might notice that some of these sites are sites you might otherwise recognize as GPT sites.

Well, many of the sites which offer PTR are actually GPT sites, which have expanded into offering more options.

Of course, that does mean that you have the option of doing other GPT tasks while you’re on the website!

And the site itself might specialize in GPT more than PTR, but for the purposes of this list, we’ll be focusing on their PTR functions.

1- FusionCash

FusionCash is a bit unique in the world of GPT sites.

Not only do they have a longstanding accreditation from  BBB, they also offer a variety of unusual ways to earn money, like get paid to read emails, get paid to call, their own sponsored radio and videos that allow you to earn for watching and listening.

There are also the usual options like paid offers you can complete, as well as free ones.

They even offer payment via check, if you aren’t comfortable with the standard PayPal.

The only downside is that it is U.S. only, so international bargain hunters won’t be able to sign up.

Otherwise, you can earn $5 for a valid registration.

2- Inbox Dollars

I won’t spend too much time talking about Inbox Dollars, because I’ve put up a full review about it before.

At a glance, however, Inbox Dollars is a GPT site that offers options like surveys, offers, and games for earning rewards, as well as PTR.

3- Unique Rewards

Ironically, they aren’t too unique when compared to other GPT sites. But they are a solid site no less, offering GPT and PTR tasks alike, and they also accept Canadians in addition to U.S. residents.

Users can get $5 just for signing up, with an additional $5.00 every time they refer a friend.

This is another site that offers to pay in checks, as well as PayPal, which is always a plus.

4- CashCrate

CashCrate is arguably the most famous of all the GPT sites, with its longstanding reputation and high rate of reward (challenged for “most famous” only by SwagBucks.)

CashCrate pays by a monthly check, which will be sent in the disbursement period automatically if you have $10 in your reward account.

Sorry international readers, but this is another one for U.S. residents only.

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5- Cash4Offers

International readers, rejoice!

Cash4Offers accepts U.S., UK, Canadian and Australian residents. It isn’t a global service, but at least many of the English speaking companies are accepted.

Cash4Offers is a GPT/PTR site that offers lots of tasks, as well as a $5 sign-up bonus.

Also, there is the valuable incentive in the form of their quick payment, which is disbursed less than 72 hours after requesting.

6- FatCatRewards

Alright, Aussies, this one is just for you!

FatCatRewards is a site that offers GPT and PTR tasks alike, and even offers a $10 bonus, just for signing up!

As I alluded to a moment ago, they are by Australians and for Australians, which means that people in other countries aren’t even allowed to join.

For our Australian readers, this is certainly a welcome change of pace!

7- SendEarnings

There isn’t too much to say about SendEarnings that hasn’t been said about the others, but for the sake of an overview: they have no explicit statements about region requirements, and they offer a nice $5 sign up bonus.

And of course, they do offer PTR, which makes them at least noteworthy in the world of GPT sites.

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8- UniqPaid

OK, international readers. Fed up with all these region restrictions? Well, not with UniqPaid!

UniqPaid doesn’t care one bit about where you live, so you can sign up without even considering that.

There are several other things that make them stand out among the rest, for one that there is no minimum payout limit. 50¢? $200? Either way, they’ll send it to your PayPal when you request it.

They also offer a unique incentive: you earn 10% more money in the two days following your sign-up. So register on a Friday and hit the bonuses all through the weekend!

9- InBoxPays

Going back to the world of US-exclusive sites, InboxPays is among the GPT sites that offers reading in return for rewards.

While they don’t have any features or functions that set them far above, they are a surprisingly solid site nonetheless.

The user interface is comfortable and the display is clear and easy to navigate.

In the realm of GPT, good site design isn’t always a given; so I’m happy to give this one the thumbs-up for their layout.

There is a $50 minimum requirement for cashing out of which up to $25 can be earnings from paid emails. The rest has to come from doing other things, like competing offers, shopping, etc. Thanks to Roxanne, one of our awesome readers, for the tip.

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10- Points2Shop

Finishing off our list is a site that offers people from the U.S. and the UK (the word is out on Canada.)

They’re fairly new, compared to other members of the list.

Their approach is ‘6-way earning,’ that is to say, by referring, joining, doing offers, reading emails, shopping, and taking surveys.

However, you can only redeem your points to Amazon, so the things you gain here will be going exclusively to new products.


Hopefully, there should be something for you in there, regardless of who you are.

And true to form, these are 10 sites that will give you rewards for reading emails, and many of them are even sites that are willing to pay you with a check for cash.

It might be reading emails, and it might be pennies, but that is money you earn sitting down with your brain turned off. If you spare an hour or two every day to do these tasks, you’ll start seeing the rewards add up in no time at all!

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