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Giftalworld Review 2023: Giftalworld Can be trusted but not reliable (See Why)

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Updated: Giftalworld income program has crashed!!!

What is GiftalWorld Income Program

Giftalworld Income Program is an online referral marketing business whereby users get paid for carrying out activities like reading of news, sharing of sponsored post, etc it was founded by Raji Ibrahim ebright babtunde on 26th of October, 2018.

This money making opportunity is open to everyone. Either you are a student, salary earners or a graduate, if you are an internet user, then you can join and start making money on the website.


Is Giftalworld Legit or Scam?

Some of us might be a little bit skeptical, wondering whether this program is a scam.

Giftalworld a is registered e-commerce website with a valid registration number under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), However the way the platform programs their earning tactics is like every other sites that came clean at the start and became dirty at the end, just like NNU and Rasterly.

Besides, i read on nairaland that Giftalworld did not pay some individuals, probably because they didnt bring much downlines, while some also gave their good testimonies about the program.

I know you would have seen some screenshots as payment proof everywhere on the internet, and since not all screenshots are real, nevertheless, before you join this platform make sure you already have people to reffer to get your profit back, it would have been better if you had joined earlier, when the program just started, for now we cannot give full assurance of how legit giftalworld may be, but becareful once you join.

What is G.A.S??

GIFTAL ADS SHARE is the Revenue Giftalworld make through their Advertising partners


Giftal Affiliate Earner

Is Sponsored Post Compulsory???

Membership activities, posting, sponsored post sharing and commenting
Administrators, Editors, Moderators and robots reserve the right to approve or disapprove contents or comments posted on the Giftalworld. As a Giftalworld member, you will only earn and get a revenue shared paid to your bank account when you abide by the following rules:

1.) Irrelevant contribution (comment) e.g: hmmm, ok, lol, etc and a single line of the same sentence on all post or comments not related to subject matters are not allowed. They will be trashed and you will not earn.
2.) Consistent irrelevant post of comments by a user and inappropriate behaviour may result in suspension or termination of membership and forfeiture of member’s unredeemed earnings.
3.) Sponsored post sharing must correspond with the post date and must be shared as recommended.

How Does Giftalworld works

You earn money on Giftalworld by performing some simple tasks which include logging in daily, commenting, sharing posts etc.

Here’s how you can earn on Giftalworld platform

  • You’ll receive #500 once you sign up. It’s just a welcome bonus offer and it will be displayed in your account area.
  • You earn #50 for daily log in.
  • Each time you comment on the platform, you earn #10.
  • You earn #2 each time you share any news on the site.
  • Reading news on the site earns you #10.
  • Sharing sponsored post is #50.
  • You earn #500 for each article you write for the website.
  • If you refer anyone with your referral link, you earn #1,300.You also stand a chance to earn #500, if you are among the  first 15 people to comment on a post.

How Much Is Giftalworld Registration

To become a member, you need a onetime payment of #2500. After that, you can start earning on the website.

As you can see, the tasks are simple and you will be earning performing each of the tasks listed above. The platform is also available in other countries.

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How to register for Giftalworld

Giftalworld registration is easy to do; you can register on the platform without any difficulties.

There are different ways to register on the website. You can use debit card or coupon code, you can also pay to the website account.

To register on Giftalworld program, follow the steps below.

  • Visit Giftalworld registration page here
  • After that, you’ll have to fill a form. Just input your details correctly which include email, phone, username, password, etc.

Giftalworld registration, giftalworld review, is giftalworld legit, giftalworld login, how giftalworld woeks

  • Finally, click on place order, follow all the procedures and pay with your debit card.

how to pay for giftalworld registration, giftalworld review, is giftalworld legit, giftalworld login, how giftalworld woeks

Foreigners can also make payment via debit card. Also, they can register through Bitcoin or make use of PayPal. Earnings can be paid directly into their bank account, PayPal or Bitcoin.

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What is Giftalworld Minimum Redrawal Threshold?

 When you have earned up to N4,500 minimum threshold and above in your wallet, you can request for withdrawal and you will get paid without any delay. Point / activities earning withdrawal opens every 2weeks or monthly. … We pay till our revenue get exhausted.

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Does Giftalworld pay without referral?

Everyone wants to know if Giftalworld pays without referral because most websites of this type needs referral before they can pay. Unfortunately, for some people, getting referral might be tough at times and seeing your earnings without being able to cash it out due to referral or no referral rule might seems annoying.

Giftalworld program doesn’t pay without referral, you won’t be able to cash out your earnings without referral.

So, don’t even attempt to join the program if you know referral will be a problem.

Things YOU Should Know About Giftalworld 

I think it’s time you know some things about Giftalworld program before an attempt to consider joining the program.

You should know that Giftalworld is just like most money earning website such as NNU, zinoly, newspay, rasterly and co. Most of them started just like this before they turn out to be scam. And, giftalworld is not different; it has the same earning system just like those websites. However, Giftalworld is paying currently.

You would have seen reviews online claiming Giftalworld is real and not scam. I’m not saying it’s not real, there’re just some facts you really need to know.

Some even claims Giftalworld has come to stay and can never be scam. Well, it’s just their opinion, you can choose yours too.

Now, you may want to ask,

Should I register on Giftalworld?

It’s your choice; you should know nothing comes easy without risk. I just let you know this before opting in to the platform. It’s just to avoid any bad future stories about the program that may hurt.

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Giftalworld is a website that actually pays its user for doing simple task, However based on first timers, this platform is not reliable, we have seen paying platforms like this that shutdown within few years, can Giftalworld make the difference? thats another topic for another day.


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