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Naijafile Income Program: All you need to know about Naijafile (Immiguy)

naijafile review

What is NaijaFile?

Naijafile Income is an online platform that reward users who read their news and also award affiliate commission. naijafile was formerly known as Immiguy probably after a downtime error or server load they had to move.

Who owns Naijafile / Immiguy?: Immiguy is founded and owned by a hardworking blogger “Daramola Opeyemi”.

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Is Naijafile Legit?

With the former branding being changed and a new rebranding within few months the income program seems to be fishy however they have paid some members we were able to have a chat with, nonetheless whatever you do with them, start from the least plans to avoid stories that touch.

When was Naijafile launched?: The idea of immiguy has been in existence since 2019 but was officially launched on march 2023 shortly after the beginning of covid-19 to help youths and others to make money indoor while still on lockdown.

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How  Naija File Income Program Works

  1. Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of ₦1000
  2. Reading News earn you ₦10
  3. Commenting on News ₦10
  4. Daily Login bonus is ₦50
  5. You Earn ₦100 when you submit a post
  6. You Earn  ₦100 for Sharing  our Daily sponsored post
  7. And Earn ₦1200  for Referral Bonus

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How To Make Money On Naijafile Program.

All you have to do is to register and start earning by reading news, commenting and sharing naijafile sponsored post or paid adverts.

Naijafile made their registration fee ₦2000. Also as a member, you can earn affiliate commission by referring your friends. You will be earning a commission of 65.5% = ₦1200 per each person you refer to joins the website through your referral link. The more people you refer to join, the more 65.5% commission earning. So, if you can refer at least 3 people to take advantage of Naijafile Income Program daily, you will be earning ₦3600 Naira in a day.

Procedure On How To Register Successfully.

The following guide will help you in a successful registration;-

  • Click Here to access the registration page.
  • Click on Complete Registration to Proceed
  • After you click on Complete Registration, click on Proceed to Checkout. After that, fill in your details correctly. Your desired Username and Password. When you finish filling your details, then click on Place Order. Make sure you have up to ₦2000 in your bank account.

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You will be redirected to our Paystack secured platform, fill in your card number and other card details required and pay. Once you pay, you will get a response that your account has been created successfully.

Kindly allow up to 2 minutes before you could login to your Dashboard. This is done to prevent fraudulent activities, the Admins will manually check your payment transaction and approve your Account. After 2 minutes you can now Login to your Dashboard. If you still find it difficult to Register via Online Payment, use a Coupon Code.

How To Buy A Coupon Code.

Buying of coupon code is another means of making payment, you contact our Legit Merchant to make your payment and your coupon code will be awarded to you in 5 minutes. Contact our merchant to get you Coupon Codes Here.

How To Use A Coupon Code.

if don’t know how to make a payment online through the secured Paystack platform, this will be an alternative way for you

Coupon Distributor in Naijafile.

  • Click on Complete Registration and add your coupon code.
  • After you have successfully added your Coupon Code, kindly click on Proceed to Checkout to continue your registration. Fill out your details correctly and Place Order.

Immiguy/Naijafile pays non-referral on the 25th of each month with the minimum of 5k withdrawal
Immiguy/Naijafile pays referral any time and minimum of withdrawal is also 5k

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Do you need alert testimonies screenshot of people
Kindly join Immiguy Facebook Group @ https://web.facebook.com/groups/805626093290302/


Final Note On Naijafile

Naijafile can generate income for you If you have much friends or followers like up to 2,000 Facebook friends, you can earn more by posting your refferal link  and you can refer more than 10 of them to sign up However we cannot predict how long this platform would last because they have been running since before the lockdown started and the system and domain was purchased in 2019.


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