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How to start information marketing business

how to start information marketing business

What is Information Marketing?

Information marketing, as the name implies, is basically about selling information to people online or offline. When carried out online, this information is usually made available in soft copy and could take the form of e-books, reports (or e-booklets), videos, audio or any other format.

For a country like Nigeria, e-books used to be generally easier and more accessible over the Internet than videos because of the slow internet connection speeds and expensive bandwidth costs. But with falling data costs in recent years, video based information products are becoming more common place.

Don’t let the word Marketing scare you. This is not face to face marketing and you do not need to meet anybody one on one or try to verbally convince anybody to buy anything. In info marketing, your web pages and email messages do all the marketing for you and all you have to do is sit back, answer any user inquiries and wait for the payment alerts to start arriving on your phone.


Information Marketing is probably the easiest means of making quick money on or off the Internet from any part of the world. Many acclaimed Internet Marketers allover the world have taken advantage of this unique business to create wealth for themselves. Some even made so much money in this business that they are now millionaires in dollars.

Information marketing business is a huge career and one thing unique about it is that it requires little or no capital to start, all you need is the inspiration and the knowledge. The revenue in the business is so huge that you can make between N500,000 to N1,000,000 within a week if you get your strategy right.

The internet has become the fastest and easiest medium to get information of just about anything and millions of people are turning to it everyday to get different information. If you have any useful information about anything people are looking for, you can market it to to people and make money. This process is called Information Marketing.

Let us put it this way – Everyday, five hundred thousand people are looking for information on how to lose weight. If you have the useful information on how anyone can lose weight and package it in eBook, DVD, Audio, or other formats. These people are willing and ready to buy it from you at a reasonable price.

If you sell 1,000 copies of the information at N2,000 each, you will make 2000×1000 =N2,000,000. You can achieve this in no time if you are good at it. So the question is not whether there is money in Information Marketing business, the real question should be “How to get in and get it right”?

Can you now see the reason Information Marketing has been called a multi million dollars business?

The process is quite simple – simpler than you can ever imagine and I think anyone with simple brain can do it. There is huge opportunity in the information market waiting to be tapped right now.

I will be writing some articles on Information Marketing here on WealthResult.com in the subsequent weeks. But to make it more convenient to you, I have written a simple easy to follow eBook with practical guide that anyone can follow. This eBook was written purely in Nigerian context and focused more on how to create and market your information in Nigeria off the net.

The eBook is a must read for everyone who wants to make money in information business in Nigeria. This eBook will guide you on how you can join other Nigerian elite Information Marketers and make money for yourself, by following the process outlined there in.

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Top 5 Information Marketers

1. Neil Patel.

The co-founder of Crazy EggHello Bar and Kissmetrics, Neil Patel, a regular contributor to Entrepreneur, is recognized as one of the top 10 online marketers. His client list is impressive: he’s helped grow the revenues of renowned brands such as NBC, Amazon, Viacom, GM and HP. Whether you want to grow in your knowledge of Web analytics, marketing or conversion, you’ll learn a great deal from him daily.

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2. Avinash Kaushik.

Avinash is an entrepreneur, author and speaker with a depth of knowledge that even the most seasoned marketers can learn from.

The digital marketing evangelist for Google, Avinash helps marketers understand the complex world of data analytics. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Market Motive, and the author of two bestselling books: “Web Analytics 2.0,” and “Web Analytics: An Hour a Day.”

3. Melissa Mackey.

A marketer since 1988 and a PPC practitioner since 2002, Melissa’s got a whole world of online-marketing knowledge to share. She’s currently the Search Supervisor at gyro, the largest independent B2B agency in the world. Her expertise helps clients achieve maximum ROI from paid search.

4. Nadav Dakner.

Nadav is a veteran online marketer and the founder and CEO of InboundJunction, an Israel-based content marketing company. He helps well-known brands boost their online visibility through the latest PR, SEO and social media strategies. Nadav specializes in influencer marketing and performance PR and also gives back to the marketing industry by sharing his knowledge of things that work, and things that don’t.

5. Ian Cleary.

Ian is the founder of RazorSocial, a provider of online training in content marketing and social media. With a focus on using the best tools and technology, his training helps companies and marketers achieve better social-media results.

Ian is a regular speaker at marketing conferences around the globe, including Social Media Marketing World and Content Marketing World. He’s known as one of the leading social media specialists worldwid

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Make Money Online with Information Marketing

The minimum capital you will need to start information marketing properly is about N45,000 most of which will be used for advertising. Note that you can actually start with less, but the more you are able to invest especially on advertising, the greater the profits you will make. In our case, we wrote our own e-book by ourselves and we started with an initial investment of about N60,000 spent mostly on advertising. Through continual reinvesting of our initial revenue, we were able to end up with about N2 million in profits after about 4 months.

Here are the main things needed to start a successful information marketing business:


1. A Hot Product

A well written, useful and highly demanded information product (ebook or videos) is the first key to success. The product you are selling is very critical to the success of this business because you do not expect people to be interested in what they do not feel they need. Generally, your product must be able to solve a very pressing need of the people in the niche that you are targeting. Some popular niches that are always in demand are wealth creation and making money, health and fitness (dieting, weight loss, treatments and cures etc) and sexual related like satisfying your partner in bed, weak erection, impotence, infertility etc

Another very important thing to note is that your product must be of very good quality, must be worth the cost (even more than) and must do as you say it would, if not then nothing differentiates you from the many scammers out there. If you cannot create/write your own product, you can buy the rights to sell someone else’s book or videos. Such rights are called Private label rights or Resale Rights (or Master Resale Rights or MRR).

You can get resale rights of some good products from as low as N5,000 to N25,000 in the MoneyMaker.ng Online Shop while the rights of some very powerful products may sell as high as N250,000. MoneyMaker.ng Silver Agents and Gold Agents  get some free MRR books that they can use get started in the business and also for practice with the M.O.B. If you are good at writing, you could also create your own products and sell the resale rights to others for much more than you sell the normal ebook without the resale rights (this is the sweetest).


2. An Autoresponder

An autoresponder is not mandatory in information marketing but it can be very very helpful and it can boost your sales several fold because if done properly it can be very effective at convincing sceptical visitors and converting them into paying customers.

Instead of sending people directly to your sales page as done in the direct method, what you do is to use the autoresponder to collect email addresses and build a database list of prospects i.e potential buyers. It is also used to automatically send periodic email messages regarding your product to your list.

An autoresponder,  is a wonderful thing that can save you the stress of sending regular messages to your prospects. (read The Importance of Email Marketing in Businesses and Top 10 Email Marketing Service Provider) It can also help you to build trust and credibility with your target market. It is one of the most powerful tools used in information marketing. There are some companies like TrafficWave, Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp etc where you can pay monthly to use their online autoresponder or you can build and host your own by yourself especially if your email list is very large.

As mentioned earlier, an autoresponder is not mandatory in information marketing but it is highly recommended and has the added benefit of giving you the contact details of people who have shown some interest in what you have to offer. These types of people are easier to convince and a series of well crafted email messages can help convince more people about your product than just a brief encounter with your sales page as obtains in the direct method.

To make things easy for MoneyMaker Agents who want to get into information marketing without having to worry about all the things listed above, every agent (whether Bronze, Silver or Gold) gets a referral link that they can use to refer people to this our free 7 day course and earn commissions for any of those people that joins as an Agent or buys the course directly. This is a fast way to start earning because then all you have to worry about is how to promote the free course link and get people to register for the mini course for free and we will do the rest.

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3. A Webpage (Sales Page)

Also known as a sales page, this is where you will put all the details about the product that you are selling. It will contain all the details and benefits of the product that you are selling and it is meant to convince the visitors to buy the product.

4. Lots and Lots of Visitor Traffic

The amount and rate of visitors that view your web page is known as your traffic. To succeed in information marketing you need a lot of traffic because you need as many people as possible to view your sales page or to register for your autoresponder. And this should not just be any kind of traffic, it is better if your traffic is obtained from a source that is related in some way to the product that you are selling.

There are many different sources of visitor traffic and various methods of getting visitors both free and paid. Generally the free methods take longer time to generate profits when compared to the paid methods.

How to Learn Information Marketing Business in Nigeria

The best way to learn information marketing and online business is to get a mentor who knows what they are doing so that they will guide you as you learn. This will make things easier and faster for you. but if you want us as a mentor you mail us via [email protected]


This business is so dead simple that you can do it with your two eyes closed and your hands tied behind your back. If you really want to start a profitable business straight away without going on your kneels begging for funding, go with INFORMATION  MARKETING BUSINESS.

Information marketing business is a business for smart people only. If you can get smart with your ideas, you will make quick and serious money in the business. Others have done it and many are still doing it. So why not you? Information marketing business will continue to thrive as long as human being exist on this planet earth.


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