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Newsnaira Review: Make Money Online on Newsnaira

newsnaira review

Updated: Newsnaira is back, If you had Pending Payment on the platform before kindly go back and request for withdrawal… Cheers.

What is Newsnaira?

Newsnaira is a legitimate system designed to enrich the members and users of NewsNaira Website. An online program driven by a goal of solving the financial problems among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately in Nigeria as it creates the channel for participant to earn residual income on weekly basis.

Newsnaira is a fairly new website, created on January 20th, 2019 that opened a new income program – newsNIP for Nigerians to make money online on the side while reading news, commenting and sharing the sponsored posts.

Fun to browse legitimate Nigerian website featuring entertainment news, political news, sport news and gossips where you can make money online by simply reading, commenting or sharing sponsored posts daily.

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What is Newsnaira Income Program?

NewsNIP is the Newsnaira income program created by Newsnaira to help Nigerians earn daily on the news website by carrying out various activities mentioned above.

And you get paid weekly – every Friday for each of the activities you carry out on Newsnaira using your activated account – meaning, once you purchase your activation voucher either through Paystack or direct bank payment, your account will be activated and you can start earning.

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How does NewsNaira make money?


NewsNARs is the business side of Newsnaira which is short for Newsnaira Ad Revenue Sharing. It is responsible for placing ads on the website from advertisers and partners while sharing that revenue with you the Newsnaira active members.

Every time you read an article, NewsNARs gets paid which keeps the income program running so you get paid also from the ad revenue Newsnaira makes.


NewsNAP is the Newsnaira affiliate program that pays you 62.5% – N1,000 for ever referral on Newsnaira.

Whether it is family, friends or even complete strangers you met online.

Combining those 2 income streams on Newsnaira and you can see how people are making N3,000 daily.


How Newsnaira works?

Newsnaira works by making its active members browse and carry out various activities on it’s website like sharing sponsored stories, republishing or publishing articles or news, reading and commenting on news and even to simply login daily while the company itself makes money from ads placed on the Newsnaira website.

You can earn money from various activities on Newsnaira site like

  • Reading news – N2
  • Commenting on the news – N3
  • Sharing sponsored post – N100
  • Publish news or article -N100
  • Login daily -N50
  • Refer a friend – N1,000

As of this writing, Newsnaira gets about 10,000 daily page views and that is not counting other activities carried out on the website like sharing of articles and commenting news.

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Is Newsnaira legit?

Yes Newsnaira Is 100% Legitimate, Newsnaira has over 20,000 members and still counting in Nigeria,alot of registered members had given their testimonies and no bad impression yet from them.

Newsnaira since when it was launched in January 2019, has been legitimate to all members, they pay on time, and give you your coupons as soon as you pay offline, i have personally earned from the newsnaira income program, however currently they pay less NARs Earning and more of Affiliate Earning, so if you want to earn on the newsnaira income program reffer more.


After registration you are to buy a coupon code from the voucher posted on newsnaira activation page only, the counpon  N1,600

so yes! you will be spending only 1,600 to activate your account.

As a fairly new website, there is no cap or ceiling to how much you can make on Newsnaira income program. You are given freedom to make as much as you can and you will get paid on Friday of the same week.

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How to make money online in Nigeria reading news on Newsnaira

Activities on Newsnaira are a foolproof way to make some quick money on the side while going about your daily activities.

Each activity gets you paid

  • Reading news – N2(cancelled)
  • Commenting on the news – N3
  • Sharing sponsored post – N100
  • Publish news or article -N100
  • Login daily -N50
  • Refer a friend – N1,000

Daily login: All you have to do is log in to your Newsnaira account on either your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC and spend at least 10 minutes daily, you earn N50.

Reading news online: Every news published less than 3 hours earlier that you read, you earn N2.(unavailable)

Commenting on news post: Once you make a comment on a news article or post, you earn N3.

Posting news or articles to Newsnaira: If you publish a post or news to newsnaira, you earn N5. And you can post unlimited articles.

Sharing sponsored post: Once you share a sponsored post to your social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp… you earn N100.

Referrals: The cream of the cake comes with referrals using your referral link which will be given to you once you activate your account. For each referral you send to Newsnaira, you get paid N1,000 for EACH person. Yes!

Refer 10 people daily and you make N10,000.

Yes, just like that you will be cashing out daily for doing what you already do online all day every day.

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How do I get paid after making money online on Newsnaira?

Once you sign up for Newsnaira income program, you are required to fill your account details – name, bank account, name of the bank in the form field so payments can be made to your account.

newsnaira review

You get paid once you have reached the minimum payment limit of N5,000 but it is not automatic, you have to request for payment.

To request for payment, simply login into your Newsnaira account, go to your dashboard then click “withdrawals” and enter the amount you want to withdraw on Newsnaira and click on “withdraw”.

Even though Newsnaira pays every Friday, you can make a withdrawal request by Monday or any other day of the week and you will get credited in your bank account by Friday.

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How do I register on Newsnaira?

Registration is easy.

Register for Newsnaira Income Program here.

Then log back in to activate your account with the Newsnaira income program pack which costs N1,600 ONLY, a one-time payment that covers you as a member for both newsNARS and NewsNAP above.

Not 160,000 and not even 16,000 but a mere N1,600 to get approved for making money online in Nigeria by simply reading the news, sharing, commenting or posting news daily.

Without activating your account, you can’t make money on newsnaira.

There are 2 methods of payments which are online payment and buying a voucher which cost the same N1,600 and a far slower activation process.

Online payment is faster with instant activation.

You can either pay with your credit/debit card

newsnaira income program, Is Newsnaira legit?

Or via online banking.

newsnaira review

Start making money online today by registering for Newsnaira and activating your account by purchasing your Newsnaira income program package.

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  1. You earn money by contributing comments and issues regarding the story published on NewsNaira.
  2. You also earn money when you login to your NewsNaira Income Account daily.
  3. You get updated with daily update across the country. Not only that, you are provided with reasonable information and tips on what you need to know.
  4. Registration fee / purchasing NewsNaira Income Program is very very affordable with just ₦1,600. There’s no risk attached to it.
  5. You earn an affiliate commission of ₦1,000 per referral you bring in to NewsNaira Income. You earn ₦1,000 for each of your friends and family you introduce to NewsNaira Income.
  6. Its stable, its reliable, sustainable and profitable and above all, its fun-loving because you get to enjoy yourself with the stories, make friends and earn.




Newsnaira is a very legit and paying platform and its not a bad option to make money, personally I have started making money from newsnaira income program through refferals, because reffering friends gives you more income

Since the program is still new i will give you a simple advice, register today to enjoy more oppurtunities before the platform becomes over crowded.



  1. Is it one time referring
    Is it
    A must to refer 2 ppl every withdrawal time
    Before being allowed to withdraw?

    • Currently you need to refer atleast two people and make sure those people are active(have purchased and activated their acct) before you can get paid, also only 1k is being paid from NARs earning.

  2. preshemokhai pls I know you are busy
    But I would like to get in touch with you
    You inspire me alot
    I need to ask You something personal.pls if You get this message/reply
    Let me know

  3. If I refer two people that first time and I get pay
    What about the second time, will I still need to refer people again before I get pay?

  4. Can I withdraw money earned from reading and commenting if I don’t refer anyone. Can I withdraw the money earned from that?
    Or is it until I refer, I will get the money earn from reading news also or it doesn’t apply that way

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