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Media.net is a contextual ad network, that is to say it host advertisements based on the context of the page.

Media.net is powered by Yahoo! and Bing, and you will see only high quality and high paying ads through Media.netMedia.net is targeted to small to large Bloggers & media houses who produce quality content and it is one of Adsense Alternative means of earning in Blogging.

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Divyank Turakhia was the founded of Media Network in 1996, at age 14,he made his first $1 million at 18 and  made his first $100 million at 23 through Media Network.


media.net review



  • It is free to join and you will never pay anything
  • It offers a powerful dashboard. The reports and graphs will help you track the performance of your website or blog
  • The Revenue Per Thousand Impressions (RPM) is currently the best in the industry
  • The ads network offers intuitive advert designs that will blend with the layout of your blog and result in high CTR. You can change the style of ads to match the design of your website or blog if a need arises.
  • Allows you to fix ads or to use sticky sidebars. You can also allow ads on the sticky or fixed sidebars.
  • The customer support is one of the best. After they have approved your website or blog, you will get a customer representative dedicated to your account. They will help you optimize your website or blog for their ads and maximize your earnings.


  • Most ads require double clicks from your website visitors. In other words, your site visitors have to click on advert twice for you to earn.
  • They do not update the revenue in real time. You will have to wait for one day to see the day’s earnings.
  • Requires website traffic from three countries only – UK, US and Canada. If your website has been getting traffic from other countries, you will not earn.

Media.net vs Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the leading ad company while Media.net, which has been using Bing and Yahoo! ads, stands at the second position. In other words, AdSense has more users than those you expect on Media.net. Therefore, you will get higher commissions from Media.net than you would get from Google’s AdSense if you are able to generate more relevant audience from some countries like the UK and the US. The main reason you should opt for Media.net in place of AdSense relates to the delivery of text-based ads, which are contextually relevant to what your website users are reading. In other words, the chances of getting many clicks on the ads are higher and you will earn more.

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1. First Impression is the Last Impression

To make the blog look impressive you need to have necessary pages like Contact us, Privacy policy, About us, Sitemap, and a disclaimer. These are all important and must have pages which must be visible on each page of your web blog.

The design of your website should be elegant & smooth and all the elements of the site should be easy to navigate.

It is also very important to remove all unnecessary sidebar widgets.

2. Disable any Sort of Ads on your Web

Before applying of Media.net make sure you have removed all ads or affiliate marketing related content from your website.

Using any other ad services will not make the people at M.N happy. Also, remove links directing to any low-quality 3rd party sites.

3. Disable Unnecessary Plugins or Extensions

It is always good to uninstall all the unnecessary plugins or extensions in your CMS. A lot of plugins may not be good as it makes your web page heavy. The website should be simple with few and only useful plugins.

Also, do not use any decorative plugin widgets which add zero value to your blog.

4. Avoid Content which does not Comply with Policies

Like Google AdSense, Media.net is also very strict in content policies. If you are found indulging in any of the following activity then it is very much difficult to get the approval.

  • Hate speech or racism.
  • Spam content or links redirecting to spammy sites.
  • Content related to unethical hacking.
  • Violence or explicit writing
  • Avoid adding links to illegal download sites.
  • Site redirection and site construction
  • Pornographic and adult content.

media.net review

here is a Website Policy for Media.net

5. Content-Language and Uniqueness

Media.net works for blogs with English as a primary language. If yours is not English then the application will be rejected.

But if you have multi-lingual blog including English then you can apply. Just put the English language content on first few pages and if approved, avoid placing ads on the content with non-English language to prevent future bans.

Unique content is always a benchmark for site approval. Try writing useful and informative content with infographic representation.

6. Regularly write and update

dead blog with old writings is never loved by any reader and same is with high-value publishers,

It is required to regularly write for your blog and update the content. If your blog has good posts then you can recycle your old posts before applying for media.net.

I will summarize it for you without going into great details. In order to get approved for Media.net you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Healthy traffic. This is subjective but just for an idea, I got approved for the network when I had a traffic of around 10,000 visitors a month. Or to be precise, slightly less than 10,000 a month.
  2. English language. There’s no acceptance for any other language yet.
  3. Original content. That’s quite obvious. Right? Don’t copy and paste stuff on your website and expect to get approved as a publisher.
  4. No pornographic or other controversial content.
  5. Most of the traffic from the US, Canada, UK, Australia. The reason is that the market (especially the online market) is much mature in these countries as compared to the other countries.

5. Have good quality traffic

this is the most important part of getting approved on media network, this ad network is for big sites and blogs with quality traffic, not a 1k daily views site, i’m talking about thousands of monthly views.

with a good traffic from countries like UK, USA And CANADA the possibilities of getting approved is etremely high.

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Media.net Traffic Requirement

Media.net is among the highest paying contextual ads network and one of the best alternatives for AdSense. They are always searching for higher quality publishers and they only accept websites with premium content. If you need to make more money faster with a lower quality blog, then that is unlikely to happen with Media.net.

The contextual ads network offers many rules that publishers have to observe to get approved to the program. They also allow websites with premium content alone. After they have approved you, you will enjoy many benefits such as higher revenue. Here are some of the guidelines that will help you understand whether your website is suitable for the Media.net adverts or not.

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The Media.net program is only available for websites that:

  • Contain content in native English
  • Receive most of their traffic from the UK, USA and Canada.
  • Contains original content
  • Have content that is updated on a regular basis
  • Have a large number of visitors, who use the website
  • Do not infringe third party intellectual property rights
  • Do not include a large number of adverts
  • Have a considerable amount of content
  • Feature navigation-friendly design

They will reject your website if it contains any of the following:

  • Software piracy such as torrentz, warez, hacking, cracking phreaking or illegal downloads
  • Free hosted webpages
  • Hidden text or links
  • Is under construction, contain pages without content, or parked pages
  • Manipulative or deceptive content or construction of websites to improve the ranking on search engines
  • Websites that redirect web traffic to other websites other than the ones Media.net has approved for the program
  • Websites that promote activities typically understood as internet abuse, including the use of spyware or sending of bulk electronic mails

Media.net does not approve websites that link directly to websites like:

  • Pornographic, adult or any other illegal content
  • Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, hazardous substances, ammunition, violence, gore, racism content and gambling
  • Pages that contain profanity or content that discriminates or one that is offensive to some groups
  • Violence, hate, racial intolerance and the advocate against groups, individuals or organizations
  • Sale of imitations of a designer, counterfeit products, stolen items, or products that infringe intellectual property rights of the third parties
  • Programs that promote invalid click activities by paying the users to browse websites, click on adverts and read emails
  • Websites that contain discussion boards, forums, chat rooms or any other type of content areas that is open to the public updates without moderation
  • Websites with content, which the owners generate with computer programs, particularly one that is incomprehensible.
  • Sites that publish fake news

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How much can you earn with Media.net?

Media.net works on several models with the advertisers which include CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPL. The contextual adverts network translates all that to one metric for the publishers known as effective CPM. In other words, the publisher earns more revenue for every 1000 impressions of the media.net ads. Therefore, it is hard to predict the networks rate for every ad. Moreover, the website does not provide any CPC rates for the ads they post or the CTR info. In other words, it is hard to predict the amount you will earn per every click.

Nevertheless, if you earn $2 CPM for every media.net advert unit and they account your click-through-rate at 0.5 percent, then you will make around 40 cents per week. The 0.5 percent is the double click rate on their ads. For you to earn, the user has to click on the keyword and then click the search ad link to enter the advertiser’s website. Media.net will only count the click if the user clicks the search ad link.

How to add Media.net to WordPress Site?

To add Media.net to your WordPress website, you will have to log in to your media.net account. Get the offered JavaScript ad code, which they will give you after you have created your ad unit for the approved domain. After you are through with this part, you will have to proceed to your WordPress website or blog.

You have the options of using the sticky ad plugins like Q2W3 Fixed Widget, which fixes the sidebar media.net ad. Put 300×350 sidebar media.net adverts and fix them with the Q2W3 plugin. Moreover, you can use 600×250 media.net adverts in your content – at the middle position of your webpage. Use plugins like Quick AdSense to implement that. The other viable recommendation involves the use of Media.net adverts after you have posted content.

Can you use Media.net and Adsense on the Same Page?

Yes. You can run AdSense or any other Ad network you want. Most publishers are earning great amounts of money from the other partners and they see Media.net as an additional source of revenue. Moreover, you can run the Media.net adverts on the same ad placement or location with the other networks. That case, the Media.net ads will have to compete with the other adverts to offer maximum CPM value. However, you will have to enable the feature. Contact the media.net account managers directly to do that.

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Media.net Payment Options

The contextual ads network provides two payment methods for the publishers. Depending on your preferences, the contextual ads network will pay you either through Wire Transfer or PayPal. The minimum payment threshold stands at $100. The threshold is equivalent to that of AdSense and it should sound good to you if you have decent impressions.

 Reasons Why Media.net will suspend your account

Media.net is among the best advertisement networks that help publishers make money from their websites or blogs. However, the ads network can suspend your account for various reasons. Many users get suspended within the first few days due to various reasons. Here are five of the commonest reasons people get banned.

1. Most of the website traffic is not from Canada, UK or the United States

As we have already said, you have to get premium traffic on your blog or website. The premium web traffic should be from Canada, UK or the United States for you to continue earning. The ads network considers Indian and some other website traffic as low quality. Therefore, the largest portion of your traffic is from the low-quality content traffic, you will have to work on your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and generate more traffic from the premium countries.

2. Improper advert placement

The other common reason for suspended accounts relates to improper placement of adverts. When placing the adverts, you will have to think of the visibility. For example, if you add a 300×250 advert, you should make your sidebar widget sticky. The internet offers numerous ads management plugins that you can use to make your ads visible. OIOPublisher and AdSanity are two of the plugins you would use to include ads on your WordPress website and eliminate the chances of suspension.

3. Exceeding the maximum adverts allowed on a page

Media.net allows only 3 ads per website page. If you exceed the three, they will give you a warning and you will have to fix the problem with 48-72 hours to keep your account. To get more ad clicks, you will have to ensure that the ads are visible to the site visitors. That way, you will earn and keep your account safe.

4. The wrong website content

As we have already said that the ads network does not accept websites containing any type of content. Fashion, health, food, and home decoration blogs are known to attract more advertisers. Advertisers also like to make money online and marketing niches. If your content is not good enough or it is the form of adult material, it is illegal or content that cannot attract the attention of advertisers, Media.net will suspend your account.

5. Invalid website traffic

The ads network counts the impressions and pays according to the amount. To earn more money, you will have to increase the viewability of your ads and increase the number of impressions. Unfortunately, some people use invalid traffic to increase the impressions. The internet offers many services and tools to send fake traffic to websites. Some of them are free to use and others are premium. With them, you can increase the impressions count but not the viewability. If Media.net realizes that it is what you are doing, they will suspend your account.

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Media.net accepts niche websites and blogs that are in finance, parenting, gifting, gadgets credit and lifestyle domains with traffic from the United States, Canada and the UK. If you have decided to make money from the contextual ads network, create an account, follow their rules and guidlines and ensure that most of your audiences are in the three countries mentioned above. If you fail to make any considerable amounts, then you can contact the Media.net account manager to switch you to the active display ads so that they can compete with the ads they place on your site. That way, you will be able to earn more money. Alternatively, the ads network is a great source of extra income and will run in parallel with other networks such as AdSense. If you are ready to get started, you just need to create an account.


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