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MyBonus2u Review: Is Mybonus legit or Scam


What is Mybonus2u all about?

DISCLAIMER: this website is not in any way affiliated with friendsimpact.com hence this review is based on honesty and broad insight.

MYBONUS is an E-commerce Company which Helps sellers to get more products sales by publicizing their products and that’s exactly what are helping this company to do you earn Commission daily.
This Company partnered with Amazon, Alibaba ,eBay, Jumia and the big guys on the E-commerce field… All this above mentioned Companies provide their product link to MYBONUS for them to help Advertise their product links through the help of members who register on the mybonus2u platform! Because there are billions of product links coming to them daily and more people are needed to help Advertise this Products.

In Nigeria, online business has become an indispensable part. People rely on online businesses for income, but there are very few permanent online businesses, so many people hope to find true permanent online businesses.
As we all know, the United States is an economic power with many consortia, Amazon Group is one of them.
I believe many people know that many people all over the world participate in online shopping and conduct transactions on the Internet.

On the Internet Transaction, hundreds and millions of funds are traded every day on Amazon accounts for 30%. This is a terrible number. Amazon has more than 100 billion US dollars in assets in just a few years.

Mybonus2u was founded by Omotola Adanna (CEO) and Board members, Created on October 15, 2023.

Is my Bonus2u legit?

MyBonus offers 3% daily ROI to members and This is extremely high and sounds too good to be legit, platforms like this create high ROI for attractions but end up just like many other Ponzi schemes.

We cannot say Mybonus is legit but the best word to use is “Fishy”.

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Mybonus2u Alleged Plans


the Internet has more business opportunities, and trade and shopping are another way to make money on the Internet. In Internet transactions, shopping is inevitable, so how do people usually distinguish the quality of goods?

We all judge the quality of the product by checking its popularity and sales on the Internet. Therefore, many companies on the Internet use various methods to increase the visibility and sales of products in their stores. They usually increase the visibility of their products through advertising and publicity, but the increase in sales is not obvious.

The MyBonus application was born in this environment, and it can effectively help businesses increase product awareness and sales! ! ! ! ! !
The background of the MyBonus application is an application under Amazon. Therefore, business people believe in this application and provide their products to the MyBonus application to increase visibility and sales!


How mybonus2u works


Internet merchants provide all products link to MyBonus application and pay commissions. We can complete 60 orders every day to help Internet merchants improve product awareness and sales, so we will receive commissions, which is the source of our order commissions.
The picture is the commission I earn for completing 60 orders.

mybonus2u review

According to the different amounts in our account, you can enter different halls:

  • 1k-60k: Silver Hall
  • 60k-180k: Gold Hall
  • 180k-500k: Platinum Hall
  • 500k-3000k: Diamond Hall
  • 3000k-8000k: Crown Hall
    The highest hall is 8000k. The above hall is in the hall, the higher the level, the more daily income.


This is the commission earned by each lobby in approximately one day.
I marked 10,000 in Silver Hall because the commission for a thousand naira was too small, which wasted time and opportunity.

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The accounts I calculated for each person are 1000, 5000, 10000, 60000, 100000, 180000, 500000, 3000000, 8 million
. this is your Approximate income for working 1 day, working 7 days and working 30 days (commission income only from 60 orders)


MyBonus2u is a recognized platform that helps global e-commerce merchants improve their product sales records. by recruiting social workers to help submit product orders: each of us can create a MyBonus account, and can recharge Naira to the MyBonus account as a starting capital to match orders and earn commissions. You can also share and invite friends to earn naira, share MyBonus and agent rebates with friends! This is a dual income project without any risks. The funds we top up to MyBonus account can be withdrawn at any time without any restrictions.

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How Earnings are calculated on mybonus

  • For the silver the calculation is1000÷100×3=30 naira daily+ your initial N1,000 deposit=1,030Note the 1000 here can be any amount you want to recharge so to check it yourself just change the 1,000 to the amount you want to recharge your accountAlso note that the order and the merchant match too determines your commission, a higher order gets you a higher commission
  • For the GOLD HALL the calculation is60,000÷100×3.5=2100 daily + your initial deposit of 60,000=60,2100 daily 2100×30 about 63,000+60,000 that you Deposited before= 123,000 monthlyNote the 60,000 here can be any amount you want to recharge so to check it yourself just change the 60,000 to the amount you want to recharge your account


  • For the DIAMOND HALL the calculation is500,000÷100×4.5=
    22,500 naira daily22,500×30=675,000+ your initial deposit of 500,000=1,175,000 monthly
  • For the PLATINUM HALL the calculation is180,000÷100×4=7,200 naira daily 7,200×30=216,000+ your initial deposit of 180,000=N396,000 monthlyNote that the order and the merchant match too determines your commission, a higher order gets you a higher commission
  • For the CROWN HALL the calculation is3,000,000÷100×5=
    150,000 naira daily150,000×30=4,500,00+ your initial deposit of 3,000,000=7,500,000 monthly

    • For the SUPREME HALL the calculation is8,000,000÷100×5.5=
      440,000 naira daily440,000×30=13,200,000+ your initial deposit of 8,000,000=21,200,000 monthlyNote the 8,000,000 here can be any amount you want to recharge so to check it yourself just change the 8,000,000 to the amount you want to recharge your account


How to Join Mybonus2u

  • Create an account on the mybonus platform by clicking here
  • immediately after creating an account, you will be asked to download the Mybonus app, do so and login to your newly created account
  • after logged in successfully, Click on “Recharge” Select your means of payment, i.e BANK TRANSFER, ONLINE TRANSFER , then click on “NEXT” at the bottom of the page, and insert the amount you want to Recharge your account with
  • then make transactions and upload the proof of payment
  • once your payment is confirmed, you can start Ordering, just 60 orders per day and it will take you less than 10mins to complete your task for the day.



Final Word On mybonus2u review

DISCLAIMER: this website is not in any way affiliated with friendsimpact.com hence this review is based on honesty and broad insight.

after a thorough review and research on the mybonus2u platform, they are fishy and not reliable, as we cannot recommend anyone to rely on any platform on the internet afterall.

so many people hope to find a passive income but in most cases ended up crashing due to the inability to pay members.
Mybonus model is very lucrative but how they get their income is a ponzi scheme method

The acclaimed CEO does not have any social media handle and the photo he used on the platform is fake.

The WhatsApp Numbers available on the platform are robots, joining this platform is of high risk.





  1. Oh my God, for real? so my money is gone, why is it that nothing last in Nigeria, they should be fished out, for refund. God help meooooo! I borrowed the money to register.

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