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NNU income review, IS NNU paying, IS NNU legit or Scam, See reviews

is nnu still paying


NNU stands for Nigeria News Updates, it’s a forum created by Paul Samson he is also the founder of CoolNaira.com, Eboss.ng and a few other initiatives.
What is NIP? NIP stands for NNU Income Program.
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this is what we will be discussing in this post.

Please Note that this is not an Affiliate Link related article either is it a Promotional Article.

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Not  long ago, Nigeria News Updates (NNU) created their Income Program in hope to help Nigerians to deal with their financial problems. Their target aim was on young people, students and members of the middle class who are looking for some alternative or additional monthly income.

NNU has two earning Categories which are NIP and NARS

NIP has two divisions:

NARS (stands for NNU Ad Revenue Sharing) allows participants to earn residual income by simply logging into their accounts on the daily basis, leaving comments, reading news, posting in forum topics or sharing specific sponsored posts on their social media.

 NNU shares their monthly ad revenue with people who participate. NAP (stands for NNU Affiliate Program) recognises all the approved registered accounts as affiliates, allowing their owners to earn 62.5% commission on referral. So if someone uses your referral link to register on the website, you will receive 62.5%, which is actually ₦1,000 (registration costs ₦1,600). 

Although, if you have a lot of friends, at least on the Internet, you can capitalise on that by offering them an opportunity to earn a passive income, at the same time profiting from them. That said, NNU claim that this opportunity is not for just anyone, as only people who have a positive mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit can make it. Now, does this sound like a pyramid scheme? Yes, it does. However, we have not been able to find any proof that this is indeed a scam. Therefore, we advise you to proceed with caution, if you decide to. Nevertheless, the payment seems to be a once-only thing. 

meanwhile there are two divisions and all that, you have the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds, for ₦1,600 you purchase both packs. We have already explained how the referral system works, so now it is time to explain how you can get paid for everything else. First of all, you can get ₦50+ every day for simply logging in and browsing the website. Then, if you are feeling slightly more active, you can view some forum posts and leave comments for ₦2+ a pop. The plus signs mean that you will earn at least ₦50 and ₦2 respectively, but if the daily revenue of the website exceeds expectations, you can receive more than that. In addition to being an active reader, you can also earn money by being an active writer. 

For every relevant and well-structured forum topic, you can receive ₦100, provided it is approved. The same price tag is on the sponsored posts that can be found on the dashboard. For sharing said post on Twitter, Facebook, etc., you can get ₦100. Now, if you think that you can just share the post and delete it as soon as possible, that is not how it works. On payday, your timeline will be reviewed, and if the post is not there, you can kiss your money goodbye (at least the money you could have earned for sharing sponsored posts). 

But how can you get your money from all this? Well, the payment is disbursed on a monthly basis, and it is usually by the end of the month (27-31st of every month). During registration, you need to provide your bank details, and by the 25th of each month, you have to make a withdrawal request. 

That is how you can get your earnings. That said, you cannot withdraw money if your earnings for the month are less than ₦5,000. Even then, there is actually no guarantee that you will get your money by the end of the month. In their FAQ section, NNU mention that sometimes the ad revenue is not enough to pay everyone, which is why the payments might be transferred to next month. However, we had some users complaining of not being paid at all probably because they didn’t refer anyone to the Platform.





The Bad side of NNU Income/NNU income Disadvantages

Every company, either a big or small organization at startup always wished to get to a wider audience and also have a massive publicity.

To achieve this, many organization have tend to mislead the public with wrong information, mentioning only the good in it. Even ponzi schemes avoid looking like scam to get the attention of everyone in to investing funds.

So sad still, poor information and inexperience have affected many and they are victims of scams, including me the author of this article.Now lets go Straight to the disadvantages of nnu, i  would be exposing the disadvantages of Nigeria News Update (NNU) which we are never aware of.

The first disadvantages as to do with the referrals, it was made known that it not compulsory to reffer  or have a downline before you get paid, but it was observed that only registered users with few or more referrals and downlines can only get paid.

The Second disadvantages affects social media publishers and bloggers primarily. during NNU registration you discover that it was stated clearly that NNU registered users will be able to publish articles, and ofcourse there is a page for publishing articles but the moderators never get them approved as alot of NNU have made several complains about this situation without getting feedbacks. Maybe only paid companies can publish on the platform. So saddening for publishers who found out late.

This might be temporary, or possibly fixed already, but the site has lately being under upgrade.

How to Spot a fake,fraudulent website in 6 ways

and lastly we discovered that only first timers enjoy more on platforms like NNU, as you will have enough time to invest,refer a friend, share and read articles as well as commenting.
And  if you are still planning of starting NNU in 2023, you are advised to reconsider your decision before you end up in a pending payment trap, Except yoy have your way in getting referrals and down lines to lift you up.

Currently you need to refer before you can get paid, this was discovered after lots of complaints for not getting paid on NNU income program.

I hope you are convinced on your next step ?



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