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Make Money Online With Ourvillage.Gold


What is Ourvillage.Gold?

 Ourvillage.gold is an Online Village that buys and sells a package called “OV Gold” (Our village Gold) to make profit weekly. Ourvillage.gold 100% secured and solid online Village, designed to accommodate millions of villagers with the sole aim of empowering one another financially, using a Quick, Secure and Safe Peer-to-Peer village market structure.


When you register and make an investment in Our Village Market, you will receive 50% interest as soon as a merchant confirms reception of your payment, in 3 days and subsequently in 7 days.

For example:
Let’s assume you buy OV Gold of 20,000 from ourvillage market shop, on the 1st of August, you will sell it at the rate of 30,000 after it has been processed on the 7th day. but before you sell, you must place an order for another OV Gold to maintain stability in the market

 Is OurVillage.Gold Legit?

Yes Ourvillage.gold is a legit platform, NO EXPERIENCE needed, NO TRAINING required, everything has been made Simple and very Easy, and with a single click you can buy and sell in our peer-to-peer village market and make 50% weekly profit from your Investments with Ease.


Features Of OurVillage.GOLD

Ourvillage.gold is a brand new initiative with a lot of exciting and beautiful features SUCH As

  • Playground
  • Market
  • Lineage
  • Buy OV GOLD
  • Tax Accrued
  • Family Fortune
  • Community Hierarchy



Our Village has an integrated social network platform called “Playground”, This is where villagers meet on daily basis to interact and share their buying and selling experiences. It has a crisp and responsive interface that has been carefully crafted for interactivity.

As a villager on the playground, you can share text, images and video posts, you can like, comment, and even share posts of other villagers.


This is where buying and selling takes place on daily basis. Villagers can always visit the market at any time of the day because buyers are always available 24/7.


The lineage section contains a comprehensive list of all villagers referred by a villager and their direct descendants into Our Village using the provided referral referral link. This means, everyone directly or indirectly associated to a villager can be seen under Lineage.

Buy OV Gold

This section is a shop equivalent, this is where villagers can make and purchase new OV Gold (Our Village Gold) orders. There is an unlimited supply of OV Gold available for Purchase at any time of the day.

Tax accrued

Villagers are required to pay community service tax of 0.5% for all completed transactions carried out in the market, to maintain stability in Our Village market structure.

Family fortune

This is a sum of all the bonuses earned from partaking in community service tasks like referral activities. A villager gets a 10% bonus from  all transactions carried out by their direct descendants, family fortune can be sold in the market on daily basis when available.

Community Hierarchy

Our Village is an organised social community where villagers are ranked according to the number of descendant they have in their family. some of the available ranks include.

  1. Villager
  2. Elder
  3. Chief
  4. King
  5. Royal Highness

OurVillage.Gold  Mission

To create the world’s first ever self sustained, fully automated, social media integrated online village, where members rise by lifting other members, with quick, secure and safe peer-to-peer village market structure where everyone grows financially.

How to Get Started On Ourvillage.Gold

  • Log on to www.ourvillage.gold
  • then click ‘Join Now’ to create an account
  • fill your correct details and then confirm it
  • Registration fee is: N1,000
    10% referral bonus for all payment of the villagers you referred.

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NOTE: In Ourvillage.Gold you can easily redraw your earnings from the system, after your purchase and sales orders are successfully completed. You will receive the money directly into your existing Bank accounts.

Ourvillage.Gold Contact

You get in touch with the Ourvillage.Gold Team via 09028996764

You can contact them for any inquiry with the above line from any of the below working hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Sunday: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Bottom Line

NOTE: This is a sponsored Post.

Ourvillage Innovation is all about creating an online village where people work, buy and sell to make a life, not just a living.

You can also get in touch with other villagers from the Ourvillage Community, Fast support team and Unique Features.

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