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Atpays Review: Before you register on Atpays Read this Review

Atpays Review


What is Atpays And How does it work

Atpays stands for Activities that Pays, it is ofcourse not different from the usual

Get paid to read news/sharing of articles sites we find everyday.

Atpays is a platform that claim to pay its users for reading news, commenting,

sharing sponsored posts and the likes. … It’s a website that provides news to its users and also pays them from the money earned from ad networks.

Is Atpays Legit

I will continue to say that this type of get paid to read news and perform a specific task does’nt end well, at the early stage you’d be getting awesome result but once the platform begins to get higher traffic and registered members, their reliability becomes partial hence making any platform using mutual system and method unsafe, however we cannot give straight answer, Atpays has paid majority of their registered members but after some research we discovered that there were still some members who were’nt paid, and they had to rate the platform unsafe.


Some Review we found about Atpays

While i was making some research about Atpays i discovered that the platform has some bad sides, below was a member who made his complain through nairaland has he tag Atpays as a scam.

I was introduced to the online platform by a female friend who is currently serving in Edo State. On the 29th April, 2023 I decided to give it a trial. The girl gave me a phone number of one of the agents and asked me to chat with the guy on WhatsApp.
I did as instructed, we introduced ourselves, his name is ADEJUWON KEHINDE JOHN, he gave 2 bank account numbers (1) Gtbank 0235918412 (2) UBA 2093716888. He asked me to pay the sum of #1,500 into his UBA account to get a coupon code.
I made the payment and sent the screenshot to him including the name of the POS terminal where the transaction took place. He sent the coupon code and I proceeded with the registration. So, I started reading the online news from my registered account and post or link on Facebook on daily basis.
The new policy came on the 3rd of May, 2023. The policy is that you have to get referrals before u will be able to cash out/ withdraw, the most painful part is that it’s not even only 1 referral.

On Atpays Official Facebook Group we saw series of Members advertising their funded account for sale while others were complaining of not getting paid without refferals.



Before you can start making money online with Atpay income program you have to pay a registration fee of #1,500. This money will be use to upgrade your account.


ATPAY generate most of their income from various advertisements placed on their site. ATPAY decided to share some of their income with their members for promoting the site also for using it.


 In this section, I will talk about some of the activities which you will be rewarded for doing on ATPAY. This are activities are not difficult as you may think

– Welcoming bonus

Atpays reward will reward you with #400 for joing
the income program, this is once is lifetime.
– Daily login.
  You will be rewards with the sum of #50 for login to your account daily i.e
#50 for one month is
#100×30= #1500 monthly.
– Sharing Sponsored post
This is one of the simple way to earn money with ATPAYs income program
just by sharing sponsored post to your Facebook handle, sponsored post is once per day i.e #200×30= #6,000 monthly.
– Commenting
You get the reward of #5 for each comment you made on every post, there
is no limit to comments you make I.e if you make 10 comments daily which is 10×#5= #50
For month is #1,500
– Reading post
You get #5 for every post you read on the income program platform, there is no limit to post you read this mean you can read up to 100 post daily which is #500 daily which make you earn #15,000 monthly
– Referring
For every individual you refer to join the income program you will get #900 I.e if you refer
100 people you will get #90,000 .


Atpays offer a simple payment method to its users which allow individual to withdraw their money to their respective bank account.
Atpays pay every Tuesday and Friday. If you want to make money online in easy ways you have to try this amazing earning program. For questions and suggestion kindly drop it in the comment section below.

Some Payment proof of ATPAYS

Does Atpays worth my time?

Currently Atpays pays members with refferals, if you want to join the platform to make money you have to make sure you got friends who are ready to sign up through your refferal link if not we advice you to stay off Atpays.

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Final Note On Atpays

Atpays would stress the hell out of you if you don’t refer, you will only endup compiling your funds without being able to redraw them, you can join Atpays Official Facebook Group here



  1. {1} since Thursday i have not been credited after request for withdrawal showed successfully {2} i introduce someone to ATPAYS platform and the person came to registered, he gave me his money to purchase the coupon for him, so after paying the money into one mr SANYAOLU DAVID U B A accnt the coupon was not sent to me for days and i kept sending him messages on watsapp and no reply from him, he will be online but the moment he sees me online he will go offline, i kept calling him but he was not picking my calls and will switch off his phone, i call another coupon agent to complain but she too was not picking her calls and the person that gave me the money to purchase the coupon kept attacking me everyday until someone came to rescue me. [3] so what impression are they giving people’

  2. Some of your so call agents are fraudsters.
    I will mention name and phone number if needs be in my next message.
    You send money to their bank account for coupon code and won’t answer your request neither refund your money.

  3. ALL ready news site are scams site because, I pay 1,500 for fee and u say that it is a must that I must get reference before I can withdraw my money, if that, happening not to be paid, it means all my effort and all the fees that were paid is even

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