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PrimeVault Review: Is Primevault legit or Scam (2023)

Primevault review

What is PrimeVault ?

Primevault is an advertising agency that help small businesses get visibility, traffic and customers. Primevault also promotes and grows and advertises Instagram pages, Facebook pages, YouTube pages with real followers.

So these advertisement are put up on primevault site as sponsored task daily and members are required to either follow an Instagram page or subscribe to a YouTube channel or like a Facebook page and they get paid for doing that.

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Is Primevault legit?

this is just a review and based on our research, we have not seen any form of fraudulent act carried out by this platform, we try checking through most of the social platforms advertising primevault and from most of the rating were awesome with lots of payment screenshot, and that makes the platform legit but of course not reliable.




These are the three part members of the community are previlage to enjoy
  •  Task section
  •  Crowdfunding section
  •  Investment (VAULT)


To be a Member you must select one of the below packages which expires after every 30 days, before you can upgrade.

  • Premium (#3000)
  •  Gold (#5000)
  • Ultimate (#7000)
  • Classic (10,000#)
  • Elite (20,000#)
  •  Kings (50,000#)


Primevault compensation

  • On the premium package you earn N266 daily
  • On the gold package you earn N366 daily
  • On the ultimate package you earn N500daily
  • On the classis package you earn N566 daily
  • On the elite package you earn N1066 daily
  • On the kings package you earn N2500 daily

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  1. When you refer someone to premium package you earn N1000
  2. When you refer someone to gold you earn N1200
  3. When you refer someone to ultimate you earn N1500
  4. When you refer someone to classic you earn N2000
  5. When you refer someone to elite you earn N3000
  6. When you refer someone to kings you earn N5000
  • Premium ₦3000. Get ₦7000 back from tasks.
  • Gold ₦5000. Get ₦11000 back from tasks.
  • Ultimate ₦7000. Get ₦15000 back from tasks.
  • Classic #10,000..Get 17,000# back from tasks
  • Elite #20,000#..Get 32,000# back from tasks.
  • Kings 50,000#..Get 75,000# back from tasks.

You get paid with or without referrals. Referring is optional!

NOTE : You can also withdraw once you hit 5000# anytime.

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You earn strictly by performing some 5mins tasks daily.

  1.  Either you watch a video on YouTube.
  2.  You follow their official pages on social medias

Note: Once you complete your task you get paid for that day..


  • Premium ₦3000. Get ₦7000 back from tasks.
  • Gold ₦5000. Get ₦11000 back from tasks.
  • Ultimate ₦7000. Get ₦15000 back from tasks.
  • Classic #10,000..Get 17,000# back from tasks.
  • Elite #20,000#..Get 32,000# back from tasks.
  • Kings 50,000#..Get 75,000# back from tasks..

You get paid with or without referrals. Referring is optional!

NOTE : You can also withdraw once you hit 5000# anytime..


How to register on Primevault

to get registered on Primevault, you need to choose a package as there are 5 different types of packages currently available on primevault

you can buy coupon codes for any of the packages from the verified vendors here or click here to contact me for registration 

a code will be given to you for registration of your preferred package, CLICK HERE FOR PRIMEVAULT REGISTRATION

when done with registration, you can now Click on Side menu, head on to the Task of the day and complete your task for that day.


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How do you withdraw on primevault

You withdraw your money any day anytime you have N5000 or more. Before you withdraw make sure to add your social links especially Facebook link so that they can verify that you actually shared sponsored task each day..

NOTE: After withdrawal you get paid in 24hrs directly to your account


Primevault CAC Registration

The platform focus more on members getting paid than enriching those referring that’s why referral bonus does not have high ROI.

  1. This business has been registered as a legal business under the Cooperate Affairs Commission(CAC) recently
  2. PRIMEVAULT is not a business with anonymous whereabouts. As we can see on their CAC certificate in the picture above, their office address is at *No 11,Opposite St.Joseph Catholic Church Nyongun, Markudi, Benue* You can stop by and say Hello if you stay around there
  3. PRIMEVAULT customer service is very very efficient. So if you have any issues; you can just send an email. You’ll get a response ASAP



no matter how we good a system is there’s always a downside:

  1. first you need to understand that this system still falls under the pyramid scheme no matter how legit or up till date payments evidence you get, the fact that there’s no physical sales and services rendered by this platform makes it vulnerable to members, the same with racksterli , NNU and the likes. Once new members stop joining, the system begins to crash gradually, platforms like this only last for short term and makes it very risky for late investors to come in.
  2. The coupon private vendors available for most of this platforms are also a major factor, sometimes after making enough sales and capital, there are possibilities that they can run away with coupon funds especially from high investors, so it would have been more reliable if they were staffs of the platform.
  3. No form of Automation both for coupon purchase, and withdrawal.



NOTE: This is just a review on the primevault platform, and it is not written to defame nor to promote the platform, but to give investors the idea of what the platform is all about including the advantages and disadvantages.

in conclusion, I would say prime vault is a good choice but for a short term, platforms like this don’t last especially when they are over crowded, and remember business registration or knowing the founder doesn’t guaranty the success of a platform, it can always crash at anytime without anyone holding the founder responsible, and based on research, those who get payed make the loudest noise and overshadows some of those who usually get one or two issues, making the whole process a 100/100 rated which is not absolutely true.

as at the time of this review, primevault has 22k+ registered members and are likely to hit 100k+ in few months time and the domain name (www.primevault.com.ng) was created on the 17th of September in 2023 which means the platform is 4months old and I ran a check on the expiration of this domain and i discovered that it will be expiring on 2023-09 (September 2023) that means if there were long term plans the platform would have increased the domain plan to 2years or so, although that doesn’t qualify the platform for judgement just yet, whatever the case maybe, use this Informations to invest wisely.



  1. Is the price for coupon code different from the registration fee? I mean, if I pay 3k for registration, will I still for the coupon code?

  2. Hi.

    On the 13th of this March, I paid 50k into one of your Vendor’s account. After receiving it, he keeps claiming he has not received it, even after I sent him all proofs like my alert, and bank statement. He has been giving me altitudes on our WhatsApp chats. The vendor’s name is Expensive Media Tv. He gave me a Kuda Microfinance bank account with name Durogbo Ogechi Roseline. He refuses to pick my calls.

    Please do something now against this fraud, before it escalates. He has refused to send me the coupon code I paid for. He needs to refund my money, as I don’t want to believe that Primevault is scam at this moment.


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