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Make Money Online with Recharge and Get Paid in 2023


What is Recharge and Get Paid All About?

Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) is a company that has employed multi-level marketing (MLM) for the sales and distribution of virtual recharge cards Simply put: Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) is actually a platform that gives you access to recharge your phone directly through *Virtual Top Up (VTU) whether MTN, GLO, ETISALAT or AIRTEL.* *Not only that, you can also buy data directly as well as your cable subscriptions such as DSTV,GOTV and STARTIME* and get paid for doing so. RAGP was Founded by Adelekan Oluwaseun Ojo – Independent Business Partner – Recharge and Get Paid Ltd.

Recharge and get paid offers one of the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria today. New members joining the program are called distributors and are placed in a 3×10 forced matrix that allows members to earn a residual income even when they stop working.

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Is Recharge And Get Paid Legit?

Yes, RAGP is legitimate. The structure and method this company has employed are really making huge money for many Nigerian.


How to get started on Recharge and get paid

Below is how to register an account and start making money with RAGP
VTU business | recharge and get paid registration
  1. First go to www.rechargeandgetpaid.com
  2. then CLICK on ‘join now’
  3. Fill the form..
  4. On the space for ‘Referal ID’
  5. Type: *Friendsimpact*
  7. Choose your username (which is going to be your personal Referral ID after activation).
  8. Fill your password( KEEP WRITTEN ON A PAD YOUR REF ID & PASSWORD) and click on Next.
  9. If your registration is successful, the system will prompt you to login with the new username and password. Click OK.
  10. Fill the second form. Package and how you want to pay for your registration.
  11. If you want to use ATM Card to pay, Choose ‘pay via Paystack’
  12. Click NEXT.
  13. Third form will open, enter your Bank account details and click on NEXT.
  14. Payment checkout page will open, enter your card details and CVV (3 last digits at the back of your ATM CARD).
  16. Once your payment is successful, the system will prompt you to login with the new username and password.
Note: ensure your network is very clear during this process.

Recharge and get paid registration fee

RAGP’s minimum package cost is N5,000, and the maximum package is N100,000. It all depends on the package you choose.

These are the packages below;

  • Basic = N5,000 –
  • Bronze =N10,000
  • Silver = N20,000
  • Gold = N30,000
  • Diamond = N40,000
  • Platinum = N50,000
  • Exclusive platinum = N100,000


  • 1) Instant Registration Bonus – 20%.
  • 2) Instant Referral Bonus – 20%.
  • 3) Instant Indirect Referral Bonus 10% – 1%.
  • 4) Leadership Bonus N100,000/Airtime.
  • 5) VTU bonus from down lines recharge.
  • 6) You get 2% of any amount you recharge and 10% for Data Subscription.

How do I fund my wallet on RAGP?

To fund your e-wallet automatically, you must use your registered profile phone number on RAGP website as the name of depositor for a cash deposit. Transfer from Zenith to Zenith; Diamond to Diamond; UBA to UBA or Firstbank to Firstbank is guaranteed to work best. Pls use bank app only.

RAGP account details

  • Account Name: Recharge and Get Paid Ltd.
  • Zenith Bank: 1014812771
  • GTB: 0199798323
  • Diamond Bank;– 0068623787

RAGP bank transfer

  • First, login to the website.
  • Click on ‘Bank Wire
  • Fill in your name.
  • Enter the teller number from the bank (if you made mobile transfer, simply write ‘Transfer’).
  • Finally, click on ‘Submit

Recharge and get paid E-wallet

A Recharge and get paid e-wallet is an electronic wallet where all your earnings are store.

As a result, you can withdraw your earnings at anytime.

Also, a RAGP agent can choose to purchase a virtual top up credits to re-sell. Even more, the agent can also transfer funds to someone else’s Ewallet.

How to create a VTU account

  1. Login to your account. At the top right hand side of your screen, you’ll see ‘VTU’, click on it.
  2. Then, click on “create VTU account”.
  3. Also, correctly fill the form provided.
  4. Finally, click on ‘Create’.

Due to the fact that you just created a new account, the balance on your VTU business profile maybe zero.

Therefore, you should start looking for customers because it’s time to make money. For instance, to attract customers, you can promote and sell on social media.

How you start selling VTU after recharge and get paid registration

After creating your VTU account, you can start selling virtual top up. Here is how;

  • Login to your VTU business account.
  • Enter the buyer’s number.
  • Choose the buyer’s network.
  • Also enter the amount.
  • Finally, click on “transfer“.

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Recharge and get paid (How it works)

  1. Each time you recharge, you’ll get a commission (airtime top up gets 2% commission, data subscription 10%, cable subscription and electricity payments gets N40).
  2. Whenever you introduce someone new to the business, you’ll get 20% of their registration fee.
  3. Similarly, when the person or people you introduced to the company purchase a data or airtime for sale, the company also pays you for it.
  4. If the person under you also brings in someone else, RAGP will also pays a commission of 10-1%.

Recharge and get paid compensation plan

RAGP pays you for referring othersselling virtual top up (VTU) or by investment.

There are both indirect and direct commission. Direct referral is when you directly refer someone. In contrast, indirect commission is when the person you referred refers another person.

Hence, here is how indirect referral commission works;

  • Second Level earns 10%
  • Third Level earns 5%
  • Fourth Level earns 2.5%
  • Fifth Level earns 1.25%
  • Sixth Level and level 1 earns 1%

In the direct referral, you get 20% commissions (that means, you get 20% whenever someone directly joins under you).

Hence, here is how direct referral works;

  • You get 20% for: EXCLUSIVE member (N100,000) = N20,000
  • PLATINUM member (N50,000) = N1,000
  • DIAMOND member (N40,000) = N8,000
  • GOLD member (N30,000) = N6,000
  •  SILVER member (N20,000) = N4,000
  • BRONZE member (N10,000) = N2,000
  • BASIC member (N5,000) = N1,000

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RAGP leadership bonus (Point Value)

After your recharge and get paid registration, you will be given point values for every member you refer. Therefore, the more people you refer, the more PV (Point value) you would get.

Here is how to get this point values;

  • PLATINUM member = 200PV
  • DIAMOND member = 160PV
  • GOLD member = 120PV
  • SILVER member = 80PV
  • BRONZE member = 40PV
  • BASIC member = 20PV

If you are able to accumulate 10,000PV to 25,000PV, you’ll also qualify to get a leadership bonus of N100,000.

Furthermore, there are other awards that a high Point Value can earn, they are.

  • Tourism/vacation to Dubai or receive N500,000. Accumulate up to 25,000PV from your team to qualify for this award.
  • Car award or get N2,000,000. Accumulate up to 60,000PV from the members of your team to qualify for this award.
  • House fund or get N3,000,000. Accumulate up to 100,000PV from your team to also qualify for this award.



Recharge And Get Paid is the latest VTU business in Nigeria with this platform you can earn more than 200,000 stable monthly income. This is a great opportunity to join the crew and start making money From The comfort of your home without having any stress, alot of Entrepreneurs are already making lots of cash from this business, why not take advantage of this opportunity and start making money through RAGP.

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