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WhatsApp Now Accepts Cryptocurrency As Payments in the US



Less than two months after launching the pilot version of the portfolio New, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is integrating it into WhatsApp, allowing US users to send cryptocurrencies through the world’s most popular messenger app.

The growing interest in the adoption of cryptocurrencies by traditional companies, such as social networks, payment services and even banks, is a major milestone for cryptocurrencies that, little by little, are being introduced in everyone’s life.

Although the integration was not Bitcoin, as Mercado Livre did, this is great news as industry giants like Apple, Tesla, Twitter, Visa and Meta (Facebook) are interested in both Bitcoin and its technology. payments.

Novi, now on WhatsApp

Even after its cryptocurrency was blocked by lawmakers, Meta — the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp — is following its plans to work with cryptos, although it is not its own.

In October of this year, its Novi portfolio had already announced the integration of stablecoin Pax Dollar (USDP) managed by Paxos. The big news is that this wallet was integrated into WhatsApp this Thursday (9).

“Novi, now on WhatsApp.”

“Novi is a new way to send and receive money — instantly, securely and without fees. With Novi on WhatsApp, you can transfer money without leaving the WhatsApp conversation window. Available in the USA”, sample o site da Novi.

Announcement of Novi’s WhatsApp integration. Source: Novi

Although this pilot is only available for those who live in the US, it is important to note that the service for sending money via WhatsApp is already available in Brazil with the sending of Real (BRL). It may just be a matter of time for it to be implemented here.

Race for cryptocurrencies

The WhatsApp advertisement shows that payment is made using a Visa card, that is, it is possible that the purchase of these USDPs is made only at the time of shipment, without the user needing to have stablecoin in his wallet.

Payment screen with cryptocurrencies by WhatsApp. Source: Novi

By the way, this last Wednesday (8), Visa announced the launch of a consulting service on cryptocurrencies which cites the growing demand for the use of cryptocurrencies for payments.

Thus, this integration of cryptocurrencies into WhatsApp seems to be another advance in the sector that, little by little, is being introduced in people’s daily lives in a practical way and without any need to learn about how a blockchain works.