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TruexGold Review: How to buy And Sell Bitcoins On TruexGold.com

how to buy and sell bitcoins on truexgold

What is TruexGold?

TruexGOLD is known as Nigeria’s No. 1 E-currency Exchanger that you can easily buy, sell or exchange perfect money, bitcoin, payeer, advanced cash, binary, ethereum, planteofbets, including fifty other digital currencies to naira or other currencies. TruexGOLD Platform is easy to use with awesome navigations and their exchange rates is pretty cool with awesome commission.

TruexGOLD which has been in existence for the past 8 years, was founded on the 8th of september, 2011. by founder  Mr. Ogbaraegbe ikenna (CEO). He is also the founder of Isavedher, an entreprenuer,binary wizard, philanthropist, husband and father.

in 2017, Truexgold services was awesome however the platform was not really user-friendly as at that time. There was also an annoying music that automatically plays when you visit the site. Later on, they did an excellent overhaul of their site in 2018 to make it one of the best. I can say that TruexGold is the most simple and organized cryptocurrency exchange platform in Nigeria currently. About 95% of the transaction in this exchange are automated. Right from the homepage, a user can easily interact and know about the exchange and available currencies and how to buy and sell them.

Truexgold is one of the few exchanges platforms in Nigeria that also supports an instant exchange of PM to BTC and vice versa. Communication channels available include WhatsApp, Skype, email, telegram and live chat.


how to buy and sell bitcoins on truexgold.com

Is TruexGOLD Legit?

Yes Truexgold is 100% legitimate and reliable, the Cyptocurrency Exchanger has been running since 2012 without any issue or complaints from their buyers and sellers, i highly recommend this platform to anyone who wants to exchange e-currency.

And also Truexgold office is located at  57 MCC-Uratta Road, Owerri.

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How to Register on Truexgold.com

you don’t need to be told that Bitcoin provides a sound & predictable monetary policy that can be verified by anyone, if you are not investing in bitcoin currently you might be missing a big fish of earning a passive income. before you can start selling and buying bitcoin on truexgold.com you will need to create an account with them.

NOTE: if you want to buy and sell binary/DERIV or any of the 50 other e-currencies accepted on truexgold, you can use this same method to strike a deal with truexgold.com


Steps on how to create an account with Truexgold

how to buy and sell bitcoins on truexgold.com

  1. to buy bitcoin on truexgold.com you have to navigate to Truexgold official website by clicking here
  2. just at the top right corner of the platform click on signup
  3. fill the form with your username, password and answer the security question you find below as seen in the screenshot above
  4. then tick the below terms and conditions agreement after reading
  5. and click SIGN UP.
  6. You can now place orders and start by buying and selling Bitcoins, Ethereum, Binary or any Cryptocurrency on TruexGOLD

Congratulations you have successfully created an account with TruexGOLD

how to buy and sell bitcoins on truexgold.com

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How to buy And Sell Bitcoins On TruexGold.com

how to buy and sell bitcoins on truexgold.com

To buy and sell Bitcoin on TruexGold use the below steps.

  1. Then fill all the fields you find as seen in the above screenshot, fill them with your correct informations and click on the EXCHANGE BOTTON
  2. Then Confirm your entries on the next screen that shows up, accept the service terms and conditions and click on CREATE ORDER BOTTON
  3. Pay for your order. To do this, transfer the necessary amount, following the instructions on truexGOLD, then click on PAID immediately after your payment
  4. After this is done, the system will redirect you to the BID STATUS page, where you can monitor in real time the status of your order.

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How to Make Money With TruexGOLD Affiliate Program

Do you know that TruexGold also have an affiliate program? TruexGOLD’s affiliate program was created with the aim to reward users who have taken their precious time to work hard and earn, Truexgold was designed in a very simple and profitable way. You do not need to register on the site separately as an affiliate in other to participate. Every registered user on the truexgold website can participate in the truexgold affiliate program except for those banned for one reason or the other. You may wish to check out the Truexgold Affiliate terms and conditions to know what can lead to the ban of an affiliate account on on truexgold.com


Truexgold.com gives access to also make money on the Truexgold.com Affiliates, you can make money through the of exchange transactions of their referrals on truexgold. The amount each affiliate earns is dependent on such affiliate’s loyalty point. An affiliate on a loyalty point 7 and earning 50% will make you earn more  an affiliate on loyalty point 1 who is earning 32% in the same volume of affiliate transaction.

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Truexgold Affiliate income can be calculated automatically once an order in the system is marked as completed. Affiliates are paid the exact percentage of their loyalty point from the exact profit truexgold have made from such affiliate exchange.

Example: If the profit of a “PM 2 PR” transaction is 3% and your referral made a transaction of $5000.00.
You should earn $48.00 from such transaction if you are at loyalty point 1 with 32% profit share while the company makes $102.00 because the total profit from that exchange is $150.

Below is a table showing the various levels of loyalty point, volume of trade and their respective partner/profit share expressed in percentage (%).

1  0 – 4999  32
2  5000 – 9999  35
3  10000 – 49999  38
4  50000 – 99999  41
5  100000 – 499999  44
6  500000 – 999999   47
7  > 1000000  50


Truexgold.com did not make any specific time to make withdrawals of affiliate earnings however Users can withdraw their affiliate earnings at anytime they feel like even immediately after a partner’s exchange,  the minimum affiliate payout is 20 USD. An admin on truexgold.com will approve your request within 24 hours of each request.
As a Seller/ Buyer on Truexgold.com you can use this special opportunity to make additional income by referring your friends, family members, etc to TruexGOLD’s auto exchange website.

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Note: Verification is Currently not compulsory on Truexgold however you can read the guidelines on how to verify your account here


Benefits of Truexgold.com

Below are some of the benefits of truexgold.com

  1. Fast Live Support
  2. Instant Payment and crypto transactions
  3. you can trade over 57 E-currencies
  4. truexgold is trusted and reliable
  5. truexgold is over 7years old
  6. Currently rated as Nigerian’s Number e-currencies exchanger.



in this article we discussed on how to buy and sell bitcoins on truexgold.com as well as truexgold registration guidelines, and how to place an order and finally how to make money with truexgold.com affiliate. that is because Truexgold is the right platform to Exchange all your e-currencies such as bitcoins, binaries etc, the platform can be trusted and reliable due to the solid reputation they have laid for a very long time now, you can also make money as a blogger with truexgold affiliate, by reffering users through truexgold banners and affiliate links you’d be earning a passive income in no time. Create an account today and start making money online.


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