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Wazobia Investment Review: Legit or Scam

Wazobia Investment is a funding network, can also be called a Ponzi Scheme because of its operation, However Wazobia cash investment platform promises investors 50% profit on their investment. The first investment gets this 50% after 3 days, and any other investment after that takes 7 days to become “ripe”.

What’s more is that Wazobia investment allows users to withdraw both the invested amount and their profit at once. However, there is something I want you to know that majority of the people don’t realize.

Wazobia says you get 50% profit on your first investment, but I say no. This is because the system does not allow you to withdraw your ripe investment when due until you reinvest. Now, you investment can be anything from N10,000 to N1,000,000. You are also not allowed to make re-commitments lower than what you invested before. That is, if you invest 10,000 at start, the least amount of re-commitment is 10,000. But you are free to increase your investment.

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Wazobia Investment is a peer to peer donation platform that helps members get 50% of their investment within 3 days. And the full investment in 7 days.

This platform is just different from other platforms because of their recommitment option.

Members who start with N10,000 will need to put in another N10,000 before they will be paid the first N15,000.

Members get full return of all their investment within 4 rounds in the system.

This is not a platform that guarantees you instant wealth over night. The major reason why wazobia cash investment is still active is because members are not allowed to withdrawal all their money out of the system once.

Is Wazobia Investment Legit?

Based on our review on wazobia investment platform, the operations and system used in handling this platform is unsafe however wazobia investment has been paying investors. Except for periods of upgrades as mentioned on their telegram platform, payments come as at when due. That is not to say that there have not been a few delays, but all the delay reasons have been smuggled under UPGRADES.

How to Benefit from the Wazobia Cash Investment

A lot of people think that by investing in the system and getting 50% interest, they have made profit. But that is not true, unless you make up to 5 investment. Until you make up to 5 rounds of investments on the wazobia cash platform, you have not gained anything from the system. This is because each time you want to withdraw, you are asked to recommit before the withdrawal can be processed.

So, does it take 5 weeks to gain from the platform, YES and NO! Yes, if you make a single investment in a week, and no if you make multiple investments in a week. The good news for those who would love to take the risk is that the platform allow you to make multiple investments in a month. That way, you may be able to complete up to 5 investment rounds within 2 weeks.

It is only after these 5 rounds of investment that you can say that you cannot lose to the system. Even if the system crashes after your 5th investment, you cannot lose.


At the moment, the system is still working fine. Members are been paid as at when due.

The members of this platform are required to reinvest before they

The websites for wazobia investment includes

  • Wazobia.cash
  • Wazobiastar.cash
  • Wazobiaking.cash
  • Wazobiaway.cash


Wazobia Investment Telegram Group

The wazobia cash investment has a growing community of over 18000 members where credit alerts and testimonies are posted every minute. But is that enough to get you to invest? It’s your brave move and no one can tell you to risk your money. You know what is best for you.

Can Wazobia Investment Crash?

Any system can fail but we are going to face the facts here. This is why I said any system can fail. Take a peep at the effect of the recent Lockdown on formidable organizations. A lot of fail-proof systems actually failed when people could not commute to their workplaces. Yes some remote jobs were done but even companies like the CAC could not process business registrations.

But here is the fact. Wazobia claims to provide a sturdy and steady system through the recommitments. Now, I’m just thinking, if everyone continues to re-invest before they can withdraw, I think that is re-commitments may not stop. And this might be able to hold the system for a long time. But, don’t take my word for it. You need to trust your got, not me. I am only providing a detailed analysis of the wazobia cash investment platform.

How Much Can You Risk on Wazobia Investment?

Since there is no insurance covering you, I think this is still the question you have to ask yourself. How much are you willing to risk? If you can risk N20,000, then you may want to sign up. But if losing N20,000 will cause you any harm, little or great, please bail yourself now when you can.

Are People Making It with Wazobia Investment?

As with any such scheme, early adopters always have a good story to tell if they don’t get greedy and sell their house to re-invest. So, there are thousands of evidence on the telegram group alone that show that people are cashing out. Some people go to the extent of investing N600,000 since the platform allows up to N1,000,000. Well, maybe that is their spare money. If you don’t have up to that as your spare money, please desist from being greedy.

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Can I Borrow Money to Invest in Wazobia Investment?

Honestly, if you do this, you need to be jailed. What are you up to? Your spare money cannot be an amount you have to borrow. It is any money you ain’t using now, and don’t mind losing, as far as this kind of investment is concerned.

Thank You! I Have Read Everything, and I Want to Invest

There might be some great cash waiting to be added to your spare money. But again, this is a game which has proven to be profitable so far. You want to see if you can win? Let me take you through what you need to try.

What You Need to Start Investing

All you need is your email address, phone number, account number, and a one-time activation fee of N1,000. The N1,000 fee might be their way of saying that you should not come in if you are not serious. This is WAZOBIA SIGN UP PAGE

Referral Bonuses are Tempting

Like many other investment platforms, wazobia also promises 10% commission on each referral’s first investment, and 5% on the rest. If your referral invests N1m, that is N100,000 referral bonus for that single investment. And remember that they cannot invest anything less than their first investments. It can only increase.

The Think About Video Testimonials

This often comes to users of the investment platform as a shock, but it’s because people don’t read the privacy information before signing up. Everything you need to know about wazobia.cash is there. This includes the fact that inmvestors will be asked to make a video testimonial about the investment platform and upload to their Facebook and Instagram accounts. The link to the video is then inserted on the wazobia website. This, Wazobia says is to help promote the investment platform.

Account Upgrade

This is another shock to people who have tarried on the platform for up to 5 weeks or 5 withdrawals as the case may be. Users are required to do a compulsory upgrade by increasing their investment. While reviewing the website, I have found that 20% increment works, but I don’t know if that works for everyone. By the way, a lot of investors naturally want to increase their gains after testing the platform. And by themselves, some raise their investment by over 100%. So, if the system says at least, 20%, many won’t be bothered. This compulsory upgrade is due after every 5 withdrawals. That is, before every 6th withdrawal.

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How to register on Wazobia Investment

Step 1. Visit any of the websites and click on the register button at the top right corner of the screen.

Wazobia investment

Step 2. Enter your credentials and click on sign up.

The credentials you need to enter includes your phone number, email address and then a strong password you can remember.

Step 3. Visit your email to click on the confirmation link sent to you. You can also check your spam account in case you don’t see it in your inbox.

That’s all. You have an account with them.

Wazobia investment login

As I said earlier, the platform has different websites. Therefore, it is important to remember the exact one you registered at. The reason is, your credentials will not work in other variations of Wazobia cash websites.

To login, simply visit the exact one you registered and click on the login button located at the top-right corner of the screen.

Thereafter, you must enter the email address and password you created your account with and click on login.



This is just an Honest Review On Wazobia Investment and We are in no way affiliated to wazobiaway.cash, wazobiaweb.cash, wazobiaking.cash, wazobia.cash or its other variations. This is not a sponsored post and we don’t have any referral links in it.

Final Note

In Conclusion to our Review on Wazobia Investment, it is Obvious that the platform isn’t safe nor reliable however if you think it worth your risk, then make sure you invest what won’t affect you emotionally or financially.

Don’t forget to stay safe and invest wisely.


  1. Wazobia na scam, I placed withrawal since 3 weeks ago and I am still placed on queue waiting to be assigned payer. I am not the only one, three of my friends have the same problem and I don’t advice anyone to invest in wazobia investment since they are not safe and can disappoint you anytime.

  2. Yes…Wazobia is paying but currently they are having issues of managing their crowd of over 800k subscribers. I also have an account with Wazobia but they r very slow in merging people.

  3. I thought that this plat form was save I never new all na scam I invested 2 times in a week and I have not been paid any I never saw all this information I would not have risky all my money

  4. Believe it or not wazobia is a scam I and my two friends have been placed on queue for almost a month now well na small money dey there if not for my other friend …. I do not advice anyone to do this at all.

  5. Finally wazobia investment merged me to be paid yesterday after delays of 3days and guess what the person that’s suppose to pay me scammed himself not me and said I should confirm.
    My account number is differ from the one that’s is showing on the dashboard and I’ve not received any alert since morning. Rubbish wazobia investment should better assign someone else to pay me my money o. They should remove this scammers.

  6. Pls wazobia should look in to making people do video online my religion forbids me bein on Facebook and Instagram also people should be told th truth about peer to peer merging my friend who made me join has not being paid since 2weeks and he still made another commitment.pls there is no serious phone number to receive customers complaint

  7. It’s almost a week now, I haven’t been merged with anyone to pay me.
    Wazobia, do something please….

  8. It’s almost Four days now I have not been merged with anyone to pay me please wazobia do something…. thanks

  9. Wazobia investment nah scam, confirm scam. The only money I had they took away from me and still blocked me. If I manage to get that person’s number. She will hate herself. God will punish you for me. Thief

  10. Wazobia is a big scam and God will punish anybody that eat my money all of them that are involved in this platform will die before this year runs out.God never spare the wicked one way or the other as u are investing people money on ur business ur business will vanish within a twinkle of an eye,if u all used our money to eat and feed ur family they will die when eating people sweat.if u used our money to buy car u all will die in car accident,if u all used our money to enter t.fare as u highlight from d bus another bus will send u all to your grave.if u give the money to ur love one they will have one problem that even what u stole from us wont solve.anything u all do with our money before this post u have meet ur death until u return all the money before your life can be normal.u have the chance to be forgiving but if u think u are wise try God and see.may God punish ur generation until u return all u have stolen from us.

  11. Don’t worry friends we can not say wazobia investment platform is a scam. Let us wait and see the end of everything. Then tomorrow if something like that came out again, you will know if you will participate or not.

  12. Wazobia is a very big scam,for the past 3weeks now me and my friends have not been merged,they said they ar doing upgrading,but yesterday 12-7-2023,i decided to reinvest,again and i pledge #30000,but 24hrs they have merge me with a user who called me on the 13th and said i should pay her,i just told her abt my ordeal and that of my friends,and i told her that she has been scam by wazobia nonsense,that after collecting your facial advert,the now put you as an old use,and chose not to pay or merge you…SCAMMERS

  13. The system have not been working for quite some time and I ought to have been paid but no way since last week or so

  14. Wazobia is the greatest scam now in Nigeria, don’t put money there, bunch of criminals, God will punish all of them. Idiots. My money is buried there for like 3 weeks now

  15. Has Wazobia Investment finally crashed? No payment for due Investment since past 3 weeks, no information, their contacts are not picking neither do they respond to WhatsApp messages. Na waoh! This is unfair in this critical time. Many invested for survival not that they are greedy

  16. God will purnish all of them for the past 1week now have not been paid and they don’t pick my calls… highest scam

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