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Wapka Best Mobile Site Builder is Back with new features


What is Wapka All about?

Wapka is a platform that enables users create a simple and free mobile websites, with wapka features you can create mobile website with no or little knowledge of Programming Skills, or Makeup Language Skills such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP , SQL & XML.

Unlike Complex Platforms(That’s what Beginners would call it) like WordPress that you have control over Your Cpanel and Security, Wapka is a self hosted platform that has alot of features that can reduce the stress of developer, with the source-coding features, you can clone any website from your wapka dashboard and edit it to your taste, this is one of the features that made alot of Web Professionals today. Wapka also have over 3 free domain extensions to begin with.

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In November 15, 2018. the Wapsite giant shutdown, Popular wapka.mobi which started in 2007 had to shutdown due to hosting and server finances returned their services in december 2019 with a service re-brand come back.

The recently closed down Wap giant platform, Wapka is finally back and running fine.



The reopening of the portal comes with a new url – Wapka.co and wapka.website and wapka.org instead of Wapka.mobi and wapka dot com.  however we noticed that the platform is still on “Beta Version“.

Their recent shutdown message goes thus;

Dear wapmasters,
Thanks for your company and support on Wapka in the past! You are the soul of Wapka. But all good things must come an end.
Now we have to shut down the service, really sorry!
Wish you all the best! Thanks again!

Here are few things that changed on Wapka wapsite;

  • Dormant accounts will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity. (this might be as a result of maintaining their server space). “Don’t create many account. More then 90 days inactive account removed automatically” – Wapka Message.
  • URL changed from “wapka dot com(wapka.com & wapka.mobi)” to “wapka dot co(wapka.com & wapka.website)”.
  • Unlike before, after registration, your user details and password won’t be sent to your registration email. This might be as a result of “Beta mode“.
  • You can now open Wapka on all browsers including HTML5 enabled browsers.
  • No more DNS problem/bugs.
  • Spam check capcha remains the same.
  • Every function in former Wapka dashboard remains the same.
  • Many more features embedded…

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How to create a wapka Site

Although alot of bloggers and web developers moved to Blogspot and wordpress after the brief shutdown of wapka platform however if you still love to return to wapka or you love to use the platform to learn web design then here is a step by step article on how to create a website on wapka.

  1. First of all, Visit www.wapka.org
  2. then click on registration and register with your intended site name.
    Note that, the password and the email must be the one that is very easy to remember just incase if you lost your password.

  3. a verification Verification Link will be Sent To Your Email…
    Just Click on Manage it and comfirm your account.
  4. after Your Email Has Been Successfully Verified Just Click On back.
  5.  Now scroll Down And Click On manage.
    You Can Also Make New Site From Here…You Just Need To Click On Create New Site.
  6. Now Click on Admin Mode and select  EDIT SITE (#).
  7.  Now Scroll Down And Click on WML/XHTML code(your raw codes goes here)
  8. your site is ready, you can start inserting codes to beautify your site.

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Final Note on Wapka Platform

Wapka is a cool platform to create a mobile site because of the features, as a web beginner you could take advantage of this self hosting platform to learn your HTML, CSS And other makeup langauges however the platform has some few downsides which we believe has been fixed.






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