Myazacash Review: Is Myazacash Scam or Legit

myazacash review


What is MyAzacash all about?

MyAzaCash is a Crypto Mining & Forex Trading site created for Nigerians. You earn over 100% Investment ROI and also get a referral bonus of 10% on every investor deal and purchase. This is a new income program that started recently and many people are already investing their money into it.


Who Is the Founder of Myazacash?

Myazacash was founded by Aza Digital Investment in collaboration with G-Cybertech ® 2453653. They are professional and expert Forex traders and Crypto miners. They have been in business for years. But the Myazacash was launched recently to help the general public benefit from their wealth of experience in the Crypto world and financial market.

Is Myazacash Legit or Scam?

There is currently no scam reports about the platform however if you are likely to invest in this platform we urge you to be careful in your investment, nothing last forever even on the internet, besides G Cyber CEO (Paul Samson) has had several failed businesses on the internet, he was the CEO of Coolnaira, NNU Income Program, etc , he is already known for it and probably decided to partner with a third party to come out legit, whatever the case may be, stay safe and watch out for your investment.

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When Was Myazacash Launched?

Myazacash is a new program.  If you want to be among the early birds, the program is here for you. Myazacash was launched on May 1st, 2020. That is, two days ago (as at the time this article was first published).

Their Assurance

MyAzaCash Promo Banner

They guarantee that within the first 15 days of your subscription, you must have realised your investment from your profits no matter how bad the market goes.  To put it another way, you cannot lose your investment. In their words, “Its either you get your money back in full or make more profit“.

How  Does works?

MyAzacash  is an online trading platform that ventures into Crypto mining and forex trading. What they do is that, they help their subscribed members trade online with their money.

When you join as a premium member, they promise 100% ROI and 10% referral bonus.

What you will get on the platform when you join , that is according to them

You will be required to login daily to do forex trade forecast.


MyAzaCash Subscription Plans

There are five (5) pocket-friendly plans you can subscribe to on MyAzacash.  The prices of the subscription plans range from N10,000 to N50,000. And you are free to choose anyone depending on your capital. Each of the subscription plans comes with means-tested benefits. Below are the packages, prices and the rewards attached.

1. Trial Plan – ₦1,000 (For Testing)

You earn N80 daily – Over 100% ROI and 10% Referral bonus

2. Average Plan – ₦5,000

You earn N350 daily – Over 100% ROI and 10% Referral bonus

3. Standard Plan – ₦10,000

You earn N700 daily – Over 100% ROI and 10% Referral bonus

4. VIP Plan – ₦30,000

You earn N2050 daily – Over 100% ROI and 10% Referral bonus

5. Elite Plan – ₦50,000

You earn N3500 daily – Over 100% ROI and 10% Referral bonus

MyAzaCash Subscription Plans

How to Withdraw Your Earnings – MyAzaCash

In every earning platform, it is always good to know how you can withdraw your earnings before joining. The reason being that some of these programs usually place the withdrawal condition in a way that will make it nearly impossible for one to cash out. The following are the withdrawal conditions on MyAzacash:

  • Transaction fees of N100 apply to every withdrawal you initiate
  • You cannot Withdraw Your Investment i.e you can only withdraw your profits.
  • Your investment is auto-renewed
  • There is no minimum or maximum amount you can withdraw for now
  • You can withdraw daily if you wish

Now that you have known their Withdrawal conditions, if you are a member and wishes to withdraw, here is how you will go about it.

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Cashout
  • Click on Raise Cashout
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • And, click on Create Cashout

You will receive your money within some minutes or hours. You can also track the progress on the dashboard. If they have not sent the money, the status will be Pending. But, once they send it, the status will change to Approved

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How to Join MyAzaCash

As stated in the title, this post is my honest review of MyAzaCash trading platform. I have tried to be as objective as possible despite being a member. If you have been following from the intro, I am sure you must have decided on whether to register or not. To those that are interested, here is a brief guide on how to join MyAzaCash.

  • Purchase a voucher code from their official vendor on the website
  • Copy and paste this address into your browser,
  • Choose a username
  • Enter your referral’s username, use  emoney
  • Enter your password
  • Select a plan
  • Enter the voucher code you puchased in the form
  • Agree to the TOS and click Sign Up


Voucher Code:

On Myazacash, a voucher code is a unique code that you will use to sign up for an account. To purchase a voucher code, enter the website and click on the Team Board. You will see a list of verified vendors and their contacts on the page.  Call or chat them up on Whatsapp to buy the code. Don’t pay anybody except the verified vendors to avoid stories that touch.

Referral Name:

It is the username of the person that referred you to the site. If you don’t have a referral, the website will automatically assign it to the admin.

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Myazacash Cooporate Bank Account Details

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Wrapping Up  MyAzaCash Review

This is just a review on Myazacash, joining this platform is at your own discretion, however there is no business without risk outlines, you just have to be careful in your investment plan and duration.


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