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Pinterest keyword Research Hacks And Top 10 SEO tips for Pinterest

pinterest keyword research

Pinterest Keyword Research must be part of your social media strategy? Do you know why?

Pinterest may be more known as a social network for sharing DIY ideas, décor inspiration, and Dishes tips. But the site also doubles as one of the biggest search engines on the web.

If your Pinterest content isn’t optimized for Pinners’ searches, you may be missing out. Keywords are building blocks for search engine optimization—and Pinterest is basically a visual search engine.

Using the right Pinterest keywords will help your content reach the right audience.

There are a few ways to do keyword research on Pinterest, like using guided search to see automatic suggestions or drawing inspiration from hashtags. But lucky for you, we’ve got the top 100 Pinterest keywords—and tips on how to use them—right here.

understanding your highest potential keywords on Pinterest will help you reach the shopping minded, high spending, online active customers that will be most valuable to your business.

Fortunately Pinterest has several ways to support your keyword research for free right on the platform. Here is a step by step guide to how to approach your keyword research on Pinterest but before that let’s checkout the Top 100 Pinterest Keyword searches.

pinterest keyword research

The Top 100 search keywords on Pinterest

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  1. Dinner recipes
  3. Keto recipes
  4. Healthy dinner recipes
  5. Hair styles
  6. Nails
  7. Halloween costumes
  8. Chicken recipes
  9. Wedding dresses
  10. Short hair styles
  11. Crockpot recipes
  12. Easy dinner recipes
  13. Instant pot recipes
  14. Fall outfits
  15. Summer outfits
  16. Chicken recipes
  17. Tattoos
  18. Dinner ideas
  19. Bedroom ideas
  20. Tattoos for women
  21. Nail designs
  22. Christmas decorations
  23. Funny memes
  24. Inspirational quotes
  25. Engagement rings
  26. Hair color
  27. Acrylic nails
  28. Wedding ideas
  29. Winter outfits
  30. Keto diet for beginners
  31. Healthy recipes
  32. Bullet journal
  33. Relationship goals
  34. Healthy snacks
  35. Baby shower ideas
  36. Prom dresses
  37. Love quotes
  38. Living room decor
  39. Motivational quotes
  40. Breakfast ideas
  41. Home decor ideas
  42. DIY home decor
  43. Vegan recipes
  44. Bathroom ideas
  45. Low carb recipes
  46. Ground beef recipes
  47. Valentines day gifts for him
  48. Ketogenic diet
  49. Summer nails
  50. Food
  51. Small tattoos
  52. Vegetarian recipes
  53. Thanksgiving recipes
  54. Christmas
  55. Happy birthday
  56. Pork chop recipes
  57. Kitchen ideas
  58. Gender reveal ideas
  59. Makeup
  60. Elf on the shelf ideas
  61. Master bedroom ideas
  62. Wallpaper iphone
  63. Living room ideas
  64. Wedding
  65. Fall nails
  66. Blonde hair
  67. Christmas crafts
  68. Christmas cookies
  69. Fall decor ideas
  70. Outfits
  71. Tattoo ideas
  72. Memes
  73. Shrimp recipes
  74. Spring outfits
  75. Whole 30 recipes
  76. Farmhouse decor
  77. Apartment decorating
  78. Dinner
  79. Medium length hair cuts
  80. Meal prep for the week
  81. Halloween decorations
  82. Cute outfits
  83. Pumpkin carving ideas
  84. Medium length hair
  85. Keto
  86. Love quotes for him
  87. Banana bread
  88. Wedding hairstyles
  89. DIY
  90. Salmon recipes
  91. Braided hairstyles
  92. Breakfast casserole
  93. Drawing ideas
  94. Healthy breakfast
  95. Short hair cuts for women
  96. Crockpot meals
  97. Chocolate chip cookies
  98. Bathroom decor
  99. Desserts

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Best ways to use Pinterest keyword research to get more traffic

pinterest keyword research

1. Start By Exploring Topics

Pinterest has made the first step easy. The have organized all content on Pinterest into popular categories that you can easily explore. They even give you specific details about the popularity of each category and subcategory.

To the right of the Pinterest search box you’ll see the list of Pinterest categories.

On every category page Pinterest lists the most common related topics as subcategories. Click through categories and subcategories to find the most popular topics associated with your category.

For example, clicking through “Technology” will show you this list of subcategories.

Pinterest keyword Research

Click Virtual Reality and you see a new list of related topics.


With each subtopic you can also see the number of followers of this topic. You can think of these topics as keyword groups. Knowing how many people are following this topic helps you determine how valuable this group will be to pursue.

You can continue to explore topics this way. Click through related topics to find out how many people are following that group and find more related sub categories.

Keep a list of topic groups and number of followers. This list will be the basis for you to begin to discover keyword phrases.

2. Use Pinterest Quick Search

Type any of these topics into the Pinterest search box. Like Google you will begin to see the most popular phrases associated with those keywords that appear as autocomplete options in the drop down.

Pinterest keyword Research

Pinterest shows you the most popular autocomplete phrases, along with popular pinners and boards with that same keyword. Play around with topics and keyword phrases to learn the language people use when searching that topic.

3. Pinterest Guided Search

Click search on one of those keywords in the Pinterest search box. Below the Pinterest search box will appear the “Guides”. These are the words most commonly searched with the search term you entered. These are scrollable from right to left.

Pinterest keyword Research

Like the topics, you can click through the Guided keywords to see more associated keywords. When you click a keyword guide, that keyword will be added to your search term. Then a new list of words or phrases appear that are commonly searched with those two terms.

Pinterest keyword Research

Use this while you explore topics and you can discover the best keyword combinations and phrases to target for a given topic.

You can easily drag your cursor over these words moving to the right to select all keywords. Then save them to wherever you keep track of your keywords. See how they overlap as you try out different combinations and search different topics.

4. Research With Promoted Pins

Similar to researching keywords on Adwords or Facebook Ads, you can use Pinterest Promoted Pins Ad platform to discover popular keywords and long tail phrases.

Once you have a verified Business account on Pinterest (find how to do that here), you have access to the Ad creation tool on Pinterest. You will find a link to “Ads” on your toolbar to the left of your search box.

Click the + sign to create a new ad from an existing Pin. Select a campaign goal (for our research purposes either is fine) and create a name and target time and cost for your campaign. You don’t need to follow through with this spend once you have completed your research.

On step 3 you will see the “Terms” box. Enter a keyword and like quick search you will begin to see suggested phrases listed under the search box.

Pinterest keyword Research

When you select a search term, you also receive suggestions of long tail phrases and related keywords. Search different phrases and click to add all to your list.

When your research is complete you can select and copy all the saved phrases at the bottom of your search box.

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5. Test On Pinterest

Not only is Pinterest a powerful platform for you to be discovered, but it can also act as a useful testing ground for your keyword strategy.

Board titles, board descriptions, and Pin captions are all great places to incorporate your keywords. This will help searchers find you on the platform and also on Google (since Google surfaces popular and relevant boards in search queries as well).

You can also use these spaces to test out how keywords perform. Pinterest is an evergreen platform. Pins have a half life of 3.5 months and you will see results come in over time. But you should get enough quick engagement to make some judgement of how well a keyword performed in just a week or two.

When you have an idea of what keywords might work well for you, try creating some similar Pins loaded with different keywords. Then compare how each performs on Pinterest. How many click throughs did you get, how many likes and rePins? You can focus in on results for a specific Pin in your Pinterest Analytics.

How can you use this list to tailor your Pinterest SEO strategy?

For starters, if there are themes on the list that align with your business objectives, make sure you are using the right keywords.

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Here are a few more takeaways:

6. Use keywords to inspire your content calendar

Depending on your business objectives, these keywords can be used to inspire content for the coming year. If you’re a clothing retailer, for example, create boards and Pins for each season.

Recipes are popular on Pinterest. Almost one in every six of the top 500 search keywords has the word “recipe” in it.

For companies in the health and food space, consider creating recipes that correlate with these Pinterest keywords. Bonus points if they meet Keto Diet standards: “Keto” appeared in the top 100 keywords four times.

7. Plan like a Pinner

Pinners are planners, which means that seasons, holidays, and life events influence the keywords they search with. For example, instead of looking for “nail inspiration,” more Pinners are looking for “summer nails” and “fall nails.”

Holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Halloween all appear in the list, too. And important life events like weddings and birthdays are also popular.

According to Pinterest, Pinners tend to start search twice as early as people on other platforms. So, if you decide to create on-brand holiday content, plan to do it in advances.

You can also use Pinterests’ Possibilities Planner for additional stats and keyword inspiration.

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8. Be an aspirational Pinner

Because Pinners are planners, they’re often searching early for inspiration. The word “ideas” appears 16 times in the top 100 Pinterest keywords.

If you want your content to be one of the ideas they find, consider including the word “ideas”, too.

The top 100 Pinterest keywords show that Pinners are goal-setters, too. Inspirational and motivational quotes are in high demand, as are “relationship goals” and “healthy,” “diet,” and “low-carb” options.

9. Don’t be too generic

Generic keywords are useful, but think about accompanying them with descriptive detail, too. For example, “recipe” is the most popular word on the list, but it’s never used alone. “Christmas decorations” ranks before “Christmas” and “fall outfits” and “summer outfits” rank before “outfits.”

10. Put keywords in your board, too

It’s not all about the Pins. Use top performing keywords to inform board names, descriptions, and categories.

You can also add them to your profile so long as it makes sense to do so.

11. Try using keywords as hashtags, too

If Pinners are searching for these keywords at high rates, there’s a good chance the hashtag equivalents are being followed by many Pinners, too.

12. Don’t worry about keyword variations

Those of you that noticed the incorrect spelling of “hair styles,” might have wondered if it’s necessary to include variations of keywords in your descriptions. The answer is no. Pinterest automatically does this for you behind-the-scenes. So avoid keyword-stuffing your descriptions.

13. Put money behind what’s popular

If your brand uses Pinterest Ads, keyword targeting can help you rank higher with audiences searching for specific ideas. Consider allocating a higher portion of your ad spend behind the appropriate high-volume keywords in order to maximize ROI.

Make sure to track your keyword performance.

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Additional SEO tips for Pinterest

Keywords are a crucial component of Pinterest SEO, but there are also other ways to optimize for the Pinterest search engine. Here are some additional tips:

1. Write thoughtful Pin descriptions

Don’t just tag your description with an assortment of popular words. Good descriptions help your Pin perform better, and that in turn can improve your Pin’s SEO ranking.

Tell Pinners about your Pin, where it links to, and include a strong call-to-action.

2. Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins are essentially Pins with more detail, and that added detail can improve ranking. There are four types of Rich Pin: app, product, recipe, and article.

3. Pin in the optimal ratio

Pinners have gone mobile: 85 percent of all Pinterest searches happen on smart devices. That means Pins with vertical images tend to perform better than squares or horizontal pictures. The optimal aspect ratio is 2:3 (600 pixels wide: 900 pixels high).

4. Optimize your Pinterest Boards

Just like with Pins, quality board names and descriptions will also improve SEO performance.

Don’t forget to pick a relevant board category, too. To do this, select the pencil icon in the lower right section of your board, and select the category that best describes it.

The same goes for your profile. Be sure to have a SEO-friendly username, fill out the “about you” section, and upload a profile picture.

5. Save Pins to Relevant Boards

The more consistent you are on Pinterest, the better. Once you create a Pin, the first board you pin it too will remain associated with it. So, the more relevant the Pin is to the board, the better the chances it will rank well.

6. Claim your website

Pinterest prioritizes Pins that are created by the owner of the appropriate website. To connect your website with your content, you’ll need to claim your website. An added advantage is that once you’ve claimed your website, you’ll unlock additional analytics on Pinterest and website content performance.

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7. Create fresh content from your website

Because Pinterest prioritizes Pins that are created by the website’s owner, it can be a good idea to create content from your website. Before you do, you can check to see what people are already pinning from your site by typing https://www.pinterest.ca/source/[yoursite] into your browser.

8. Avoid duplicate content

There are rumors Pinterest plans to crackdown on this, and besides, fresh is always better.

9. Pin consistently

Pinterest favours regular and consistent Pinners. So, instead of Pinning everything in one go, Pin at regular intervals. To maximize performance, make sure to Pin at the best time of day. You can determine optimal times based on audience location stats and by looking for high engagement periods in your analytics.

10. Aim for engagement

Healthy engagement metrics can have a positive effect on SEO. Work to maintain an active follower base.

And most importantly, conduct regular analytics reports to see what’s working and what’s not, and tailor your strategy accordingly. Brush up with our simple guide to using Pinterest Analytics.

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Learning your most valuable keywords from Pinterest provides many opportunities. To start, of course you can use them to redesign your Pinterest profile. Create new boards with these keywords in mind. Add the keywords to your board descriptions and even your Profile name and Profile description if possible.

Then start creating blog posts with those keywords in mind. Use the keywords in your headlines, as tags for your photos, and in your text.


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