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All you need to know about tailwind marketing and Top 14 tailwind tribes to join

Tailwind marketing, best tailwind tribes to join

What is tailwind?

Tailwind is the social media scheduling tool and serves as  Pinterest marketing toolkit for bloggers and small businesses.

Tailwind is a development tool for Pinterest; however, it is more than just that as it is an all-in-one marketing toolkit. Click here to join Tailwind pro for free

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this is a great strategy for Pinterest to bring incredible growth to your business! Tailwind offers some amazing features that will help you begin to see the traffic you need to get yourself out there.

Here are some of my favorite highlights for Tailwind:

  • To be such an in depth program the price is pretty affordable. It comes in at just under $120 a year or $15 a month for Bloggers and Small Business.
  • Canva is built in! Any small business or blogger knows the beauty that is Canva. We love that Tailwind has integrated it into their program so that we can easily add custom pins while scheduling.
  • Tailwind allows you to add multiple accounts or work with teams. This is great for the social media managers, growing business, etc.
  • Analytics are great! It shows you how many Follows, Re-Pins, Likes, etc., your page has gotten. It also gives stats for individual pins so you can see what’s popular among your viewers.
  • Bulk uploading of images and bulk pinning from a website saves time (and we LOVE saving time!)
  • Pinning from Instagram
  • Browser extension (yay! These make scheduling pins SO easy!)
  • Tailwind Tribes: belonging to a few of these can massively extend the reach of your pins! The idea is similar to group boards on Pinterest, but these are built into the Tailwind platform, making scheduling pins to and from these groups a breeze. They are also a bit easier to find and join than traditional group boards.


There are not many things I can say about Tailwind that would make it a deal breaker. But, there are some features that, from an organizational standpoint, just stood out.

Tailwind’s negatives are:

  • There is the potential for there to be quite the learning curve when first starting out with Tailwind. Because of the many capabilities, the dashboard has been said to be a bit overwhelming for some.
  • There is no ability to do pre-set weekly schedules. Schedules have to be set separately for each time and each day. That seems a little time consuming and cumbersome, but you ideally only need to do this once. (Although it’s always a good idea to periodically check when the best time to pin is for your account, and adjust your schedule accordingly.)
  • If you are looking for an all in one social media management system- this isn’t it. Tailwind only works with Pinterest and Instagram so you will still need another program for any other platforms.

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Why should i use Tailwind?

It makes scheduling pins easier

Tailwind is extremely user-friendly. Especially when you use the Tailwind Publisher Chrome Extension, you can be on any website and add the content you’re looking at to your scheduled posts. If you see a pin you want to schedule on Pinterest, click on the pin and you’ll see a button that says “Schedule” at the top of the pin. If you click on the button, a new window will pop-up where you can schedule the pin for a specific date and time.

Tailwind marketing, best tailwind tribes to join

Your account is set up in a dashboard format with a homepage that displays a weekly summary of top performing pins and boards. When you scroll over to the left side of the dashboard, you’ll see tabs for Tribes, publishing, analytics and more.

Publishing pins from Tailwind is one of the easiest parts. If you click on the publishing tab on your dashboard, you’ll see more tabs for drafts, scheduled pins, published pins, your schedule, boards list and pin from Instagram. Click over to Publish > Scheduled Pins and you’ll be taken to a calendar of all the pins you have scheduled by time and date. At the top of the calendar, you’ll see a “Create a new pin” button. Click this and you can simply upload images and a corresponding link to create your own pin. Just like that, you can schedule a week’s worth of content in a minimal amount of time.

Tailwind marketing, best tailwind tribes to join

Your pins get noticed

Tailwind has a great feature where you can automatically schedule pins for specific times weekly. This will help you pin during the times your followers are most active. If you click over to Publish > Your Schedule, you’ll see a dashboard of dates and times. The times in green are the time slots that you’ve added or Tailwind’s default times to automatically publish pins in your queue weekly. You can also add more time slots that you think are good for your content. Once you use the tool for a while, Tailwind will learn the times that work best for your content and show suggested time slots outlined in a green dotted line.

Tailwind marketing, best tailwind tribes to join

Tailwind also recently introduced a feature called Tribes to help users share content with each other and get pins noticed. Tribes are essentially groups within Tailwind that you can join based on subject matter. Some Tribes have different guidelines but they all encourage users to pin their own content and pin from other users. The basic Tribes plan allows you to join five Tribes and post to your Tribes 30 times a month.

If you click over to the drop-down menu on the left, you’ll see a tab for Tribes under the Home tab. The Tribes dashboard has a drop-down menu on the top that shows the Tribes you’ve joined and the “Find a Tribe” tab to search for new tribes. While you’re in the Tribe, you can search for pins using keywords, chat with Tribe members, and view pins you’ve posted to and pinned from the Tribe.

Tailwind marketing, best tailwind tribes to join

To post a pin to your Tribes, you’ll see an “Add to Tribes” button in the lower right-hand corner when you go to schedule a pin via Tailwind. Remember to use a keyword-rich description when posting a pin to Tribes so others can find your content.

Tailwind marketing, best tailwind tribes to join

You can use it for analytics

It’s helpful to know how your Pinterest account is performing and what content your followers seem to like the most. When you scroll over to the “Track Your Brand Page” menu, you’ll see insights on engagement, virality and follower growth. When you click on Track Your Brand Page > Board Insights you’ll see which of your boards performs the best. There’s a handy button underneath the board’s title that will help you find similar content too. You can also connect your Google Analytics account to Tailwind to further monitor how pins from your website perform.

Tailwind marketing, best tailwind tribes to join

You can track similar analytics for individual pins too under Optimize Content > Pin Insights. This tab will show you the best-performing pins and includes the date and time it was pinned and how many times it was re-pinned. This tool will also allow you to re-schedule the pin, add it to Tribes, or find similar content.

Tailwind marketing, best tailwind tribes to join

One of the last analytics features is the Monitor your Domain tab. This will show you potential impressions on your website as a result of pinning content from your domain. You can also see the latest pins that link to your website from other users.


As far as Pinterest pin scheduling goes, Tailwind is a great option! I believe in the power of Pinterest, I’ve seen it bring growth, exposure, and success to so many people once they learn how to harness it’s power. Any scheduling software that caters to making Pinterest use easier I’m all for!

What is Tailwind Tribes?

Tailwind Tribe is an online community consisting of bloggers and influencers sharing content in a similar niche. This tool allows you to encounter and grow with other marketers. Share your blog posts to the Tribe and if the Tribemates like the content; they will view and share it to their own Pinterest Boards for their audiences to see.

Tribes also help solve the two main difficulties social marketers face daily; that is a regular supply of higher quality content to share and getting posts seen and shared by the right people.

This is effective, as you not only share your own content but also reaching a large audience of your peers. Alternatively, you can also have new content from your tribesmen to pin to your Pinterest boards. This method of collaborative marketing strategy can only be found in Tailwind Tribes. Here are more advantages of the Tailwind features:

  • You are able to reach highly receptive audiences
  • You can easily acquire relevant and quality content
  • You are able to build trusted relationships through the tribes
  • You gain more exposure through your tribesmen

To sign up for a free TailWind trial, click here. You can schedule 100 Pins! Cost after trial Thereafter $9.99 per month or $15 monthly


Tailwind Tribes comprise like-minded groups of trusted individuals who help each other build their Pinterest reach and traffic. The core of Tailwind Tribes is communal and collaborative marketing. When tribesmen work together they are able to curate useful feeds of content in different niches and at the same time put their content out there to be seen by influencers who reach relevant audiences.

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 Tailwind tribes have suitable features that enable collaboration, other share groups lack features such as transparency, clearly outlined rules and accountability so tribe administrators can identify who contributes much to the tribe, and those who do not.

This platform also has a native chat interface, which facilitates better communication and collaboration among tribemates.

The main idea of Tailwind tribe is for every Tribe member to focus on coming together to contribute and share content as one family with different goals that lead to growing as one. This is why each Tailwind Tribe is established with a main theme or topic.



Best tailwind tribes to join



This is a multi-niche/lifestyle Tribe to join.

Reach: 6.8 million

Rules: 1. Pin at least 1 pin for each pin that you pin in to the group. 2. Please pin high quality, vertical images only. 3. Let’s keep this group spam free. 4. If your pin does not comply, it will be deleted without notice. Thanks!


Multi-niche Tribe for bloggers to share each other’s content.

Reach: 6.6 million


This is 1:1 tribe and anyone who is not sharing will be kicked out without warning. This helps us all grow! -Pins Must Be Long (at least 735×1102) -No Adult Content.


This Tribe is for Moms sharing advice on parenting, time management, home organization & cleaning, recipes, work + life balance, money saving tips and anything helpful for moms.

Reach: 4.6 million


Please share 2 pins for each pin you add to the tribe. Vertical pins only. No affiliate links. Share your new pins daily! Help us grow.


Tribe for friends of What Matters to Mommy. Share anything related to making money, saving money, losing weight, working from home, or parenting. These things all Matter to Mommy!! 🙂

Reach: 4.2 million


Let’s help elevate each other! Please share at least two other pins for every pin you leave


A place to share parenting advice, activities for kids, recipes, crafts, home decor, beauty and fashion tips for moms!

Reach: 3.7 million


Please only share relevant content and share the love by repinning! Users who pin their own pin for the exact same content (aka spamming) more than once will be removed.


This Tribe is for bloggers to share their pins and share others as well.

Reach: 3.5 million


Pin any of your pins here that you want promoted. Also, remember to share other people’s stuff. Pin at least 1 pin for someone else that you pin to the group.


All pins related to the mommy lifestyle – fashion, recipes, organization, parenting, crafts.

Reach: 2.9 million


Repin 2x for every pin you leave. Only vertical pins allowed.


Bloggers from any niche welcome, a place to share fabulous content and help each other out!

Reach: 2.7 million


Pin any of your blog pins here. Please share other peoples pins, for every 1 pin you share, make sure you add at least 2 pins from other bloggers to your queue. Enjoy!


Place all your blogging, social media, traffic, affiliate marketing tip pins. Please only pin blog posts, no product pins.

Reach: 2.7 million


Vertical pins only. No product pins. Please repin x2 when you add a pin.


This tribe is for bloggers who are using quality photography, vertical pins, clear wording & a well-designed image standard on Pinterest to support one another.

Reach: 2.4 million


This tribe is for bloggers who are using quality photography, vertical pins, clear wording & a well-designed image standard on Pinterest to support one another. This is a 1:1 tribe! If you save one to the tribe, you MUST schedule at least one from the tribe! This is monitored and anyone not reciprocating will be removed without warning. Tribes only work if everyone plays fair! Pin your blog posts on ANY topic


Whether you run a blog just for fun or as a business, this tribe is great to find content for your boards and share your own stuff!

Reach: 2.0 million


For every pin you add, please re-pin one from someone else in the tribe. PLEASE only pin quality pins (i.e. good images and vertical)


Tribe for members of our group: fb.com/groups/teamworkgroup. Add your pins and read the rules below. Happy pinning!

Reach: 1.8 million


Repin at least double the amount you add to this tribe. No faith-based/religion, alcohol, politics, current news events, or any controversial topic.


This tribe is for all millennial bloggers, career advice, adulting, how-to, life transformations, budgeting, investing, work-life balance, etc.

Reach: 1.4 million


Pin for pin. Give what you take. You will receive one warning about your pin deficits. Violators will be removed. Please be active in the group! I check in once every other week; if I notice you haven’t been pinning or sharing, you will be removed. Just trying to keep it fair! Happy pinning!


Anything of interest to Moms (family, kids, recipes, budgeting, finance, making extra money, saving money, etc.)

Reach: 1.2 million


Please stay on topic and share at least one pin for every pin you post. Let’s help one another!

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Tailwind is just the tool you can’t afford to miss, it can take your pinterest to a level you never expected and with the help of tailwind tribes you can reach more audience in your field or other fields.

tailwind pro worth it, 15$ can make you explode your reach. but with this link you can join tailwindpro for free trial for a month, click here to get started

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